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Marcus and I have shot together multiple times, as models / performers together on camera and also choreographing scenes together involving dance, kink, and BDSM, with Marcus directing. He is extremely professional, considerate, and creative, always making sure we are on the same page and that consent is always present, which is especially important in some of the more challenging and fetish oriented work we have shot. He is adept at switching between multiple roles, in front of and behind the camera, taking direction and collaborating seamlessly with all involved. In kink scenes he can lead the action skilfully and confidently as a top/dom, and even when in a sub role brings his experience and knowledge to the table to help shape the action as needed. His film-making, acting, dance, music, and kink experience all shine through when relevant, and I look forward to working with him again more in the future. Highly recommended!

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Scarlot Rose

I've worked with Marcus recently as a model, photographer, performance partner, videographer, general shoot director/planner/organiser and also shared a room with him during a week long trip so I feel it's a fair character reference from any and every angle!

Marcus is an absolutely wonderful, polite, caring and beautiful soul! He is totally professional on set and a lovely person off set. He works incredibly hard and is a very creative individual. It's so easy to work with him, I felt enthusiastic and excited about every scene we did together (in whatever model/photographer/performer arrangement). I loved every moment of working with him and came away from a week of shooting feeling totally inspired!

I can't recommend him enough to other models and photographers and would be delighted to work with him again! :)

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Eryn Rose

I had the pleasure of working with Marcus again, this time on a complex group shoot. Marcus was working hard both behind and in front of the camera, and doing a highly professional job throughout.

Marcus is an absolute breeze to work with, confident, knowledgeable, respectful and talented. I always look forward to working with him and once again I think we created some excellent work.

Modelling along side him he makes everything look easy, and I always feel safe and supported by him to try new things to create the best work possible. Whenever I was behind the camera I always found Marcus easy to direct, creative and thoughtful, and he looks great on camera.

I guarantee we will work together again and I highly recommend him to anyone :)

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Shaun Solent

This was my second shoot with Marcus. The previous one was an M/F duo so this time we were able to focus on capturing his strongly masculine look. That is probably the best way to describe him. Half way between rugged and 'pretty boy', Marcus has a nicely defined swimmers physique and a good facial structure.

We did everything from portrait to art-nude and created some first rate images together.

Most importantly, whether in a duo or solo, Marcus is relaxed and easy to work with. He is just a nice down to earth guy without any perceivable hang-ups. What you see is what you get.

Highly recommended.

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Liz Rainbow

Had a very great and fun shoot for him! Totally recommended :)

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Luvin the Man

Marcus turned up as arranged and took directions well. A pleasure to work with and very accommodating with the shoot. Lots of confidence that shone through in the images captured. I'm already thinking of my next assignment with him.

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Nils Bratby

Had my first shoot with Marcus last week. As an actor he was able to bring a great range of emotion to the shoot and really got the look I was going for. Very professional before and during the shoot and someone I would be happy to recommend.

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Bianca Darkwoods

I had a shoot with Marcus a couple of weeks ago for my semi-permanent tattooing project. He was right on time with a positive attitude and always open to my ideas and style.

He was extremely relaxed and patient, and he didn't move at all when I was drawing on his skin. He clearly has a lot of experience and that is really helpful.

I definitely recommend working with him :)

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What a wonderful duo shoot I had recently with Marcus.He was friendly, reliable and professional. The pre-communications were great as we discussed our levels and shared our ideas on how to produce something different and beautiful. We gelled easily and I felt very comfortable working with him. I am really looking forward to our next shoot.

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After seeing some of Marcus's work online, we got in touch and quickly scheduled a shoot, which went to pretty well to plan. Easy to communicate with and very professional before hand, I then found Marcus to be organised, in great shape and a pleasure to work with on the day. Hopefully we will be able to find the time to shoot together again. Thanks

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John at Dazzle (John Coles)

I've just been reviewing the images shot three days ago with Marcus and the amazing Cute Girl, at a specialist BDSM studio.

In the space of some two hours, we shot 20 finished images, images that tell a story, images that capture that incredibly intimate, private, painful, rewarding, intense, and yet ultimately loving experience that exists in the moments when Dom meets Sub. And all of it 'play-acting' without a single moment of actual pain!

