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M I S C H K A H has 587 references; 586 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 0 no-shows.

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Nick Redman

Worked with Mischkah at the DreamingofModels even in Crete. So good to work with a model who understands light and light direction to get it just right! (picky about lighting photographers especially)! Fantastic collaboration - little posing direction needed, Misch knows her craft. Thoroughly recommended.

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Sacha Saxer

I worked with Mischkah at a photo event at Kasteel Asten. She was the first model I got to work with that day and I couldn't be happier with the results we got. She flows effortlessly through poses and seems to have an endless supply of them. Whether art nude or portrait, working with her was simply a joy.

Mischkah is not only a a remarkable model but also has a very likeable and helpful personality.

Highly recommended, can't wait for another chance to work with her.

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Kevin Connery

Short summary: Fabulous model, extremely highly recommended!

I worked with Mischkah on a remote shoot for the 9th time a few days ago, on a session split between dramatic studio setups and some natural light lifestyle shots. Both setups were ready and the studio was setup as we'd discussed in pre-comms. All the wardrobe we'd planned on--based on her extensive styling catalogue--was conveniently at-hand, and ready to go.

Posing, expression, knowledge of both relative to lighting and camera angles are excellent.

Seriously, highly recommended.

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Summers Abroad

Mischkah modelled for us on our ‘Artistic Licence’ event last weekend.

I’d met Mischkah numerous times in social situations over the years so knew that she would be great company and get on with everybody, and of course she is an incredible model, so we were really excited to finally have her on an event.

Mischkah was really enthusiastic towards the sets we put her on and the images look amazing from what we have seen so far. She was also super helpful behind the scenes too which was so kind of her as she definitely didn’t need to.

It was a pleasure hosting her on the event and can 100% recommend her :)

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Nigel Anderson

Mischkah is such a great model. This was my first time working with this model and it was a short session as part of a Summers Abroad weekend at a country house. She was in an outdoor set in the courtyard, wearing a bare-shoulder dress, posing with a live parrot on a frosty morning and she handled the whole thing with grace and professionalism. We were also able to squeeze in a few extra images in a warmer, indoor, window-light setting. Beautiful images resulted.

Highly recommended - Given the opportunity I would definitely work with this model again.

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Kevin Connery

Remote session #6, and a bit of a change-up. Taking advantage of her posing and acting skills,and not just her obviously good looks, we went for a more storytelling approach, making her into a barbarian warrior-queen.

As expected, she nailed it perfectly!

I really can't say enough positive things about her; she's poised, pretty, polite, professional, and entirely willing to put 100% into a session. Highly--very highly--recommended!

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Kevin Connery

My 5th remote session with Mischkah was last weekend, and I've already booked a sixth.

Flexible, creative, talented, organized, prepared, beautiful--seriously, finding new descriptive adjectives gets harder each time, as she keeps showing new positive traits every shoot. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Additionally, her home has beautiful light and a wealth of lovely locations and settings. Or, if you prefer, there's also a studio space with reliable lighting equipment and modifiers. She knows how to work with both to good effect.

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Mischkah and I had our second remote shoot today and it could not have gone more smoothly. All communication prior to our shoot went well and Mischkah totally was on board with the image ideas I asked for us to create on our shoot. The remote connection was great and provided a trouble free shoot. In a 2 hour shoot we managed a ton of fabulous images based on Mischkah's great understanding of the lighting and of course her posing enhanced by such a beautiful look.

Now the hard part will be trying to choose which images as they all looked great.

Can't recommend enough booking a remote shoot with her if you can't trek to her location in Norway.

Thank you Misch and looking forward to posting images soon.

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Kevin Connery

I had my 4th remote session with Mischkah last week and was yet again blown away by the results. She's extremely good at what she does, and is very versatile in terms of looks, from coy to elegant, cute to dramatic, all while maintaining graceful and natural-looking poses. Or not-so-natural but very dramatic, when that's what was desired.

I cannot praise her highly enough.

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I have just finished my eighth shoot with the incredible Mischakah (all have been remote shoots) and frankly I'm blown away by this amazing model. She is such fun to work with and shoots with her are a true collaboration, with ideas bouncing backwards and forwards between her and the photographer, both in pre-shoot coms and during the shoot itself.

Mischkah's experience, skill and knowledge mean that means that she is full of very creative, ideas, is incredibly versatile and is willing and able to work across a wide range of styles. S

he makes sure that photographers who work with her will come away happy with the content. Indeed in all the shoots I have done with her I am hard pressed to think of a single bad image!

