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Stats and sizes

  • 32yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 35D-28-41
  • USA dress size 6
  • 5'8" tall
  • 138lbs
  • USA shoe size 8
  • Gray eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • White skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Glamour, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional and Wedding



Hi everyone!

My name is Mary, I moved to UK about a year ago (at the beginning of 2016). Modelling was always my favorite hobby, and I still love to do it and get creative shoots! 

I am an easy-going person, glad to offer my personal ideas when shooting or can be as silent as a fish, if needed (hard, but I can manage!). I am good organized person, and will always aim to be early or on time - if there are any delays I will definitely let you know!

At the moment my schedule is quite flexible, so it is possible to arrange shoots on weekdays (it is even preferable).

I do both TF and paid shoots, for more details please PM me, I`ll try to reply you as soon as possible.

!Important information!

I do not do lingerie or nude photos of any kind and I hope all people that will work with me are able to respect my levels. I like to make it very clear so there are no misunderstandings.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Thank you for reading!


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