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Michael Sibbons

I recently worked with Miss Marie at a group shoot on the beach in Norfolk.

A true professional throughout and a pleasure to work with her many years of experience shines through!

I'd love to work with her again in the future.

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Wow, well what can I say.

Miss Marie was an absolute pleasure and fun to work with.

After only shooting tf before and Miss Marie contacting me to shoot at a location I had posted on my Facebook page, I bit that bullet and said yes.

Communication was great, and turned up ontime with some great ideas during the shoot, finishing the shoot with some fantastic images. Glad I chose her for that shoot.

Highly recommended and would most certainly book Miss- Marie again

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After a lot of positive contact from Miss Marie, having only previously worked with models on a TF basis, I decided to bite the bullet & hire her for a shoot & am really glad that I did. Upon meeting Miss Marie & her brilliant MUA, I found her to be really polite & down to earth.

Miss Marie is a lovely lady & her professionalism throughout the shoot was outstanding, not only was she willing to try some ideas that I had, to add a little bit of uniqueness to a already unique shoot, but also she was able to do any type of pose needed with ease & without any delay. Not to mention the attire she picked for the shoot, worked brilliantly.

Miss Marie was a sheer delight to work alongside with & I would have no hesitation in working with her again. The only regret I hold, is that I didn't arrange a shoot with her sooner. I strongly recommend Miss Marie to every photographer out there, you will not regret it.

Thank you Miss Marie for a cracking shoot, the hard work that you & Charlie put in, will not be forgotten.

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Wonderfully creative (shot at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party shoot she'd organised), great model!

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I had another lovely photoshoot with Ann-marie. The theme was retro. Ann-marie is such a lovely model and lady to work . It was a very relaxed shoot. I have come away again with loads of really good photos. I hope to be working with ann-marie again soon.

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Brilliant workshop with Miss Marie, Fun, chatty, relaxed, and easy going. Would definitely work with again, and I highly recommend both her and her workshops, an absolute pleasure to work with.

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Bm photography

Had another fantastic work shop with miss Marie, she turned up early with loads of ideas making her easy to work with. Once again I would highly recommend her. Thanks again..

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Norman B

Miss Marie ran a workshop recently which was extremely well organised in a great new studio. She put a lot of effort and passion into it, the results were that we all got some really good images that night.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to any photographer....Thank you Miss Marie

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Had yet another shoot with Ann-Marie.

She is such a pleasure to work with, whether you are a beginner or experienced, Ann-Marie will help you get the best out of your shoot.

She always has lots of ideas, plenty of outfits and makes you feel at ease and needs no direction for posing, allowing you to carry on taking the images you need but that's what comes from experience.

Highly recommended

Thanks Miss Marie, look forward to the next time.

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Ben wink photography

I've worked with Miss Marie now on quite a few occasions now simply because she's a great model and easy to get on with.

When you book Miss Marie you can guarantee excellent photos as a result and that a relaxing shoot will take place.

If you want to enhance your portfolio I seriously recommend booking

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At last I met ann-Marie.

Wow what a lovely lady and model. Ann-Marie is so easy to work with and very easy going. Ann-Marie is a very good model and full of good ideas to.

I came away with some really good photos from the photoshoot.

I will be working with Ann-Marie again very soon.

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V I Photography

Today, after months of patiently waiting an available time and day that me and this outstanding, wonderful, funny, witty, beautiful, intelligent and utterly professional lady could work together, arrived! And oh god the wait was worth it. After great communication setting this day up, Miss Marie arrived well within time, which just gave me the opportunity to just talk her to death!

Its a sign of my nervousness. However, Miss Marie was nothing but kind and thoughtful and listened to me waffle on till I was ready. Talk about knowing how to put someone at ease.

