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Juliya Bond

Michel is very nice person and professional photographer.

I enjoyed our session with amazing Bo.

Thank you for your mindfulness to details and wonderful peaceful atmosphere.

Looking forward to make another shooting together!

Best wishes,


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Was a pleasure to meet and have shooting with Michel and Bo in picturesque dunes surroundings. Michel was friendly, caring, full of brilliant ideas and open to my own as well.

I am excited with the results we got!

I will be happy to have a chance to shoot with him once again and highly recommend working with Michel to any other model.

Many thanks.

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Something About Olive

Michel contacted me about a shoot pre quarantine and I was sad to have to cancel. Luckily he stayed in touch throughout and was my first shoot as soon as it was possible. I felt really comfortable around him and his owl Bo who was the other model for this shoot. Michel brought us to a beautiful location in the dunes and the weather was perfect. We took a huge amount of photos and the time flew. I would absolutely recommend him as a photographer and we already have another shoot planned!

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Emily Maisie Pigott Model

I had an absolutely wonderful 2 day shoot with Michel, whilst finishing my tour through Scandinavia and ending in Germany. Michel was so nice to pick me up from the airport and take me to the shoot locations.

We shot in various locations in the Netherlands and in Germany with his wonderful Bo, aerial hoop and Art nude genres.

I truly recommend shooting with Michel, he is a true gent and has an array of ideas.

I look forward to shooting with Michel again in the future.



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Lady Louiza

I was happy to work with Michel and his wonderful bird Bo. Michel was very nice and made me feel at easy very soon. Bo is a very sweet and beautiful eagle-owl, he is used to be around his loving family and reacts well to people.

And also: communication was great, pictures were delivered really fast. All good!

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Zara Liore

Michel is a great guy to shoot with! He picked me up from the Didam station and I quickly met his pet eagle owl, Bo. Bo is awesome. You have to meet Bo. Seriously, do it. He is such a cool and laid-back bird of prey, and the pictures you'll take with him will be sweet and unique! Especially when he spreads his wings. ♥

Michel was a lot of fun to work with! If I'm close to the area again, I'd definitely love to shoot with Michel and Bo again. Totally recommended! :D

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