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Mansy has 21 references; 21 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Libre Studio

Mansy has worked in Libre Studio on 2 occasions now, and i have had the pleasure of knowing him for the past couple of years now as well.

I just wanted to put a massive recommendation on his page!

If you get the chance to work with him, dont hesitate, you definitely wont be disappointed. Mansy is without a doubt one of the best photographers in Liverpool right now, and you only have to have a quick look on his page to see the great work he produces time and time again.

Again its a very high recommenation from me!

Thank you very much Mansy :)

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What a unique and creative mind! I've worked with bri on a few occasions now and he's blew me away with his images! He's really kind and friendly always arrives on time and was nice enough to make sure I got home safe.

He makes you feel really confident about yourself threw out the shoot with tips and different techniques he will also help you lean and pose on a tree and not fall in a river if that counts as anything haha!

If you get the pleasure to work with bri then I really reccomend him great for your portfolio 💙

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Hayley Rose MUA

I worked on a fabulous shoot with Mansy and Oliver in September. An absolute pleasure to work with and the images are simply unreal! Thank you so much. I hope to work with you again soon

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I had my first shoot with mansy yesterday, he was really professional and relaxed. We got through a few looks and I've seen some edits back already which are really good.

I would definitely recommend working with Mansy if you aren't already sold by his amazing portfolio. Thanks for a great shoot, hopefully the first of many :)

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bri Mansy his positivity is infectious and his work is fantastic. I love the fact that his ideas are so different. Bri is a very talented photographer and I would love to work with again.:)

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Raymua said...

Worked with Brian a few times now on different styles of shoots and each time he's so professional, fun and always edits pictutures in the style I love to show my work off.

Brian has great vision and ideas I look forward to working with him again soon. Highly recommend Brian and his work would be a great addition to anyone's portfolio.

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Ella Kehoe

First time I have worked with Brian and what an amazing and very creative shoot it was . Brian gave great direction and had an abundance of ideas . He was happy to incorporate any of mine too . I would definitely recommend Brian he was friendly and very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. Would love to shoot with Brian again .

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Iris Buci

I had a shoot with Brian on a 'Vamps & Ghouls' night at the Orford Hotel. Brian had some good ideas and gave direction well. A nice guy and easy to work with.

I would recommend Brian to anyone....Iris :)

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Everly Rose

I put out a casting a while back for this particular shoot and when Brian applied I was delighted as I had already been perving at his portfolio for a while and loved his style of work.

From initial communication Brian was great answering any questions I had and discussing ideas.

I met Brian at his house for coffee first and he gave me a extremely warm welcome. Brain is lovely kind and funny and we got on really well.

Brian gives really good direction and knows how to get the perfect shot making tiny adjustments whilst letting me view the images straight off the camera which helps a model a lot as you can see what is working and what isn't.

I love the way Brian works and feel like we clicked and appreciated each others art. I can't wait to work with Brian again and hope this is the start of many amazing shoots to come.

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Sophie Hart

I was honoured to work with Brian on our shoot. We had a very creative day, he gives amazing direction, has loads of ideas and made me feel comfortable and also let me try my own ideas as well.

The images are brilliant,I look forward to working with Brian again on our next shoot and would highly recommend him to anyone! xx

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JaneBellissimo said...

I absolutely love working with Brian! We have sic creative vision in common and always manage to create awsome images whenever we collaborate. He's ultra professional and very skilled at his craft, an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough. One point that I'd really like to mention is how he manages to put everyone at ease and get the best out of them with superb direction. It's very rare that I work with a photographer that makes models feel so comfortable, particularly you get girls just starting out. Can't sing your praises enough Brian!

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Amy Pulford

I was lucky enough to work with Brian yesterday on a creative shoot. We had a great day, he gives really good direction, has loads of ideas and made me and the other model feel really comfortable.

The images are brilliant, I've already received several back, super fast editing :)

I look forward to working with him again and would recommend him to anyone x

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Today i had a shoot with Brian, I had free time i deffo wanted to sort one out with Mansy's.. we had so me ideas before hand and went the long the lines off Hollywood Glamour/Vintage look set i really enjoyed the shoot since this is my all time fave to do. We both had different ideas which we tried out and turned to be great.

I'm looking forward to seeing the final images as they looked amazing on the back of the camera.

Look forward to working with you again Brian :)

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jodie daniels said...

I have worked with brian on a couple of occasions at my modelling agency. i can honestly say brian is one of the most professional photographers i have ever worked with, hes really friendly and easy to get along with, he knows exactly what he wants from his shoots and the images always turn out amazing. i would definitly recommend him to anyone:) xx

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DanielleGJones said...

Done A Location Shoot With Brian Yesterday, He Is A Lovely Man To Work With, Gives Good Directions, Creative Ideas And Has A Friendly, Bubbley Personality, Really Easy To Get Along With, Would Definately Recommend Him To Other Models, Thanks Again Brian x

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Bex Cision

Throughly enjoyed working with Mansys.

Gave good direction as well as letting me contribute my own ideas. Very happy with final images! Friendly and welcoming - would definitely recommend

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Sherelle said...

Had a great shoot with Brian at his home studio. He was very friendly and very professional. He was great at giving direction and knew exactly what he wanted. He also gave me and my partner a lift back to the trainstation after the shoot which was very nice of him. I would definatly work with him again and would recommend him to anyone. Thankyou again Brian!

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Danny Jones said...

i had a photoshoot with Brian and really enjoyed it, i loved the end results of the pictures too. Brain really makes you feel very welcome and comfortable and is one of the best photogaphers ive met. looking forward to shooting again with you, thank you :)

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** ZOE SHRIMPTON** said...

Just finished my shoot with brian and can honestly say he is an amazing photographer he made me feel very comfortable from start to finish he is very professional and the images he produces are amazing ,

I cannot wait to work with him again as we have some great ideas lined up thankyou brian I really enjoyed working with you it was a pleasure x

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Jen Yates MUA said...

Had my first shoot with Brian in his home studio the other day. Right from the start he was very welcoming and accommodating (and made plenty of brews!) He is a very skilled photographer and knows what he is doing but he is also open to any suggestions you may have and requirements for your own portfolio. I would definitely recommend working with Brian and I certainly hope to work with him again in the future! Thanks a lot Brian x

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