Her years of experience just oozed out of her. The looks, the attention to detail, that winning smile. She loves the camera, and it most certainly loves her. With bold, colourful outfits which suited the half studio/half location shoot, time and thought had gone into the planning. Consideration and commitment. All, any tog can ask for. But Miss Marie brought more than that to the table and though the time flew, and it really did fly, I relished every precious second of it. Just to learn a few tips on posing someone and watching Miss Marie work was value alone for me.

The end result. Stunning studio images and a learning curve about locational shooting.

It goes without saying, you get an opportunity to work with her, do one of her workshops, be part of a studio shoot with her. DON'T MISS IT!

I am planning to jump on board her workshops every chance I get.

Miss Marie, Thank you.

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Trev (A2TLT)

I first met Marie last month on a woodland workshop that she both organized and modeled for. I was so impressed with her professionalism, work rate and determination that everyone left with a great collection of images, that I was eager to arrange a 1 to 1 shoot with Marie as soon as we could.

Luckily we managed to fit in another shoot soon after, this being a high-key studio based fashion shoot. Marie was immaculately made up, bringing a selection of gorgeous dresses. With her great looks, enthusiasm and polished variation of striking poses, the shoot was a great success. Marie is a joy to work with, and has the perfect personality and attitude for modelling.

I can confidently recommend Marie 100%, and am planning to work with her again, both outdoor and in studios on different projects.

Thanks again Marie, you are a star.

Trev x

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Bm photography

I worked with Miss Marie today she turn up on time looking fabulous she's a pleasure to work with very polite and professional, If you thinking about working with Miss Marie I would highly recommend her. Thanks again........ Ben

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I can sum this up simply by saying Miss Marie inspired me to join this forum and take my own portrait photography to the next level! As a relatively new female photographer entering portraiture, I was slightly nervous working with such a highly professional lady, but together I feel we got come great images and had some laughs. Thank you for your patience and support and I hope you too got a positive experience working with me x (And wasn't the cake great!)

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Great days shoot with Miss Marie, Professional, patient, adaptable and a great sense of humour. Listened to the shutter and adjusted the pose to give a terrific flow to the shoot. So easy to work with. 100% recommendation from me

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Angela P Barnes

I recently had the pleasure of working with Miss Marie for the first time during a Fashion Photography Workshop run by Joe Lenton of Original Art Photography. I personally found Miss Marie a fabulous, bubbly and a classy Lady, oozing with confidence and creativeness. It was such an honour to have the privilege to provide her with various Hairstyles and hair accessories on the day and to pick her up at the Train Station for the location workshop. Miss Marie also applied her own Make-up styles for the shoot to compliment the overall styles on the day. We both had high standards and complimented each other with our attention to detail ideas and clicked really well, as if we had known each other for years. Not only is Miss Marie a stunning Model, but an Actress and TV Presenter for Big Brother 9 and clearly has ambition to continue to shine with her professional career, as well as being a loving Mother and Wife.

Miss Marie is a GREAT ASSET for your Portfolio and cannot recommend her enough!

I would certainly love to create more hairstyles for Miss Marie with her Photoshoots/Portfolio's in the foreseeable future.

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A wonderful workshop day with Ann Marie as our beautiful model, what a wonderful time we all had :)

Ann Marie was so professional throughout until lunchtime and the cakes came out !!! And golly good they were too :)

I can't praise Ann Marie enough, she posed for far longer than I've seen any other model pose, laughed with us all, and remained so professional.

Will I see her again? You betcha I will !

Thank you Ann Marie xxx

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Biker Paul

I had the pleasure of working with Ann-Marie on a club photoshoot. Although we only had a short time Ann Marie looked stunning and was full of life, adapting to my poor demonstration of poses and adding to them with her professionalism and personality.

I hope to have the opportunity to photograph Ann-Marie again and have no problem in recommending her.

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Simon Carter

I had the pleasure of working with Miss Marie at a studio clubnight. We shot right at the end of a long evening but she was still full of energy, enthusiasm & poses despite working in the same set all evening. Recommended.

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