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Marissa is the first photographer I have worked with on PurplePort and I was so pleased with my experience. As a model herself, she has an understanding of what it is like to be in front of the camera, and she knows how to bring up the best in the people she works with.

She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning, and it was nice talking to her in between shoots. A very loving person and talented photographer that I feel very grateful to have met. Would love to work with her again.

Absolute angel.

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Ciara Emily

One of the best models I’ve worked with in awhile. She was on time, brilliant communication before hand, brought a selection of outfits all styled by her & some even hand made to a great quality and finally showed me some brilliant locations to shoot at! Incredibly inspiring person, showed me her own photographic work and I was inspired further. Already planning my 2nd and 3rd shoot! YOU MUST WORK WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sycamore's Eye

She was lovely to work with. Shoot went smoothly and better than expected

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Yohoi k

I had two great shoot with Marissa in London . She is a great fashion photographer and also great at make up ! I enjoyed a lot when shooting with her ! Communication is great and location is so cool ! Look forward our next shoot! Highly recommended

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Dev Knights said...

Words can't describe how amazing it was to shoot with Marissa. She has takes instructions well but most importantly, she poses with confidence. You can really feel the intensity with each look.

Marissa also gave input with her own ideas, which was a nice challenge to try to recreate.

I thoroughly enjoy this shoot and hope to work with her again.

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I had such a good time shooting with Marissa, she gave me directions when needed but also let me have fun in front of the camera. Communication was good before and during the shoot, and can't wait to do the next shoot we planned.

Super recommended.

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It was astounding shooting with Marissa! Her creativity and well-honed ability to improvise is impressive! In addition to amazing photography skills, she doubles as an exceptional stylist. I'm absolutely looking forward to our next shoot together and to work with her towards her creative vision. Highly recommended.

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Amazing photographer! Sinceshes a model as well she had clear idea of poses she wanted and showed me how. Helped me get more comfortable posing for editorial photos and really showing the clothes. Can’t recommend her enough

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I had a shoot with Marissa a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait for the next! She was very friendly and organised and very quick with getting all the photos back to me. I love all of the pictures!

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Mara Safar

I had a shoot with Marissa earlier this month and couldn't wait to schedule the next. Marissa as a photographer is organised, creative and pragmatic. Her experience as a model lends well to her ability to put herself in both positions/different points of view. She's a professional through and through and works to a high standard. I can't recommend Marissa enough.

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I've done a couple of shoots with Marissa now and she is simply amazing. She is also a model and so has a great eye for fashion, styling and photography. My first shoot with her, I was nervous because I hadn't modeled in a while and she gave me such good direction, I was able to relax and do the job.

I recommend Marissa for Photography, Creative direction, Styling and her fashion sense. She is also very professional and sends photos really quick while the excitement from the shoot is still high. I would work with her again and again

Lola x

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