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What a wonderful model, friendly, easy going and an absolute joy to work with. I simply cannot rate her highly enough.

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J31 said...

Just finished my first shoot with Marilyn and it won't be the last, amazing model to work with, great comms leading up to shoot, and fantastic to work with on the day. I think I managed to get some of my favourite images from her and will be posting them soon, check them out, they speak for themselves 😄

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Marilyn is the ideal professional model.She arrived early-a first for me---she moved instictively--making my job a lot easier.A cheerful, warm personality----she adds creativity to the shoot----with a natural smile. We made many good shots in 2 shoots in the first week.It is rare to find a model who is suitable and utterly dependable. Marilyn is such a model.I look forward to working with her many times.I highly recommend her.

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This was my second session with Marilyn, this time indoors.

Not all photos, in fact very few, are good but that was not Marilyn's fault.

Without her or someone like her, the results would only have qualified as "part of a learning curve".

Now I actually did get some decent results, no prize winners perhaps, but one has to start somewhere.

We did not progress to complete nudity, it all needs time.

Marilyn is prompt, has a good sense of posing, a very nice girl all said.

So all said: Marilyn is highly recommended, she "ticks all the right boxes":

She puts a novice at ease,

Brings props and other things to add to a photo,

A gentle and friendly personality that shines through in the photos,

She is prompt and reliable,

She answers her emails.

Will I work with her again?

Of course, no question about it.

I highly recommend her.

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I am still relatively new to working with models but was lucky enough to book Marilyn for this re-introduction to working with models.

She is an exceptionally nice girl. We did this first shoot outside, clothed only; a gentle start for us both.

I will work with her again, she is very easy and willing. Elegant and no fuss.

We will do some more soon. I hope 1


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Prints of Portraits

Marilyn is a great person to work with. Communication throughout was excellent and prompt. She arrived on time, brought a range of outfits and did hair/makeup as requested for the shoot. Was able to pose easily by herself and also take direction and replicate poses from the mood board I put together. Easy going, professional and gives 100% to achieve the artistic vision I had in mind. Would work with Marilyn again and recommend.

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Rebecca Deegan

Had the pleasure of shooting with Marilyn Images and would highly recommend this amazing lady, fantastic model with a beautiful and natural look, she is lovely, friendly and easy going to work with and I am delighted with the images we produced! Thank you once again :)

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Had an amazing and fun shoot with Marilyn Images. So easy to work with and great to collaborate with. We got some great shots and I really hope to work with her in the future. Total professional.

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I really can't speak too highly of Marilyn Images. She brought lots of good ideas with her and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has that rare insight to know what the camera's seeing and so was able to pose with a minimum of direction from me. If you get a chance to shoot with her, don't hesitate!

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Kindle Models

Marilyn is an absolute pleasure to work with, we had so much fun on the shoot and she is very professional.. I would recommend this young lady and i cant wait to work with her again Thank you !

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AetherLight Photography

Recommended Model - Professional - Really easy to work with - On time - Best of luck here - looking forward to working with you again.

BOOK her now!

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Had the pleasure of working with Marilyn Images recently, I was Mua for the photo shoot and my job was made very easy by a stunning model who is very comfortable infront of the camera and extremely professional! Looking forward to working together again! Thank you! :) Highly recommended! :)

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