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Northwest Fetish Photos

It was very much an impromptu shoot that I did with Matt and his partner but a very enjoyable and brilliant time. I’d recommend Matt to any photographers looking for a male model as he has very good ideas about what he wants, the same as he’s flexible and open to


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GP Erotica

We shot with Matt and his model partner on a series of fetish sets. It’s always good to work with experienced models that know their trade and are good at what they do, and Matt is no exception. He delivered everything we asked of him, adding value with his ideas and experience and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Matt.

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eliza autumn

I had the opportunity to collaborate with this lovely man, very professional and very polite. We discussed before hand on what to do in our shoot and everything flowed very well. I'd highly recommend this gent to anyone!

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As always, Matt is a total professional and up for anything. He's a joy to work with and we look forward to our next collaboration.

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Domina ex Mortis

Had my first shoot with Matt S. He's wonderfully talented and is and a true professional, he knows how to work the camera like a pro.

Very easy going and funny man, great work with. I felt very relaxed on set.

He comes very highly recommend and I look forward to working with him again.


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This was my second shoot with matt, and as always its been amazing, he is such a pleasure to work with, easy going and knows his stuff amazingly defo work with him again and again perfect guy :-) cheers mate :-)

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Melissa La Lucy

I've worked with Matt on group shoots and fashion shows over the last 12 months and he's a total pro. He's also a gentleman and fun guy to work with. He's creative and full of ideas. Love working with him!

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Joe Ehlen 1

Worked with Matt on a couple shoot and have nothing but praise he slips into character quite quickly and works hard to get you the images you want... Pre-comms were superb and he turned up on time with plenty of changes and ideas...a pleasure to work with and look forward to the next shoot 1000% recommended Joe

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Haven't collaborated with many models, but Matt S is so good to get along with and its really professional. He has a natural talent for modelling and clearly enjoys it. would work with him again.

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I shot with Matt yesterday at a themed event. he is a very affable chap. Easy to talk to and to work with.

Matt took direction easily and I was very precise in some of the things I wanted so well done there!! He works hard to achieve the image you desire and is very professional in his attitude towards this.

I would certainly recommend Matt to other photographers of different levels. I found him to be very adaptable.

Thank you Matt - it was good to meet and work with you. I would certainly be happy to work with you again! :-)

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Sarah Swift

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at a twisted fairytale charity shoot, he was a fellow model and great fun to be around. Lovely person, fun, caring and considerate. Full of ideas for posing and really throws himself into the role he is given. So excited to have finally met him. I hope to shoot with him again as a co- model

Get him booked!! Xxx

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Tamara rowlstone mua

What can I say that hasn't be said. A real gent. And those eyes omg. Matt's communication was amazing his patience was brilliant a lovely gentle guy who then pulls every shot out the bag. A real pleasure to work and hopefully will do again soon a real treasure of a model.

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Miss N

I had the pleasure of shooting with Matt on a doubles shoot last Wednesday at Millwood Studio.

Pre coms were second to none, shoot style and levels were discussed and respected throughout.

Matt is a very versitile model with exceptional character. He poses effortlessly and works well to camera.

I'd certainly recommend Matt to any female model looking for a male lead in a 'couples' scenario and to any photographer looking for a male model with a strong presence.

Thanks for a great shoot Matt, I hope to work with you again in the future.

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This is the second time I have had the pleasure of shooting with Matt and the second time where I cannot praise him enough.

He arrived with the energy of a horse, chomping at the bit, rearing to go!

His professionalism is that of the epitome of it, and although we did have a few jokes, chats, and general giggle about things, he absolutely shone through once again.

I would VERY VERY HIGHLY recommend Matt on any shoot that you have, and he adds his ideas to yours, using his initiative and easily fits into the character you wish to portray.

It was an absolute dream to work with you again Matt, and I look forward to many many more shoots to come in the future.


Thank you for a superb shoot, I got what I wanted, and much much more. Thanks again....


Sandi :)

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If you need a stylish, cool, suave gent, then Matt is your man. Unassuming, yet so incredibly intuitive, Matt reads what a photographer needs before he is asked for it. Very spacially aware, there was never a moment I felt that Matt didn't know exactly what was around him and his attention to detail was superb.

A genuinely personable and sharp-witted guy, I can't thank Matt enough for a great shoot and recommend him without hesitation.

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Ian M Butterfield

Great Heroes themed shoot with Matt - he brought three great looks - soldier, Green Arrow, and James Bond. Matt was great to work with we all got some fantastic images from the event. I am hoping to book Matt again in the near future.

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FDQ Photography

Matt and I arranged a Star Wars cosplay shoot at my home recently and had an absolute blast. From the moment he arrived we got on well and I'm very happy with the results we achieved.

This gentleman is polite, very easy to converse with and knows what he's doing without the need for direction.

Matt was the first male model I've worked with in a while and I would highly recommend him to all photographers. Can't wait to work together again.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Matt on Saturday.

It was a couple’s shoot with Samantha-Jayne at the Townhouse Studio Dungeons.

Matt followed direction well and was able to put his own input in the make the shot work.

Can without hesitation recommend him to any level of photographer.

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This was my second shoot with Matt in a fairly short space of time, and I was delighted both times. He is an extremely professional model, and a great person to work with. Matt came along thoroughly prepared for the briefs, worked hard to help get the images I was looking for, and I was very pleased with the results. He was very respectful to the other models involved, which was very important to me. 100% recommended, and I would certainly work with him again.

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Shot with matt yesturday on a shoot in Wigan very pleasent and confident, happily recommend him to others many thanks J xx

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