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Miriam came to mine and Abbie Hills shoot yesterday at Shutterworks Studio to do make-up and hair. She done a fantastic job! Although we met briefly she was very lovely and professional!

Definitely would love to work with Miriam again! :)

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Kimmy Crimson

I've had my makeup done by the lovely Miriam on a number of shoots, and she's been an absolute delight every time. She always takes the models' requests into consideration wrt hair styling, makeup colours etc. A wonderful personality and a talented MUA/hair stylist!

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Richard Danter said...

Recently did a shoot with Miriam for one of her casting calls. She was great to work with, knowing exactly what she wanted to achieve and how to get there. So nice to work with someone who can communicate her ideas clearly and professionally. I love what we achieved and hope we can work together again soon. I would recommend working with her any time.

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Miriam, was the MUA on a shoot I had last week. She was lovely and super professional.

Miriam worked fast and her work was flawless. Would be more than happy to work with her again. Highly recommended to all.

Thank you

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I had a shoot today with Miriam and Joanna Louise, I arrived punctually at Joanna's home to find Miriam already there ... straight away I thought good stuff a reliable and responsible person :-)

Miriam chatted away sociably but not to the extent where it would affect her work. I found Miriam to be very efficient and she did a very good job on Joanna's hair and make up.

I was very pleased with Miriam's efforts today and would happily recommend her services to others on here.

Thanks again Miriam :-)

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Jade Sakura

It was a pleasure to work with Miriam, she is very friendly and gets on with what she does best. She knew the concept very well and standards were high with her skills. It looked beautiful with the cleopatra shoot we were doing, along with the skull cap. Check out her website and you would be pleased with her makeup skills. I would recommend anyone to work with her for some great versatile looks.

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Paul Gooddy

Worked with Miriam and Abbie Hills on a Pulp Fiction inspired shoot. Miriam's make up and hair were spot on for the theme. She's friendly, professional and easy to get on with, I'd happily work with her again.

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Studio GD Photography

I have worked with Miriam now on a number of different shoots we have done together. Both as a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist, Miriam always adds that extra bit missing to the photos to make them turn out even better. I have a number of different ideas for 2014 which I would like to shoot and hope that Miriam is free to work on them as he work is getting better and better every time.

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Avant Garde

If Miriam asks you to collaborate with her you should do what I do. Get up, run round the room screaming with excitement for a bit until it is out of your system. Then sit back down and calmly reply 'that would be lovely thanks, I think I should very much enjoy that'.

Miriam is professional, amazingly good at her work, and very fun! X

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abbie hills

Meant to write this reference a long time ago!

I love Miriam! We have worked together a number of times, whether that be on a course, at Goodwood Revival, or when she did my make up for my Pulp Fiction Shoot. We get on like a house on fire and she is such a happy person, and can't help but make everyone smile. Not to mention her amazing make up skills that have transformed me time and time again. Definitely go for it with Miriam if you get the chance!

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KirstenRia said...

Very happy with Miriam's makeup, looked amazing! She is very friendly and works efficiently.

Thank you!

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Natasha Ford

I worked with Miriam this morning on a very creative 'fruit' inspired shoot. She claimed to not have done much creative make-up in the past but you wouldn't have guessed. The make-up was brilliant, she came up with most of the ideas and they worked really well. She is also very skilled with hair too. Lovely and chatty personality and a talented MUA.

Wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Highly recommended by me!

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Miriam is fabulous! She was very organised and friendly and willing to help out with whatever we needed. The makeup in the shoot was flawless and photographed really well. She took direction well but also added her own creative flair and I would absolutely love to work with her again. A real catch!

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I worked with Miriam on a location shoot along with model Louise Croft, and a great collaboration it was. Miriam is a great make-up artist, highly professional and friendly. Will recommend her very highly.

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Rebecca Edwards

Miriam was very punctual and dedicated to creating the perfect look for me. She did a fabulous job and I would highly recommend her to everyone!

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Scott Lymath

Having worked with Miriam numerous times now I can say she is both an absolute star to work with and fantastic at what she does! The make-up/hair is always perfect for the style in mind and she brings some great ideas to the shoot. Thanks for all your hard work to date and I look forward to more shoots!

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Miriam was great to work with. Talented MUA, even though she was quick to do the makeup, the result was top class. She's very friendly and chilled to work with but still very professional, making sure we got the results we wanted to achieve.

High recommended :-)

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Can't recommend Miriam highly enough! Highly professional with amazing skill, she was also great fun to work with and helped make for a very relaxed atmosphere in the shoot, the results were obvious in the models work and the images, will definitely work with again.

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Dasha the Spy

I have worked already number of times and more shoots booked, and I can say say that she is amazing MUA and also hairstylist. She can do any make up from the picture from classi to bold make up. And hairstyle stays the same during all photoshoot. She is friendly, easy going person with bubbly personality. 100% recomended, you would not need to do much photoshop if Miriam would do make up for you. Thanks, Miriam! Xx

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AJS Photographic Studios

Have worked with Miriam on a number of studio shoots and hope this continues as she is super laid back, creative, fun, wicked with make up all in equal measures.

100% Recommended

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