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Kel at Studio Number 8

Mercedy came to Studio Number 8 for a 4 hour shoot. Pre shoot communications were excellent and she went out of her way to arrange a pick up point that was convenient to me. We spent some time planning through the sets that were to be attempted and she impressed me with her depth of experience in mapping out the approaches that would be most productive. I am always happy to learn and I always willing to be truly collaborative.

Make up and hair in particular were superbly done to frame and enhance her attractive features. After devising a sequence of sets we immediately made a start and it was obvious from the outset what a hardworking attitude Mercedy has to modelling. She is petite, very attractive and has a superb figure that lends itself to all genres of photography.

Mercedy is perfectly in proportion and has excellent skin tone that requires minimal work in post production. She is a bubbly energetic model who I would 100% recommend to all.

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Bob Richards

Met up with Mercedy at a very busy group photoshoot that she had organised for a very worthy cause. In between sorting things out with other models and photographers she actually found some time to do some modelling! So glad she did as I got the opportunity to squeeze in a lovely fun shoot with her.

Her portfolio and other references on here speak for themselves. As well as being a great model, Merc is a really lovely little lady and her bubbly character shows though in her work.

Was great to meet and photograph you, Merc. Well done!

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After working with mercedy on a location group shoot, was a pleasure to work with her in the studio. After a little trouble with the sat nav sending her to wrong location , mercedy arrived with her outfits for the shoot a mixed bag of tribal warrior , to flamboyant bridal. A 4hr shoot proved effortless with Mercedy being professional and fun to work with , quickly changing outfits and make up whilst i changed the back drops. More shoots will be planned in future i'm sure

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Keith Gardner

What a lovely lady Mercedy was! She put great effort into meeting me and in her outfits. We had a lovely shoot together and can't wait to edit and show the photos. I would thoroughly recommend Mercedy as a model and would love to work with her again.

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Graham Savage

Had a wonderful location shoot with Mercedy around Manchester. Mercedy has a great personality and I felt like I'd known her all my life, she was a total natural and needed no direction at all. We got some great images and I would love to shoot with Mercedy again and is highly recommended. Top marks for a top girl 👍

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Mercedy is a fantastic model. Pre shoot communications were excellent, she arrived on time well prepared. She has a fab, fun personality and was enthusiastic throughout the shoot. Not only is Mercedy stunning with a great figure, she can pose with ease and contributes to the shoot with great creative ideas. It was a pleasure to shoot with Mercedy and i hope to get the opportunity to shoot with her again in the future. Highly recommended by me.

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Simon Rawsthorn

Worked with Mercedy today for the first time, communications were great prior and arriving on time with a number of ideas she wanted to achieve. Had a good laugh and produced a number of great looking natural images. Definitely recommend to any photographer looking to work with a professional individual and achieve great images.

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Mercedy is a true Natural too her art and a great all rounder for any production, she worked with us on various productions under our Fusion Studio era and is professional to the highest standards, very friendly and outgoing and a great team asset.

We wish her all the best for her future projects

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Cerberus Photo

Worked with Mercedy briefly at a groupshoot recently. She was friendly, bubbly and full of ideas. She is talented in different fields besides modelling, which aid in her expressiveness.

I recommend Mercedy.

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David Houghton

Mercedy came to my studio for a a shoot arranged by an mua. Her communications were spot on. We had a number of different looks and Mercedy put in 100% with great facial expressions (obviously her acting abilitys coming out). She could have smiled for England it was so wide & yet natural. Not that she couldn't handle the other extreme and look quite dark and ruthless. Once you get her in front of the camera you will want to arrange more shoots with her.

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D & L Photography

I had my first shoot with Mercedy yesterday, but it was cold and we only shot for around an hour. We did manage to get some good images though, and she had lots of ideas for poses. I look forward to our next shoot sometime in the next month or two, and I would recommend Mercedy to any photographer who wants some great images. Thank you Mercedy and see you soon. x

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Well organised, and with a professional approach before, during and after the shoot, Mercedy was a real pleasure to work with.

