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M.a.s.k Make Up And Styling has 14 references; 14 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Such a talented MUA. Great to work with and happy to give input to help enhance the look. Super communication and love working with her.

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Worked with Karen at a Group Model workshop day for the Floral Bliss at Strelly Hall Nottingham.Applied my styling for Body art and Gems as well as temporary tattoo to finish off my out fit which looked amazing.Friednly bubbly and creative.Highly recommend and hope to work with again in the near future.

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Saria Goy

Just had a great shoot featuring The Wonderful make up art by Karen.

She's a wonderful talent, very kind, looks after you. And even left me with wipes!

Karen is easy to talk to, work with, and thorough with her info, questions, and explaining. You're never left hanging and she follows up afterwards too. You and your skin feel cared for!

I hope we work together again soon!

Thanks Karen!


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Ellie Goodwin

Where do I start!!

Not only is Karen an incredible lady she is a superb makeup artist. She arrived early and set up at the shoot with a huge range of makeup items. She was so welcoming and made me feel instantly comfortable. The makeup look Karen created was just beautiful.

Not only was Karen a fantastic MUA, she stepped in and did the hair, props, other styling that needed... Everything!! I couldn't have done it without her today, she even went and got me a hot chocolate as she could see I was so cold.

Thank you so much Karen. I can't wait to work with you again.

HIGHLY recommended x

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

I had the pleasure of working with Karen today, I say pleasure because she really is a delight.

Karen came very prepaired for our shoot. Not only did she come with a very impressive hair and make up kit, she also came equipped with a great wardrobe. A lovely strapless body suit, fish nets and a very unique skirt.

Her makeup skills were incredible and she accomplished the glassy makeup effct without a mistake.

Karen was highly professional before and during the shoot, she didn't hesertate to jump in and reposition hair, touch up Make up and adjust clothing which is a models dream believe me.

Yes! Id work with her her again in a heart beat.

The statements "Highly recommended" just doesn't cut the mustard.

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Ayeesha 1710

I have worked with Karen multiple of times for a range of different styles and each time I have been so pleased with my make up and was never disappointed.

Karen isn't just a talented MUA she is a lovely lady and can always be counted on.

Karen is very creative and I can't wait to work together soon. Thank you for all your help.

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Kolokial Shots

I had my second shoot with Karen and once again she smashed the make up and added valuable creative touches throughout the shoot. I very much look forward to working with her again!

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Salli Gainsford

Amazing lady! really takes her work seriously and tries very hard to get the look you are wanting, but also will advise on looks if she thinks she can make it even better than you imagined! very polite, on time and reliable, This lady will defiantly be a regular of mine next year on my styled shoots, up and coming, fresh and a great working attitude will make a fabulous asset to my team - so yes I would recommend :D xx

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Would absolutely recommend Karen she did a fantastic job and created a gorgeous and unique look for my shoot on Sunday! Really friendly and chatty and had fantastic knowledge of products to best apply it to myself!

I didn’t want to take my makeup off!

Looking forward to working together again! 😀😀 xx

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Sally Betts

I had the pleasure of working with Karen on a shoot back in September.

She was really friendly and easy to get on with and I loved sitting in the make-up chair chatting to her.

She was professional and talked me through what she was doing etc.

The make-up looked incredible and I didn't want to take it off at the end of the day.

I would highly recommend her and would love the opportunity to work with her in the future.

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Ad Girl

I had very much enjoyed my make up done for an extremely creative photoshoot at Guy Cliffe last Sunday. Karen was working to Sallie Gainford’s dramatic concept.

According do the brief I had to have a lot of heavy make up, especially on my eyes and it was all applied in the most pleasant way. I tend to have sensitive eyes and I was very pleased that I didn’t have any irritation neither during nor post application. In fact I really enjoyed the whole hour of being in Karen’s hands!

This lovely lady is also a very friendly and chatty person. She always explains what she is doing if you are interested and gives you some useful advice tailored to your individual qualities.

I strongly recommend this exceptional creative to anyone who wants to enjoy being made up and have the best possible foundation to their photoshoot. Mileage being a slight issue, I very much hope to with with you again Karen! 💖

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Had the privilege of having Karen as my MUA at a recent shoot. The brief was create a strong and vibrant look for my model who would be dressed in a classic long dress. Karen created exactly what I was looking for resulting in amazing images. Karen is easy to get on with and is completely professional in her approach to creating what is requested. She has a expansive array of products, she stayed during the shoot to add further touches if and when required. I would thoroughly recommend Karen to anybody looking for an MUA adding vibrancy to your model gaining outstanding images . I am looking forward to working with Karen in the near future.

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Kolokial Shots

I had my first shoot with Karen just over a 2weeks ago and we have arranged to collaborate on another shoot already. Karen's professionalism and skillset are both very high and along with this she is very easy to get along with. Karen had a load of ideas to enhance the shoot and was on hand throughout to make adjustments and touchups. Karen is an asset to any shoot she's is apart of.

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Michelle Lockwood Modelling

I done a beauty shoot with Karen just over a week ago and I must say she is so lovely and caring while doing make up and has so many Ideas, It was amazing.

And during the shoot she helped with props,etc.

I would highly recommend Karen!

Thanks again, and cant wait to work with her again.

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