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Kelly Hathaway

I had a fantastic second shoot with Mike today, this time at my home. Pre-shoot communications were great and I knew what ideas he had in mind. Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with, easy to get along with and great to chat to. We managed to fit in several different looks/sets in the time we had. He even brought along a vintage hat, boots and some 60's dresses for me to wear which was great fun. Mike shoots at a relaxed pace, chatting in-between shots and I felt comfortable and at ease from start to finish (even with my ASBO dog barking in the hallway!). He regularly showed me the photos on the back of the camera which was great. The photos i've seen so far are amazing! I can happily recommend Mike to other models :)

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Daisy May 093

Had a fantastic shoot with Mike! It was a real pleasure having him shoot me, I 100% recommend :)

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Emmie Victoria

I had a fantastic shoot with Mike yesterday! Mike is an all around great photographer and has a lot of knowledge on photography! He is very professional but at the same time can have a good laugh! His pre-comms where great to and he knew exactly what he wanted to shoot which made things a lot easier for me as a model. I highly recommend Mike!

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Mike booked a shoot with me at my home studio today, it’s been about 9 months since our last shoot together.

Mike as always is friendly and very chatty.

Images look lovely from the back of the camera.

Highly recommended!


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Bob The Plumber

Always a pleasure to work with Mike either when he is in front or behind the camera. Mike is always fun and professional. Today Mike was a Christmas tree on this shoot........I was a reindeer, so there was lots of laughter.

Hope to work with Mike again soon, weather it is with him in front or behind the camera. Highly recommended.

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Nadia Chloe Rose

Mike was fantastic to work with. He is very friendly, creative and good with lighting. I was impressed by his ideas for the shoot which worked really well and I had a really fun happy day. Thank you Mike for a great shoot.

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Paul Stone Photography

I worked with Michael so many times now, it seems like we have known eachother for years. We have worked together as photographers and acting in any number of Gino Cinganellis group shoots. Michael is a great photographer and accomplished character actor. This time around he played the part of a moonsiner in a 1920s themed production. Always a pleasure to work with and I'd highly reccomend working with Michael as a photographer or actor.

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Photographer Gino Cinganelli

Mike joined us on our last group shoot of 2021

He played the part of a moonshiners based on the prohibition era.

Mike is reliable, fun to have on our team and works with other actors easily and is a popular guy.

Thank you Mike

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Had the lovely opportunity to work with Mike during his short stay in the Netherlands.

Mike is a very kind person with a calming presence and a creative mind. He brought his ideas and props and was open to my creative suggestions as well. Enjoyed very much my shoot.

Thank you, Mike, and I look forward to our next collaboration!

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Photographer Gino Cinganelli

It’s great to have Mike as part of our group shoots he has been on a few now. Mike is a great character full of fun and totally bonkers like everyone else.

Mike has become a friend over the years and we met through PP.

Thank you for taking part see you again soon

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Bob The Plumber

I have worked with Michael on quite a few shoots now, sometimes when he is the photographer, but recently he has been one of the models in group shoots with me. Mike is always well prepared and is always ready for a laugh and on this shoot it was just as well because we ended up getting a little wet. It was a western style shoot with water pistols, oh what fun we had.

Highly recommend Michael both in front or behind the camerta.

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Grey Gent

Had a fantastic first shoot with Mike today where we did some character work looking at differenet characters. It was great fun and it looks like we will get some brilliant results. Pre shoot comms were good and Mike directed well. I look forwards to working with him again to see what other characters we can produce.

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Elle B1329

Shot for the first time with Michael yesterday,what a lovely little shoot we had! I’d be wanting to shoot with Michael for a while so it was great we had the chance! I was grateful to him for booking me so last minute on south coast tour.

Michael was very nice upon arrival,really helpful too. It was a pleasure so shoot with him! He had some great ideas and clearly was very imaginative and fun when it comes to his shoot ideas. He showed me some of his previous work which were some fun concepts!

Overall we had a great shoot and I’d definitely recommend shooting with Michael! Hopefully we will work together again in the future!

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Amber Tutton

I worked with mike on a uk model event, was so lovely to be able to work with him. was a fun day had by all and mike was a great energy to have there on the day!

id love to recommend mike to all models, and would also love to work with him again soon!

let shoot soon mike


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Great to be booked my Mike for this shoot. He is very personable and easy going, but also technically advanced and looking at ways to get new shots. Gives direction well and also happy to take ideas and suggestions. A pleasure :)

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Summers Abroad

Mike came along to our B.E.A.C.H event for the sunset shoot Friday evening!

He got along really well with all the models and photographers he was teamed up with. It was a total pleasure hosting him and hope to see him at another event in future :)

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We had the lovely Mike on our Maidstone Manor Event with four models, Amber T, Georgina May, Serenity and Gemma Huh.

Mike was great to have on our event. He is so friendly, great to be around. Highly recommended by us! We have seen some fantastic edits so far, can't wait to see more!

We look forward to having you on another event soon.

Thank you again!


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Ellie Fox

It was so lovely to finally work with and meet Mike. He was so kind and understanding do to me being 15 mins late, I was so thankful for his patience. From start to finish shooting with him was an absolute delight, he has fantastic ideas and knows what he wants out of a shot. I cannot recommend this utter gentleman more highly if I tried and I hope I have the pleasure of getting to work with him again.

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Kelly Hathaway

I had the pleasure of working with Mike at the weekend at Rochester Studios. Pre-comms were brilliant - I knew what themes/styles we would be shooting and what items of clothing and accessories to bring with me. Mike shoots at a relaxed yet productive pace and we managed to get through several sets/looks in the time we had together. I love all of the photos, especially the Audrey Hepburn inspired images. Mike is professional, respectful, friendly and lovely to chat to and work with. Highly recommended by me!

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Dark Horse

Normally, when I work with Mike, he is behind the camera, but today he was fabulous as a fellow chain gang criminal struggling and toiling in the hot sun, and he was terrific. He is always fun to work with, and always in good humour. My advice is work with Mike !!!

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