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Thomas Greenhaf

Had a cool time working with Matthew recently.

Always great to combine fire work and snakes. There aren't too many photographers out there that would be brave enough for that sort of thing but Matt's work is already so over the top I think he takes it in his stride.

We got some great shots despite the wind being against us and our original location on being available.

No time to go away and think about how we can top this next time lol

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Thomas Greenhaf

Really enjoyed working with Matthew today at a group shoot for Welsh Photography Events.

Matt had lots of great creative ideas and was fun to work with.

P.s. The dad jokes were on point.

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Epic shoot with Mathew last weekend!

Due to car troubles I wasn't able to travel much so Mathew was lovely and met up with me locally! We went to one of my favourite places I haven't been in a while (that was nice).

We also when to a location I been really wanting to shoot for ages!!

Thanks for a lovely day Mathew 😊 (I'm sure more adventures soon)

Needless to say.. recommend... the photos are already up! (I mean look at them) it's devine! I live it!

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I worked with Matthew on this doll idea that I wanted to do and he was very understanding when I would need to reschedule.

It was great to be able to use my costumes, fancy dress in elaborate away as I don't really get to do that much, we found new locations that we can work with and found a good balance of location and outfits.

It was great to work with him and really great company, I've already seen some shorts and his work is just amazing as always!

I'm pretty sure, we will arrange something soon with more darker themes!

Again recommended ^^

Thank you for a good day

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I wanted to shoot with Matthew for a very long time. Finally that day arrived and all my dreams came true :-) It was a great, productive shoot, relaxed with a lot of laugh and time just flew by. Can't wait to see the images and would ofcourse recommend Matthew if you you are so lucky to have a chance to work with him!

Cheers Mathew. So lovely meeting you and thank you for everything!!


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For the second time I was the pampered Princess with both Matthew and Steph.

This was the second shoot of us all working together! it makes really happy, also this was the first time doing an indoor shoot which was really exciting.

Lately, I've been lacking in myself, I'm lacking in my own confidence and this was the shoot put up the fire back into my very soul. It lightened me back up as a model and I feel confident! happy (I really needed that so I can't thank you enough)

I really enjoyed the whole day and is also great to have a amazing company! such a good day!

Again, I cannot even begin to recommend Matthew. The way he works and the way he edits just has you in awe and every photo has gripping story.

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It was so lovely to see Matthew again after so long. Today's shoot involved a gazelle theme and antlers (made by me) even though gravity was not their friend 😅

I got to learn some more about lighting which was very interesting, it is great to see how Matthew works! lots of fun (also making him laugh)

This photoshoot was an opportunity for me to get one of my new dresses out and I'm so happy with the outcome! I honestly can't wait to see the results and his upcoming work after!

Matthew is the photographer to go to for all your Fantasy needs! ☺️ strongly recommend🦄

When I'm driving (road trips) 💃

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Worked with Matthew for the first time not not so long ago. After discussing various ideas we landed on a sort of sexy she devil look I guess you could just call me the devil's daughter.

Pre comms were spot on.

We shot in an abandoned church which was perfectly twisted for this kind of shoot. He really does know how to make the most of a location and space provided. Climbing and balancing to get the right angles he strives to get good shots and his passion is clear.

Already received a few edits and I love them.

Matthew made me feel at ease I laughed a lot maybe too much.

Highly recommend working with Matthew. Professional and easy going and a truly truly talanted Photographer.

Would love to work with Matthew again sometime. Be sure to book him now. What a talent!!!

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Had a fantastic shoot with Matthew and velvetrosemua (steffy) today!

I was extremely excited to find out that I would be working with a makeup artist and before the shoot, we were all prepping in my kitchen and just had a good laugh!

We went to various different locations and it was just fabulous! From what I've seen the photos look absolutely amazing!

Thank you for giving me the honour to work with you! And I really can't wait for the next adventure!

(Strongly recommend) 🦄🦄

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I was lucky enough to have a second shoot with the fantasy powerhouse that is Matt Jones, this time working on a viking theme. Matt was kind enough to organise a HMUA for the day to really add additional detailing and character and we'd been communicating online about a month prior to swap ideas.