She kept a positive, cheerful attitude throughout, open to ideas and also happy to make her own contributions. Flexible with outfits as well as poses, Mercedy was equally happy taking directions as working in a more ad-hoc, free flowing style. We got some great shots both ways.

I'd be very happy to work with her again.

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by Cheeseright said...

Answered a casting call from Mercedy and arranged a Street shoot in Manchester. Arranged to meet at 10:30am and we started shooting by 11am. At no point did the cold January weather deter Mercedy and she put her heart and sole into every idea that came her way. More importantly, she never stopped smiling and laughing throughout which made me feel less guilty for wearing my warm coat. We even shot pictures during our meal and coffee breaks. What a trooper; never lets a good idea pass. Or a bad one. Street photography often means grimy and unsavoury places to work but again, Mercedy was straight in to a pose. No moans or groans just gets on with the job. Incredible!! Street photo sessions normally only last a few hours but we worked throughout the day and on until the early evening, in the dark, and in the pouring rain. Does nothing stop this girl? We managed to work in 21 different locations which as any photographer will know that is an unbelievable number. And at the end, Mercedy was as bright and hubby as she was at the start.

The best reference I can give for Mercedy is that I would love to work with her again. A beautiful girl with a massive personality, a brilliant model, very, very easy to work with, changes pose at the click of a shutter and just smiles - all the time. Please, let's work again soon?

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Mercedy answered a casting for a 60's shoot, we agreed to shoot , she arranged an MUA and supplied images she thought we could all work towards.

Very professional and very enthusiastic in our pre shoot chats

She was equally as good on the shoot, she knows exactly what she wants and gives 110% to get it, she demands a lot from the team but in a good creative way, pushing and making you work to your top level, her enthusiasm and drive kept me on my toes and focussed my mind on each image , the shoot went very well and we got some super images in three different costumes.

She is bubbly , lovely , creative, hardworking and easy to get on with and commits herself totaly to the shoot

Star lady highly recommended

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Shot with Mercedy last week , what can I say, good communication pre shoot ,turned up early !! lots of outfits and ideas easy to work with , will be working with her again so deffo recommended

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Me and Mercedy have been meaning to shoot for a few months now, but it never seemed of happened.

Eventually we decided to plan a shoot sooner rather than later, and i'm very happy we did.

Mercedy is very professional, knows how to pose, and is overall a very friendly, caring person.

Fantastic model and person. Hope to shoot with her again in the near future!

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This young Lady is sensational to work with!!!!

I already knew she was an excellent photographer and when she modeled for me at my studio nothing was too much trouble, needing very little direction, she is a natural =D

Bright and bubbly, she is a must to work with

Thank's so much for a great shoot :)

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Lollipop photography

This was a shoot like no other i have done. I had an idea of what we was going to do but i had left full control up to Mercedy. I am really going to have to do this more often because it was a delight. Not only did Mercedy turn up with plenty of outfits but she was so creative to work with. A true professional in every sense of the word, i could not recommend her highly enough. Its very true that good things come in small packages cos i would happily work with her again.

Thank you so much for today and a big shout out to tell people to get booking you as they will not be disappointed!

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M Sands Photography

Had a great shoot with Mercedy at an event hosted by Ian's Studio is Stockport.

The event was to help photographer pose models, based around props. Mercedy was very friendly, engaged and got stuck in straight away. She was suggesting poses and clothing choices form the outset. She also listened to other suggestions and responded well to direction.

I was really pleased with the end images produced. I would recommend Mercedy as a model, and look forward to working with her again.

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Tony Morris

Mercedy arrived in good time for her group shoot on the theme of Brainstorming at Ian's Studio. It was a demanding assignment requiring her to creatively use numerous sets of posing props. But she took it all in her stride - offering a marvellous range of facial expression and an effective display of theatrical body language. She was friendly and courteous to everyone, while working hard to achieve the shots we wanted. What a lovely and lively little lady! :-)

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