This was my second experience of working with Marcus in a similarly 'tricky' duo shoot. What can I say? As before, he was the absolute ultimate in terms of total respect for his female counterpart:) He was totally respectful of her limits (and I would point out that these were discussed both before the shoot, and in respect of every single pose), and even when physical contact between male and female was required for the pose, he was always respectful, and asked for consent.

Marcus is an incredibly genuine, honest, and respectful model. But he is much more than this... he's great company, he looks good on film, as an actor he just responds totally to direction - whilst having the ability to respond creatively.

Great male models who will shoot to nude and adult without inhibition are very rare to find. They are like hen's teeth. So here he is..... a genuine rarity, a straightforward, good looking, uninhibited, respectful, imaginative, intelligent and creative guy. Massively recommended:)

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Marcus on a shoot yesterday. He is a very friendly, relaxed and professional model who I enjoyed working with.

I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again and would 100% recommend working with him if you get the chance :)

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Tim Bosworth

So, i got my first shoot with Marcus last week and , man , it was fun ! This guy is awesome and not just as a model; Marcus is fun, chilled and so easy to get on with. it felt as though i had known him for years, and that made everything so easy and relaxed.

As a model Marcus is the total professional [ we'll skip the suit drama ! lol ]; i love my shoots to be a collaboration of minds and Marcus fitted in perfectly ; great when instructed and so imaginative and creative when given free flow.

Loved the shoot and loved his company - so many more plans to make !

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Eryn Rose

I had an excellent duo shoot with Marcus this week for Tim Bosworth at the Little Chelsea Gallery.

I've worked with Marcus before and as ever he was a total gentleman and really fun to work with too. Poses flowed very easily and he was completly comfortable working very intimately to make some great erotic images.

Marcus is very comfortable in his own skin and his confidence and acting skills shine through in a duo shoot like this. We got some fantastic images and I hope I get to shoot with Marcus again soon. Definitely recommended!

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Fabulous afternoon shoot with Marcus, Arrived as expected, came prepared and ready, a lovely chap, easy going and charming. we rattled off the poses with input from him and his amazing toned body with flexed muscles to create a new landscape in my project.

Marcus is thoroughly recommend and I hope we can work together again soon.

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Worked with Marcus today and have to say one of the easiest models to shoot.

Arrived bang on time and after a chat to re-iterate the theme we had been discussing beforehand he went with the flow giving input with poses and ideas.

A thoroughly charming, easygoing and genuinely nice guy I definitely will be booking him again for future projects.

Highly recommended.


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I had a fantastic duo shoot with Marcus with Carl Grim at Carl's studio.

Marcus was well prepared for the shoot including ironing his clothes, variety colours of tops and his nicely built up body. He is very friendly, fun to work with and he knows how to show off his great muscles when posing. He is very considerate which made me very comfortable throughout the shoot.

Looking forward to working with Marcus again and highly recommended!

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Shaun Solent

I met Marcus for the first time yesterday and had a most enjoyable duo shoot in my studio with him and Aya.

Pre comms good, punctual and nicely turned out.

Marcus is a well mannered and good looking guy. He is easy to work with showed respect for his female counterpart. Aya told me afterwards that she enjoyed working with Marcus and in my book, that is the highest accolade a male model can get.

The acid test of any shoot is the images - they are good.

I have no hesitation in giving Marcus my enthusiastic commendation.

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Fantastic shoot with Marcus last night. Good communication before the event and despite public transport he arrived early!! Marcus was great, following directions and patient with people new to the studio environment or having problems with their equipment. Despite it being a messy shoot, Marcus didn't complain and fully embraced the theme. Fantastic model, well worth considering for a shoot

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Marcus was a delight to work with!! Wanting him to be part of 1001 UnMasked - Portraits of Gender, required bringing along some personal stories and objects which he shared with an open heart. Very good at taking directions and using his own intelligence, together we create a session that was truly a pleasure! Later as we had some time, we played with mixed lighting to explore more aspects of portraiture.

It felt as if nothing was impossible to propose as he is so tuned to challenges! Will be working with him again and have no hesitation to recommend him highly.

Big hug.

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