As well as being an amazing model Mischkah also has skill and knowledge of photography and editing, both of which have been a great help to me.

But it's not just about the modelling, Mischkah is a bubbly, friendly, caring kind person and this means that shoots with her are so much fun, although on the downside it does mean that the time goes far too quickly.

I you haven't yet worked with Mischkah, I strongly urge you to book this beautiful, talented, fun lady - you won't regret it!

Thanks for the shoots so far Misch, I look forward to many more 😊

R x

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Kevin Connery

I had a photoshoot with Mischkah last Saturday--my third so far, and I anticipate not the last. As before, she was prepared, flexible, and wonderful to work with. I'd provided some guidance for the lighting, and we spent a little time fine-tuning what she had already setup, then we proceeded to go through a LOT of different looks and styles. All of which resulted in images even better than I'd expected.

She's a true delight to work with, highly professional, and very good at what she does.

Very highly recommended.

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I did a photoshoot with Mischkah it was brilliant working with her she gives the best poses as possible she gives it her all which is one off the things I love about her. She is really good with her listening and communication skills She also understand really well and I would definitely recommend her.

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Robert Mann MA

After having previously participated in their Majestic and Celestial themed remote shoot events earlier this year, last month I joined in the latest themed event organised by Mischkah, ModelZoi and Ivory Flame, the theme this time being Underworld Noir. Mischkah’s interpretation of the theme was gangster film noir and she set up a stunning detectives office set with a fantastic selection of authentic looking props, intricate detailing and a terrific lighting setup complete with window blinds. She offered a great selection of outfits to choose from and the ones we selected looked fantastic with her really bringing the characters to life with flawless posing. The shoot was extremely enjoyable and relaxed and we produced some fantastic images. Very highly recommended by me!

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Had a remote shoot with Mischkah today.

Communication was excellent.

From a technical point of view she was an expert with camera, lighting and technology.

Lots of beautiful images .

Very Highly Recommend.

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Kevin Connery

I shot with Mischkah a few days ago for the second time in another remote session. As before, she was prepared, charming, efficient, and effective, as well as being a lovely model in front of the camera.

As with the earlier shoot, I ended up with a lot of great images, and I'm still trying to narrow down the best of the best; there are so many excellent images it's hard to eliminate any of them.

Highly recommended.

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I shot with Mischkah today and love the time spent with her. This isn't our first shoot and I will definitely shoot again with her. She is just wonderful to shoot with, talk to, and the time always flies by. We did a remote shoot, from Chicago to Norway, and it went flawlessly. I certainly recommend her.

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Tamriel nights

I had a very short but sweet shoot with his lovely lady today.

Pre comms were excellent with Mischkah providing detailed virtual walkthrough of her shooting space at her beautiful home, images of clothing and suggestions for shooting.

The space itself is stunning with so many opportunities to create beautiful art.

Mischkah is stunning with a beautiful figure and she poses so elegantly in front of the camera she needed no direction.

I came away with lots os useable beautiful images.

Highly recommended.

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Kevin Connery

I had the opportunity to work with Mischka on a remote shoot, and was amazed at how well she worked. She was prepared, charming, graceful, and did an absolutely fabulous job. No direction was needed, but she took the guidance I provided cheerfully and flawlessly.

Communication before and during the shoot was excellent. I'd provided a selection of images as a moodboard, and specified some of her listed wardrobe and accessories, and they were all ready to go.

We got a LOT of excellent images from the session; the hardest part was narrowing down the wealth of great images to find the very best of the already best.

Highly recommended!

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Robert Mann MA

Having previously shot with Mischkah during the Majestic themed remote shoot event organised by herself along with ModelZoi and Ivory Flame and absolutely loving that experience, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again on their latest themed day, this with the even more enticing Celestial theme. This time we went into some very experimental territory with Mischkah using the awesome combination of a star and galaxy projector, a futuristic outfit and light painting techniques to create some awesome sci-fi themed images. It was extremely enjoyable seeing what we could do and we produced some stunning results. As before, I found Mischkah to be very professional and very easy to work with us conversing easily throughout and I enjoyed the shoot thoroughly. I absolutely love the results and would definitely work with Mischkah again. Very highly recommended!

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Had my first remote shoot with Mischkah which went brilliantly, blown away by the quality of the images and the ease of shooting and arranging it all, the styling catalogue is a great idea to make choices easier before the shoot, and everything was set up perfectly, many thanks, highly recommend

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