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Lonest☆r Photography

Wow I had the chance to shoot with a amazing model Megan cash 2 hr's wasn't long enough everything about this lady is top drawer very relaxed down to earth stunning model with beautiful eyes very professional great outfits extremely hard working model that wanted to get the images for the photographer I can't wait for next year it will be double wow I can't recommend Megan enough every photographer should have her in there portfolio 1000%

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I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with Megan this morning at her studio day at Saracen House.

Megan is great to work with, really enthusiastic and relaxed. She was also very patient whilst I tried to get used to my new lens!

I would highly recommend working with her and hope to again when she is next in the UK.

Thanks for a great shoot!!

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Where do i start....It was an absolute pleasure to shoot with this young lady on one her recent studio days in the UK.Totally and utterly professional with an adorable smile and cheeky side.Poses without effort and is an absolute joy to shoot. Please come back soon Megan i cant wait to work with you again.

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Malachite Photography

I recently worked with Megan at her model day at Saracen House studio.

A warm friendly person with a great sense of humour but nonetheless a very professional model who made creating beautiful images so easy. An absolute delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Megan again.


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On Tuesday(19th) Megan goes back home to Texas, so we'll just have to wait for her to return to these shore's hopefully that will be soon. I will certainly be booking more time with her on her return.

We spent two hours in and around Godmanchester shooting summer fashion, Megan was very professional and flowed from pose to pose with ease. And was not distracted by the lads from the pub. Great girl cant wait for next time.

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Mel Pettit

I saw Megan's casting and jumped at the chance to work with her before she returned to the States.

I wanted to do some outdoor work and Megan was not only agreeable, she suggested that we worked in the evening to get some golden hour and sunset shots. It was a fabulous session, Megan was extremely hardworking, going that little bit further to get the shots that I wanted. She even put up with constant attacks by mosquitoes with complaint. Very easy to work with I have no hesitation in highly recommending Megan to photographers of any ability. I'll be waiting for her return to these shores.

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Saracen House Studio

It's always such a pleasure to have Megan back at her second home, Saracen House Studio. Shooting Megan is effortless, her look is impeccable and her attitude is always fun but focused on getting great shots. Clearly someone that is passionate about what she does, you should be booking Megan now.

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Well where do i begin. at the start i suppose. A couple of years ago i had the pleasure of shooting with Megan on one of her studio days at Saracen house studio,we had a great time & got some brilliant shots,then she left for home in the USA,two years later we hooked up for a coffee to discuss doing a shoot which turned out to be 2 in the end both location shoots one beauty & the other a more classic & classy shoot with a red Jag Ftype with an amazing backdrop set in a countryside mansion. Megan & i both had ideas on how we both wanted the shoot to look like,we styled the shoot together got great MUA on board really is a dream to work with,she can pose freely & follows direction well not that she needed much of it,a true professional,hard working & lots of fun even though on the first shoot it was freezing she carried on until i was happy & so was she. she has become a good friend & really boosted my confidence as a photographer,i cant wait for her to come back again next year & highly recommend any photographer to book her as soon as she lands back in the UK you wont be disappointed. great job Megan till the next time :-)

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So, this was the second time I shot with Megan. I think we first shot in 2013 at Saracen House in Milton Keynes so obviously another shoot was needed and if you think why didn’t book her sooner… well Megan likes to hop between the UK and the US so it’s quite difficult and she’s a busy lady.

Now Megan is probably one of the prettiest models I’ve ever shot and in terms of personality she is the second nicest person I know (number 1 is my sister so that should say something). She is so polite and so easy to get along with.

Pre-comms were excellent, Megan is a total people person and booking a shoot was super easy. We went over ideas, genres and shared a mood board. When it came to our shoot, a few days before her car decided to die but she still managed to make arrangements so we could shoot.

On the day of the shoot she showed me outfits and wardrobe suggestions. Everything was neatly arranged into individual outfits each with accessories and yes talk about being organised eh! I suggested how I wanted the makeup to start with and whilst sorting out the background she dashed to get ready.

Now Megan has a great complexion. She has amazing skin, great thick hair and pearly white teeth, yes, she is a total knock out. To start with I wanted to focus on full length images and then try some quirky head shots, as I wanted to focus on expressions or portraying different moods. Frame after frame she was nailing expressions and poses, keeping a close eye on her hair and makeup letting me concentrate on framing and getting that moment. I never had to direct her and she was constantly coming up with different ideas and posing, not scared to be a bit silly or try out my mad stepping poses.

We only did a short shoot but I loved all the images. Megan has such a diverse look from pretty and girly, to moody and dark. She also has a great smile and for someone who loves smiley people this was awesome.

Thank you for a great shoot and I hope you come back to the UK soon ☺

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Darryl J Dennis

Had a wonderful shoot with Megan last week shooting a headpiece for the MUA we were working with.

Megan's pre-comms were perfect and she arrived dead on time and ready to go.

I couldn't be happier with the results we achieved on the day, Megan was just an absolute pleasure to work with and would love to shoot her again in the future.

Highly recommended.

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Timothy J

I arranged a late notice shoot with Megan and it turned out really well. Location shoots are always a bit of an adventure, but Megan is very adaptable and versatile model. She is also professional, polite and warm allowing any photographer to build up a quick rapport with her. The shoot was a lot of fun and we developed ideas together on the fly. I think she can go a long way and I would not hestitate to work with her again,


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Had a shoot with Megan yesterday, she is easy to work with and knows how to pose herself, didnt mind the strong wind that had started during the shoot. looking forward to another shoot with her in the future

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Tony Roberts

I first met Megan on a night shooter workshop in MK with Andrew Appleton and Andrew Griffiths a couple of weeks ago, so when AG offered me the chance to shoot with her in his studio I jumped at the chance.

Megan is a naturally beautiful young women and so easy to get along with, I'm delighted with the results of our shoot as they are straight from the camera.

I definitely recommend Megan and look forward to working with her when she comes back to the UK.

Thanks Megan

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Drew Paul

Had a awesome shoot with Megan the other day , very cool she was over from the states so i grab the opportunity and wow it was awesome , got some fabulous images and the communication was great before the shoot .

I highly recommend Megan to everyone

Thanks again for a awesome shoot


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Natalie Wood

Worked with Megan last wednesday and she was such a lovely girl!

Was up for any looks, so easy to work with, easy going :D

Such a professional! Look forward to seeing the final images the images on the camera looked amazing!

Look forward to working with Megan on Monday on another shoot :D

Definitely Recommend

Such a beauty!

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Beth make up artist said...

I got the privilege to work with Megan and was very impressed. She is very beautiful in person and easy going model.Megan was well prepared with the things she want.

I would definitely work with Megan again ang would highly recommend!

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Stephen McHaffie

It was good to shoot with Megan again at Saracen House studios,I managed to get some fantastic images in between slices of pizza.Great make-up by Donna Barrett MUA.

Megan is a delight to work with;thoroughly recommended.Maybe get a few hours shooting before she goes back to the States.

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Bubbly, energetic and a consummate professional pretty much sums Megan up, she has the looks and personality that lends itself to stunning images and her ability to flow from pose to pose effortlessly makes a photographer's life just so much easier. I enjoyed out first session very much and if possible would book her again in a blink. Highly recommended !

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Donna Barrett MUA

I was lucky enough to work with Megan recently at Saracen House. Megan has an amazing energy and was able to bring each photo alive, she was excellent to work with and I can't wait until we work together again. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for an amazing day xx

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I have worked with Megan twice now and she is an absolute angel with whom to work. Easy going and a great model she is very exuberant and definitely recommended.

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