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Ellis J. Wells

Shot with Mark earlier this week. It was a very early shoot, but from the very beginning he was full of energy. Mark happily tried many different ideas, including motion shots, silhouettes, poses, various locations. He was a joy to work with, and created a very relaxing atmosphere; while also getting excited, coming up with new ideas for images. His passion was infectious. Would definitely work with him again and recommend him to everyone.

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Alexa Allure

I have been wanting to work with Mark for a while and love his beauty portraiture work. We finally arranged a short shoot at my house, pre comms were good and he bought a mood board to show ideas and images he would like to try.

We got on really well and had a good natter before the shoot, mark is easy to get on with and professional throughout.

Had a really nice shoot can't wait to arrange our next one! Highly recommended

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Had the pleasure of working with Mark for a studio shoot. This was one of my first shoots but he really put me at ease and gave gave directions (and we got some brilliant shots!!!)

Would definitely recommend! :)

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