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to all fellow photographers I wish to express my heart felt sadness if you are one who hasn't yet had the true pleasure of working with this young lady, Nadine is not only a true beauty who will go all out to give you the image your after she also can be creative and inspirational on her own, offering ideas to you on style or pose that makes her ideal for those not yet confident in posing models.

this lady has become a bit of a muse to me and its always a true pleasure working with her and I hope you to will soon discover for yourself the same and book her for your next shoot.

those who have already worked with Nadine don't need to read this as you already know she's awesome .....

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Graham Argent

Had my second shoot with Miss Smith. This time at Atlas Studio in Bolton as part of a Group Shoot. Miss Smith was so stylish, so friendly, so creative and wore a totally fabulous outfit. I just wish we had had more time to work together as I could photograph this delightful model all day long. Hope we get to work together again, very soon. 100% recommended

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StormTrooper said...

Miss Smith helped me out with an outdoor shoot at short notice.

She is very easy to get on with and provided plenty of ideas for composition and style.

I would recommend Miss Smith to anyone who needs a beautiful, reliable and friendly model.

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I first shot with Miss Smith a couple of years ago when she was first getting in to modelling and its hard to believe this is the same girl, her modelling is now flawless and she has a new style that makes her a very attractive model to shoot.

She also has a great personality and I can see no reason why she wouldn't be one of the most sought after models on PP

Highly recommend

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Tom Buidhe

3 hr afternoon shoot with Nadine Smith. This was a shoot of pure joy and magical shots. Some poses directed others offered by Nadine brought a collection of images that border on perfection. If you are looking for portrait beauty or moody story line, Nadine brings much more to the image that you expect. I recommend her to all photographers looking for this style of image.

I have already booked her for another shoot

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Alex Harford

I worked with Nadine at the end of a long networking afternoon when other models and photographers were packing away. Despite that, Nadine was more than happy to carry on when I asked for a few shots. I was new to working with models, and Nadine was ideal to work with. She naturally settles into great poses I'd never think of, and easily took instruction when I wanted something specific. I highly valued Nadine's creative input - and my favourite shot of the day came when she climbed into a window I hadn't thought of shooting.

Nadine has a very professional and easy-going attitude - definitely someone I recommend working with, and would like to work with again.

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Andreas .C

Miss Smith was very professional from the first time we met, she had come prepared for everything, and when i left her to model poses she knew what she was doing from the start. she also has a great creative side which if embraced will lead to some great photos.

Amazing model and great personality

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Genius Lifestyle/ genius gang

Nadine is simple stunning! she walked the runway for the Genius Clothing and stole the show! her figure is WOW. her presence on the runway was something else and she was a major asset to our brand on the day I would love to work with Miss Smith again.

Nadine I do want you in the Genius Gang! so people get her while you can lol :)

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AlanT said...

Miss Smith is a highly recommended model. Had my first shoot with her today. She was motivated, professional, committed to the ideas we had discussed beforehand. She did her own hair and make up to a high standard. Miss Smith has a very pleasant personality and sense of humour that makes shooting with her a joy. Really do recommend her vey highly.

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Staffordshire Images

Spent a thoroughly enjoyable and productive hour with Miss Smith at her recent studio day. Fantastic model who is able to "hit" the pose and expressions effortlessly. 100% recommended.

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Miss Smith is fabulous to work with! You are always a joy to speak to on shoot and come up with some amazing ideas off your own back :)

I would recommend Nadine to anyone, i believe her professionalism and her beauty will go a long way in the industry

As always looking forward to working with you again and in studio nights to come!

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Had yet another very enjoyable and very successful shoot with Nadine, she is a total joy to work with, very beautiful, very versatile and very creative too, she has a great eye for detail, is great at picking clothes and props and comes up with great ideas

She is a star and a personal favourite of mine as a model and as a friend

You wont go wrong with Miss Smith, a classy , sassy , fun lady

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Oh how I love Miss Smith, such a joy to work with, we met once again on a network evening and she just lights up the room, real joy to work with and has a great personality to go with her beauty.

She loves modelling and gives 100% at all times what made her a very popular model and a favourite of many photographers I know.

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I had the pleasure of meeting and taking some portrait pictures of Miss Smith a few months ago at a Networking Night. She was a delight to work with and nothing was too much trouble for her.

I'd happily recommend her to anyone and would love to work with her again.

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Shot with the lovely Miss Smith on many occasions, a friend who also helps to create beautiful images, she is a natural beauty , so easy to work with , cant praise her enough, fun, fashion, retro ...Miss Smith will not disappoint

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Miss Smith came to my rescue when the model I had booked for a shoot sent me a message with no notice she wouldn't be able to make the shoot.

I had met miss smith just once before at a network evening and loved her look, so to have her turn up at the studio ready to shoot with no notice at all shows how professional this lady is.

Miss Smith was a joy to work with and even though we had only met briefly only once before we got on like old friends and had a really enjoyable shoot,

Miss Smith needed very little direction and made what could have been a disaster with a model not turning up into one of the most enjoyable shoot and couldn't thank her enough for being such a joy to shoot.

Highly recommended

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