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What can I say. I went back again to this photographer. I love the way he makes me feel. I love how he knows what he wants to get out of the shoot. He lets you see the images as you go alone. He’s so lovely and kind. I really enjoy working with him! His passion shows in the world. Great work again!

And you better believe I’ll be back!

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Nadia N

Another brilliant shoot with Brian! We've worked on some bodyscapes, nude silhouettes and lingerie shots, all in one day!

Professional as always, with great knowledge of lighting and poses.

He always makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.

A great photographer to work with that I highly recommend to work with on all levels of shooting.

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Wow where do I start. I’ve been out the game for 3 years. And Brian has asked. And what do you know he stuck in my mind.

He showed up on time. He was welcoming. Not a full moment of conversation he’s so interesting. His work is pronominal. Whereas most togs take thousands of pics. Brian didn’t need to. We got the shot and moved on.

He is present as can be. Welcoming and a general gentleman I can not wait to work with him again.

Lady’s he’s not like most togs from the moment you meet him to the goodbye. He is what he says. A real photographer. Do not hesitate!!!

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Unveiled Glam

I had a vision for a styled bridal shoot. I already had a photographer but when Brian message me and I looked at his work, I thought a second photographer would not be such a bad idea.

He quickly became my Lead and only photographer for the shoot. We had a chat over the phone which was suppose to last for about 5 min but instead lasted 40+ min!

We just connected! I explained to him my purpose for organising the shoot, my vision and what I would like to gain from it. He explained to me his vision and what he would like to gain from it.

The communication was on point. The secret ingredients of a perfect collaboration. Through out the shoot I could tell that he was making sure my requirements were met, The models requirements were met and the other vendors part of the shoot were met.

He was so easy to work with, at no point did I feel unease or doubtful around him. He had done his research on the venue, Took the time to check out my Pinterest board, brought the right equipment along. I learned a trick or two about lighting and photography.

You know that feeling when you've been working out very hard, you've been sweating, extremely hot, gasping for air and then suddenly you reach out for your cold water so you can hydrate yourself?

Literally had this feeling with all the shots he took. the precision, the perfection. No exaggerations. Brian was the perfect photographer for this project.

I really feel luck and honoured to have met him and be able to work with him.

Highly recommend!

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I worked with Brian, on a bridal shoot today, for the first time. Although, we have followed each other on social media and liked each other’s work for a while now.

We hit it off straight away! Brian is professional photographer who works to a high standard and this was apparent from his direction, lighting and angle of the shots he took from when I arrived, to bridal PJ’s, to gown, makeup, bridal wear and accessories!

Brian has a great personality alongside his great photography skills and I enjoyed working with him.

Thank you Brian and I would highly recommend!

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Matt Lakin

I worked alongside Brian after a female model and myself were selected for a bridal shoot organised by a makeup artist.

From the off Brian was warm, polite and professional interacting easily with various members of the team organised for the day.

We took pictures in various locations around the venue and despite Brian not usually working alongside male models, we got the required images very easily. The pictures looked great from the back of the camera...and I cannot wait to see the finished edits from the day.

Thanks Brian....quality photographer, would recommend!

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I always enjoy shooting with Brian and this was no different! Whilst working to a slightly different brief from me this time, Brian brought his usual skill and creativity to bear and, of course, produced more truly outstanding images. We had so much fun working together again and it was a really relaxed and enjoyable day. I totally recommend Brian to anyone lucky enough to shoot with him. Thank you, yet again, Brian!

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Nadia N

This is not my first time shooting with Brian, we have collaborated before on a couple of occasions, however, this was my first time doing nude with him and I literally cannot recommend him enough! He made me feel so comfortable and guided me along the way. He is extremely patient, talented and not afraid to get out of his comfort zone and try new things!

I am looking forward to working together again in the near future!

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Jasmine Codi

My second time shooting with Brian, this time a location shoot. Despite a change of plans due to the lavender being scorched, we had a great time. Brian was quick to suggest a back up plan - he's aware of some beautiful locations - and got the shots we were looking for within minutes and the accessories he supplied added the final touch needed! I would absolute work with Brian again!

