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Another great shoot with D.C.M

Great communications, arrived in plenty of time with outfits and the shoot went like a dream. He has excellent modelling skills and can bring out different emotions to the pose as required.

Super to shoot again with him and highly recommended as a model.

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Chloe Hollingworth

Another successful shoot with Methzee! I’ve worked with him several times now as a makeup artist and model and he always creates a comfortable, professional and humorous atmosphere. 110% recommend!! Let’s work together again soon!

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studio 52

Methzee and Betty hired Studio 52 for a studio day. They used the main studio, and the two new studios . As always Methzee is a gent, professional who likes his tea.

Thanks for using Studio 52 and come back soon

Jon @ Studio 52

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Had great fun today doing a punk inspired shoot with Methzee and Betty Spaghetti. He was more than happy to have us holding him against a wall and ripping his shirt for the cause!

Very friendly guy, felt totally comfortable around him and highly recommend working with Methzee if you get the chance :)

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Methzee joined myself and regular modelling partner Betty Spaghetti for an outdoor shoot and we and had a fun fours hours of shooting, chatting and generally having a laugh - despite a few interruption from the great British public!

He was willing to act as lookout and 'bag carrier' during part of the shoot and then also joined in where his chemistry with Betty and professionalism were greatly appreciated.

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Double whammy of shoots this weekend just gone. As lockdown has eased a little Methzee and I have been able to get back to the bookings we’d discussed prior to the ongoing situation. We had two completely different shoot styles and I am especially grateful to Methzee for reassuring me and guiding me through the more fetish/bondage shoot. He’s friendly chilled character puts everyone involved at ease, I think it’s especially important to work with a model you trust when doing something beyond your comfort zone, he also has a natural talent to make any image work and bring the whole setting together without overtaking the picture. Any photographer who needs a versatile and experienced male should definitely book him and any models who have the chance to shoot with him can rest assured they will have a blast and be working with a real pro.

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I answered a casting to shoot a B/G set for a model's profile, & was delighted that I was accepted. The male model was Methzee, & I couldn't be happier about that.

The shoot was discussed fully in pre-comms, & we worked out a plan based on the female model's moodboard.

On the day, Methzee was friendly & easy to get on with. He had a good grasp of the poses that were required, & was happy to take the minor directions to perfect the shot. He conveyed expression well, & looked suitably intimidating when required. He was respectful of the limits set by our female model, & we ended up with some results which on back of camera were just what we were all looking for.

So, would I work with him again? Certainly, & I'd recommend him to anyone considering working with him. Don't worry, he's nowhere near as scary as he can look.

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contacted me long ago when shooting B/G was the last thing I had ever considered, however having returned to modelling after a five year break and shooting solo since joining McM & AF, I was looking for a new challenge and different to add to my portfolio, Consequently his timing worked perfectly when he first contacted me .He has respected my boundaries and from the day we posted our casting call, he made sure we all shared creative input and often enabled smooth communication between the 3 of us (@B17fan, @Methzee and myself).

I already knew I could trust him and I could follow his lead if I became unsure, however once we started shooting I felt so at ease that every pose came naturally. I loved everything about this shoot and I it’s been an amazing experience. Any photographer who is looking for a professional, well groomed model with an innate ability to perform in front of the camera, should look no further. For personal reasons I wouldn’t shoot B/G again (for the moment I just don’t want to work with any other male models), however any male or female model who has the opportunity to work with @Methzee should think themselves as very fortunate - I can only praise him and I definitely 100% recommend!

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Angel Demonique

After chatting for some time, we finally got the chance to sort out a shoot together and I’m thrilled we did!

Dan is so easy to get on with, it really didn’t feel like we’d just met. He has some great ideas, was willing to work with some of mind, and he is great fun (despite deliberately making me giggle .... naughty!!!!)

Can not wait to shoot with him again as we have lots of ideas planned for future shoots!

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Lilly des Lacs

I was lucky enough to work on my first shoots over a 3 days long weekend casting.

Through the whole process he made me feel at ease working with a male model.

Kind and thoughtful he was very interesting both on and off the shoots.

I would very much like to work with him again and recommend him highly.

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Worked alongside Methzee at a recent group shoot and he works very hard, putting his all into his work and great to work alongside. Would highly recommend this guy, very friendly and it was lovely to meet him. Hope that we can work together again sometime!

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Dark Horse

It was great to work with Methzee. He is serious and dedicated, but also light-hearted and a joy to work with. He is very friendly and works very hard along with it. I would wholeheartedly recommend him, and look forward to the day we work together again !

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So yesterday I was lucky enough to get to with this highly talented model as both a fellow model and a photographer, what more can I say than, amazing !!! On both counts. Methzee has a relaxed, friendly manner, chatty and brilliant to work, Methzee has an amazing work ethic and will do whatever he needs to get the perfect shot, looking forward to working with this brilliant model again.

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Soooooo yesterday this amazing gent was unlucky to have to work with me as a fellow model, what can I say apart from brilliant !!! Highly supportive and encouroraging, friendly, chatty and knowledgable, a true all rounder. If you get the chance to work with Methzee and don't take it, all I can say is more fool you !!! Look forward to working with him again, highly highly recommended.

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I had my first shoot with Methzee on Saturday, fantastic model. Where do I start? Firstly he’s a great guy, really chatty and friendly. He also has a great look. I worked with him on a 2 day group shoot, involving 5 other models, and I was really impressed with his involvement, helping out with ideas, helping others with props and outfits etc, and he makes a great coffee :). what’s great about him, Is he has so many looks and expressions and his ability hold them whilst other elements within the shot take effect. Bottom line, I was super impressed with him, great looks, helpful, chatty, down to earth, gets on with everyone, and works hard to get the desired shot. I recommend him 110%. Looking forward to our next shoot in the Autumn :)

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It is not easy getting to know a model in a group shoot, but Methzee and I had a good conversation and started to work up a relationship. He was very good in the group shooting taking direction well and tried to please everyone. We had a couple of moments where he and I had an impromptu shot to which he quickly reacted to, with good results. I'm sure we would like to work together again, I recommend Methzee fully.

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Richie Neilson

What an awesome guy, laid back up front knows whats wanted of him with no questions, a model a mate and a true diamond, a model that everyone should work with, massive respect for methzee in all respects, couldn't ask for any more from someone. snap him up now. 3 days of shooting and was always on the spot. 100% in my eyes

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Meet up with Methzee for the first time during a group shoot. Clearly a versatile model that is comfortable with his body. Easy to work with and clearly capable of morphing into a variety of genre. Looking forward to having the chance to work with him in the future. Recommended. Thank you.

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First time working with Methzee, both sides of the camera, after quite some time chatting. He is a lovely guy and awesome to work with - well worth the long wait. Pre shoot comms were great, he was up for anything and a good sport.

Very creative, open to ideas and happy to give input to the shoot, and came prepared with a variety of outfits, and not forgetting that lovely cheeky grin that shines through every now and then.

I can 100% recommend methzee from both sides of the camera.

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Richie Neilson

What a great guy. Had pleasure of working with meth at a group shoot arranged by my partner Summer Neilson. It was his first time at a naturist spa and first time naked in a group of naked models and togs. It dis t phase him once . Felt like I had known him months. To top it off him and summer got on like a house on fire and now looking forward to having him do a shoot with summer. Book him up quick he's well worth paying for.

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