As with last time, Matt was full of great atmospheric ideas and is so laidback, it's easy to build a rapport with him and just enjoy the shoot. We took a few sets of images in his brilliantly equipped home studio before heading out to a brilliant wooded location he'd sourced beforehand and even though it was biting cold, Matt was full of enthusiasm and encour age mentioned and we got some amazing results, particularly thanks to some creative uses of smoke grenades. Cracking jokes throughout but ever the professional, Matt is always a joy to work with and his technical skills both behind the camera and the computer afterwards are second to none! Matt is one of those very rare photographers who can make any concept creative, gritty and beautiful and I can't wait to see what he does with the final images!

Open to suggestions and ideas, Matt is also meticulous when it comes to perfecting the little details that really gets the best image possible. Always checking that I was comfortable before continuing (it was pretty cold out there!), he has a great attitude to shooting and his communication throughout was fab. A genuine, lovely guy and a very talented photographer, I had a brilliant time on shoot and will be first to bang on his door if ever he has another future project in mind.

Highly recommended! Thanks for such an awesome day Matt, I had a blast! ;)

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I have shot with Matthew a few times, such a confident photographer and makes working in front of the camera a breeze. He has such attention to detail; Matthew’s laid back and is easy to get along with. His attention to editing is beyond marvellous. Can not wait to work with him again

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Keli Cartwright HMUA

Worked with Matthew on a gothic style project shot both in studio and on location. Lovely guy, very professional but easy to get along with. Fantastic pre comms and great attitude on the day. Definitely would like to work with Matthew again. Can't wait to see the finished images!

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Though I only had the privilege to work with Matthew briefly, I found him to be a very friendly, funny guy and the images he's produced and so beautifully edited are utterly stunning!

A great eye for angles and exciting new perspectives, I felt perfectly at ease and comfortable shooting with him - plus we both share a love of creepy, weirder photography! His images are so meticulously edited to really make the subject matter pop and I really hope to work with him again in the future!

Would definitely recommend!

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CherP said...

I met Matt today at a workshop run by Joanie B.

Even though Matt was one of the four photographers which attended, I felt I got some good time to pose away and he was full of ideas during each set and was excellent at giving some direction when required too. I know we created some real good images today. Matt is a lovely down to earth person and it would be great to shoot one to one. I would highly recommend Matt!

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Face Of Chaos

What can I say about Matt..........he's like a bottle of pop, so full of energy with such a creative imagination.

Matt and Face of Chaos paths have crossed a few times over the last year, more recently Matt has attended our 'Picture This Events' - a project set up with mu husband, Stroke Of Beauty mua - Caz Holland and myself.

As these events, Matt along with Mark & Rob have a reputation as the Naughty Corner. But believe me these guys between them pull out all the stops for there images. They really take our project ideas and make them their own with props that have even included a grave.

I cant wait to see what Matt does with the themes of our up and coming projects.

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Ruby Derriere

Fantastic shoot with Matt today. Been wanting to work with him for a while and a fan of his work. Professional ,placid and patient as I made a mess with liquid latex and body paint. We had the same macabre image in mind on what to create ever so excited to see the final result. Great sense of humour and well you only have to look at his port to see the level of quality and style. Would work with again and again, highly recommended

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Miss Versatile

This is a little unusual,

but I have to thank this man for helping me create along with other creatives,my first publication images,in total out of the 5 images,I sent for consideration,all 5 of them were put through

So I thank you Matthew for working with me

All the best


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Matthew booked into the Suckerpunch themed workshop with myself and steve thewis ....

had a giggle was wonderful working with Matthew although time flew by in the shoot.

would love to work with Matthew again in the near future and i do highly recommend.

outstanding work and attention to detail !!

thank you again

Chesca :)

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Matthew is just amazing ! His images are incredible are always to a very high standard, he is awesome to work with to so how lucky was i :) can't wait to work with him again, i think you can tell that i highly recommend him !

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Sara Szpak MUA

I had a pleasure to met Matt on our first shoot with Miss Versatile. He is great personality, very chatty, funny and friendly guy. He knows well how to make the model and MUA feel comfortable all the time and he were very kind. And what a great photographer he is! I am very pleased with the images I already saw.

If you are looking for photographer with imaginatively ideas, well prepared and with great attitude, do not hesitate book shoot with Matthew! Highly recommend!

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