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Inked roxie

Wonderful first shoot with Brian today, directed me when needed captured some beautiful images. Pleasure to shoot with polite & professional made me feel completely at ease. Already discussing second shoot can’t wait

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Brian was one of my first photographers that I started to work with at the start of my modelling career.

Fast forward over 5 years we still work fabulously and creating amazing images.

I love location especially in the warmer weather and braved the decision to go into a river stream and it was a magical beautiful picturesque view.

I am sure Brian has captured many amazing images as always, always a joy, professional and one of the most respected photographers in this industry.

Definitely needs to have more recognition in getting more credit and more FPIs, until the next one! Best Kym x

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My second shoot with Brian was even more fun than the first. We had discussed some different ideas in advance and when he arrived we ran through them again and looked for suitable locations in which to achieve them.

It was like working with an old friend as Brain is so relaxed and friendly that time flew by. He also has a great eye for detail, composition and lighting - which shines through in the images.

We had so many ideas between us that we are already arranging another shoot. I can't wait and highly recommend Brian to anyone lucky enough to work with him. Thank you, Brian, for another amazing shoot!

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Marc XJR

Another great time with Brian. Once again, my partner Emelie was the model, this time shooting in a beautiful stream environment. Having Brian there was a great support, using his knowledge and experience to assist where needed.

As always, Emelie had a great time as well, she just loves working with Brian.

Super happy with the shots and can't wait to share them.

Thanks Brian!

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Jasmine Codi

I had my first ever shoot with Brian, who is absolutely amazing working with new models! A chatty and charming guy, he put me totally at ease from the moment we met, explaining exactly what he was looking for and what he was doing. I highly enjoyed working with Brian, a very skilled and professional man, who's enthusiasm is infectious.

I look forward to shooting again in the future!

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I thoroughly enjoyed my first shoot with Brian. We discussed the shoot style in advance and we agreed the mood we wanted to create once Brian had seen the light and space in the cottage.

Having such a clear mutual understanding made the shoot run so smoothly that time flew by. Brian is impeccably respectful and professional, with an inspirational eye for composing a scene, taking advantage of natural light.

He is also absolutely charming and huge fun to work with. I am delighted with the photos I have seen. Highly recommended to anyone lucky enough to shoot with him. Thank you, Brian, for a wonderful time - I hope we can shoot together again very soon!

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Miss Class

My 2nd shoot with Brian and we went on quite an adventure

To getting in a lake to walking down a stream 😅 but oh my!!! Just had the best time.

Brian is just so so lovely and I love to work with him.

He's so good and definitely got some lovely shots

It isn't the last one Brian.

Thanks so much

Charmaine ❤

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I was asked to work with Lifemodel and Brian for a shoot yesterday at Derbys Board Room for thier Tango dance shoot ! Brian is an absolute gent, I felt so comfortable with him. He's also very profetional in his comunication both on line and in the studio. I liked his ability to take his time before shooting each frame and makeing sure it was exactly right. He also would check each image after to make sure we where on track with Lifemodels mood board.

Altogether an easy interactive no messing shoot. I loved every minute and could of happily carried on. Thank you Brian for being so terrific you relly are a profetional !

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Brian and I are old friends by now and he most kindly agreed to photograph a concept I pitched to him, even though it meant a trip up to Derby to meet Fleurdelis and myself. Although it was his first visit to The Boardroom Brian quickly got to grips with the unfamiliar location and from what I've seen of the back-of-camera images the edits will be stunning. Brian is a lovely man to work with, reliable, friendly, generous and capable; he is also happy to bounce ideas around in a collaborative style, both offering and accepting input. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

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Miss Class

An Amazing Shoot today with Brian one we had discussed for so long and finally we got together and produced some beautiful images

Brian is so professional lovely and also so very respectful. I feel truly blessed to have shot today with him

The time will come again for shoot 2

Thanks again Brian 💕

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What can I say - had another fantastic shoot with Brian. This time outdoors- in a stream wearing one piece swimsuits, the pictures turned out amazing and I love them so much! Trust me Brian KNOWS how to capture the best moments! I’m very pleased with the results and am looking forward to our next shoot.

Highly recommended.

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