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Having first met Mark 6 years ago we finally managed to get our backsides into gear and have our first shoot together!! And I'm glad we did! I felt like I knew Mark really well before he even arrived having messaged so many times so I felt comfortable from the off and we spent a very pleasant 3 hours together shooting everything from headshots through to erotica. Mark is both lovely and very capable with his camera and from what I've seen so far he took some wonderful images. Thanks so much for a great shoot and I hope we can do it again soon.

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Mark was very polite and courteous and easy to work with. I've done my first two nude photoshoots with him and he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He is incredibly imaginative and full of ideas, came away with a variety of interesting shots

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Wonderdust Supertramp

Mipixx was creative and inspired as always, and I think this time we made some really exceptional images, something fresh among the usual studio drag... This photographer likes to push the envelope in terms of skill and imagination, so every time it's something new and exciting. Recommended, for sure!

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I recently had another shoot with Mark, covering levels from outdoor/clothed and nude/erotic in a beautiful hotel.

As always, Mark is an absolute joy to work with; pleasant, polite, considerate with the model's well-being, and very creative. I would definitely work with him again and highly recommend him to others!

Thank you again Mark, until next time!

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I had my first shoot with Mark. From the first moment I knew we were going to get along well. He was so great, nice and polite! I really enjoyed working with him!! He is always trying to get different shoots and had some awesome ideas, he likes to experiment with some photos,which is good to get something unique!! I would highly recommend him!! We are already planning our next shooting! 🤗

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Hazel Rose

I had my first shoot with Mark recently and it was brilliant. Mark was an absolute gentleman and ensured I was happy and comfortable throughout the shoot. Although we didn't have a set plan, we compromised and came up with some brilliant ideas together and Mark was very creative and tried lot's of different styles and experimented greatly with different lighting and props.

Marks comms were brilliant from start to finish and he was a joy to work with.

He is easy to work and chat with and I can highly recommend shooting with him. I would more than happily work with Mark again anytime.

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definatley one of the best out there , really looks after the models and the images will make you want to cry , they are sooooo good

definatley recommend him anytime

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Another super shoot with Mark, this time with his partner involving a very pink girly pillow fight & a poker scene! We all had so much fun doing this & the images I have seen so far look great. Lots of giggles, biscuits, feathers(!) & tidying up! It really was hilarious :-)

I think this is my fourth shoot with Mark & I can't recommend him highly enough - he's great for new models to work with as he's 100% professional, very friendly & easy to get along with (he'll soon put you at your ease) plus he's full of creativity & ideas, for those with more experience he's great fun to collaborate with & he always welcomes & asks for input from the models.

I actually did my very first shoot with Mark at the beginning of last year & it was such an incredibly fun & positive experience that 18 months later I'm still here modelling & also still very keen to shoot with Mark so I think that tells you how fun & respectful he is to work with. We have become friends since our first chat about working together & I value his friendship very highly.

I very much look forward to the next time, I wonder what we'll come up with next!! Thank you so much Mark :-) xx

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I did another shoot with Mark again last week, it seems we are becomming regulars!

As always, Mark was friendly, polite, reassuring and professional throughout.

I would certainly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mark!

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DY Comics

I had my first shoot with Mark yesterday. We shot in a beautiful house which was a fantastic location with outdoor and indoor photo opportunities. Mark was extremely professional and gave great direction which resulted in beautiful images from what I have seen so far and I am very impressed. Look for to shooting again soon. Highly recommended.

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Ive worked with Mark since 2011, on several shoots. He is a true professional and makes you feel at ease from start to finish. So easy to get along with, great ideas, direction and produces beautiful photographs. I highly recommend him, especially anyone new to modelling.

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Bianca Darkwoods

Mark is an amazing photographer, with lots of creativity and a beautiful, specific kind of aesthetic. He was so friendly, open-minded and constantly empowering me to allow myself to be natural and relaxed. It was a really fun and beautiful experience and I'm always happy to work with him!

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N Double W

I always enjoy shooting with Mark. He made me feel very comfortable. He will direct you as well as allow you to play with poses, inputting your own creativity. He is polite, friendly and easy to talk to with a lovely home studio.

Mark is also very encouraging, and patient which helps on any shoot. I had a lot of fun and will be shooting with him again soon.

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Wow, a third super shoot with Mark! I just ADORE working with him - love his creativity & enthusiasm. This time I had an urbex location for us & Mark immediately saw the creative potential. He'd also brought along an outfit (just about!) & once we'd managed to suss out how I got into it, we had lots of fun shooting outside.

As usual, Mark frequently showed me the images on the back of the camera which look great & I think we've got some really different black & white ones which I can't wait to see. Mark gives great direction, is full of ideas but also really open to a model's own creativity with poses & frequently asked for my input. Plus he's an all round lovely, chatty person & as always the time flies by when we shoot together. Totally respectful of levels, 100% professional & always thinking of my comfort - it was a bit cold!!! Thankfully he treated me to a coffee afterwards.

So yes of course I recommend Mark, very highly (for both beginners [he's incredibly encouraging] & more experienced models), I can't wait to shoot with him again & we have plans for another shoot soon. Thank you so much Mark, you're a star :-) xx

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I had a second shoot with Mark yesterday, and I cannot praise him enough; friendly, reassuring and completely professional. He frequently showed me shots from the shoot, and he did a fantastic job with the use of shadows, creating a very classy tease of a shoot.

I highly recommend Mark and would happily work with him again.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Mark, beautiful location, great direction given and I felt totally at ease with him , seen a few snaps and already so happy and not seen them all yet! Hope to work with him again in the future, highly recommended.

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I had a great time shooting with Mipixx as usual. He is friendly and easy going and I always love the pictures. Highly recommended.

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Had another amazing sexy shoot with Mark. He is such a pleasure to work with xx He is professional and always make me feel very comfortable and confident :) His talent is amazing I love the pictures he always does a top job. Thank you for having me it was really fun to work together again xx

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Rhianna Grey

Yet another fabulous shoot with Mark in a luscious hotel in Manchester. This was a very early start to the day (up at 6a.'m but all well worth it. Mark is a lovely guy full of brilliant ideas, and always a pleasure to work with. I'm super pleased with the images he took on the day. I even made a new friend - 'ducky' haha. I would highly recommend working with Mark to any model

Thanks again Mark


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Doing a gg shoot with Mipixx was absolutely hilarious and I had a great laugh. I loved his tongue and cheek idea for the story and he made me feel relaxed and confident all the way through.

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