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Lady Păianjen Mulo is a fantastic model, very friendly, easy to work with and very professional. Energetic and eager, i highly recommend this model. More shoots to come.

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Thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Chris, that was a collaborative event to enable us both to try some new styles. Chris contributed loads to the shoot, bringing her experience of performing arts to the shoot to great effect. I recommend Chris to anyone, and I know she will work very hard to make the shoot a success.


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This was an interesting shoot and challenging in a good way. Chris is taking on a daunting life choice and carrying it off with grace. The shootwas fun and we had a good time exploring a pathway in a nature reserve area. Chris was excellent in working with me to get the shots, coming up with some great ideas and taking direction from me as I was looking throughthe viewfinder, a pro. I would recommed working with Chris, it would be a rewarding session.

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Billy Cee..

Had my first shoot with Chris yesterday, I did a themed duo shoot with both Chris and Kalygulina, the theme had a Gypsy kind of look to it.

I collected both Chris & Emma from home, having sorted all the shoot details out with Emma, both were not only ready on time but dressed in there costumes, and came equipped with both extra costumes and props.

Sadly on arriving at our first location, we found it had a large event going on, this also happened when we arrived at our back up location, thankfully I knew of another location a few minutes away, this location actually turned out to be the better choice, as it gave us the privacy we needed.

I would highly recommend Chris to any photographer and I certainly wouldn't hesitate working with him again on any period themed costume shoot.

Thanks again for a great shoot.

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He may be my partner in crime, but Chris is a superb model to work alongside. He listens to direction well, as well as coming up with his own ideas. Once given a theme he will research it to the extreme to get the perfect look. Fun and laughs are always a part of a shoot with Chris. I've worked alongside him now on several shoots with plenty more to come in the future. You wont be disappointed working with him, so get booking him quick!

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Good shoot with Chris and partner Emma (Kalygulina). Very good communication beforehand. Posed apart and as duo for members of our photographic club with mix of outside shots and indoor studio. Good fun and variety of costumes and characters - much more than we had time for. Next time we may see more.

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House of Hawthorne

This is my first time working with Chris as a male model. He was very friendly and understanding and made me feel at ease shooting a male.

He takes direction quite well and is not afraid to offer up his own ideas for poses.

His communication was great before and after the shoot,I would definitely recommend working with him.

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I have been an avid follower of Chris since he first began modelling, and with each shoot he gets better and better. I finally got the chance to work with him on a couples shoot, the theme being 'primal' and the results speak for themselves.

He is a quick learner, very professional but will quite easily have you laughing like a maniac when things get too serious. He is respectful of levels and can come up with ideas on the fly if needs be.

I can quite happily recommend Chris to any photographer, stylist or model who wishes to work with such a creative, professional, funny, easygoing male model, just make sure you provide enough coffee!

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Chris to our studio today for his first visit.

Although it was a short shoot it was non stop from start to finish so we didn't get to chat much. However, he was well prepared, worked well and from what we saw the photographer was really happy with how it went.

We have no hesitation in recomending him to any studio or photographer and we would welcome him back anytime.

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Luna Rose

Chris Is a great model and wonderful person. They take direction well and I have a wonderful chemistry with them, enabling us to create some wonderful shots. They are extremely photogenic, have a creative style and know how to look fabulous! Highly recommended!

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Aatish Photos

Finally got to shoot with Chris after much communication with him. Had a great shoot with him and Emily at SS Creative. Both great models to work with. Easy going and have great chemistry. Look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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Shot with Chris at tiptop studio, Chris was prom and fully prepared we got some awesome images Chris poses well and takes direction very well

looking forward to working with Chris again

Highly recommended

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Geist Fotografik said...

I worked with Chris at a local studio. He was early, which I appreciated, and had brought a change of top with him, and some head wear as requested. He was polite and easy going. Chris takes direction well and I would recommend him for sure.

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GGDP Photography

This was my first shoot with chris it was very enjoyable indeed chris took direction well and gave me the looks I wanted from this shoot.... Makeup was done so no need to wait Chris has a very distinctive manor about him....

I would recommend chris to all photographers he great fun to work with , and great fun to be with

Thanks Chris for a great shoot


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Odette Flaur.

I had my first alongside Chris today and I must say that I was impressed with his confidence front of the camera !!! Chris is very easy to work with, professional and fun !

Highly recommended


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