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Genius Lifestyle/ genius gang

Megan was an absolute dream to work with. She executed her role in the project effortlessly.

She came prepared, make up and wardrobe were spot on.

Pre comms were perfect.

Would 100% book Megan again

You Genius

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Had the pleasure of working with Megan as part of a shoot for Genius clothing where I was the BTS videographer.

Megan was fabulous to work with, she was friendly, engaging and had a great sense of humour and while the nature of my work only required me to direct Megan on a couple of occasions, everything was done with a smile and she took direction well when offered.

Highly recommended and hope to work with Megan again.

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I photographed Megan at a shoot organised by genius. She was confident and able to create amazing shapes with her body, partly due to her incredible flexibility.

Using her skills as a dancer she posed in some very difficult positions, but seemed to do it with ease.

She looks great on camera and we captured a lot in a short space of time due to her ability to pose without direction.

She was great company and made the shoot a lot of fun.

I would highly recommend her.

Shot 1616803200