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Dani Thompson

I had a great shoot with Tommy last weekend.

He had some good ideas of what he wanted to capture and communicated them well before the shoot.

It was a fun shoot, Tommy was very professional and between sets he showed me the images in the back of the camera.

I’d happily work with Tommy again and can happily recommend him.

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My first time working with Tommy (despite us having spoken in the past) when he attended an erotica portfolio builder hosted by Fidelio and myself. Great pre-shoot comms, he already had ideas of how to make the sets work for him and be a little bit different, so awesome trying out some new stuff (yes- my first time i have been trusted with a chainsaw)!! Showed me BOC i,ages and I loved how he took the basic idea from each set, then made it his own. Professional, in both manner and as a photographer. Very happy to recommend!

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Ruby Dagger

Tommy was an absolute pleasure to work with from initial contact to final product.

He has shot me for several burlesque / sideshow events and the photos were always stunning, so we decided to do a portrait shoot together.

The shoot involved me being underwater for extended periods of time, I felt 100% comfortable and safe throughout the entire shoot. Tommy was sure to keep checking on me to make sure I wasn't cold or drowning!

The shots we got are absolutely stunning, and I couldnt be more thrilled with them. Already looking to do more shoots together!

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Had a great shoot with Tommy yesterday, he came to a lighting workshop that myself and Nic Marchant put on.

He was so lovely, easy to talk to and has a obvious passion for what he does. Putting in ideas and working with me not just shooting me - really important and he smashed it!

We had such a laugh shooting and I cant wait to see the images!

Thanks so much,


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Anna Kamikaze

I'm rather late with this reference! I shot with Magpie Tommy on my group shoot at Nof8 studio, and what a great shoot it was! A pleasure to finally meet the man I've heard so many great things about, and he did not disappoint. Tommy knew exactly the shots he was looking for and he got them, even with limited time. I very much enjoyed working with him and I love the edits I've received, you can bet I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to work with him!

Highly recommended, no doubt about it.

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Stephanie Dubois

Tommy kindly let me stay the other night whilst I was over in Norwich. While i was there we grabbed a quick shoot together which involved a great big bowl of noodles and lots of funny faces. It was all silliness and laughs and me going cross eyed... and basically lots of fun!

Highly recommended!

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derek sizeland

Great Summer Fashion Workshop with Magpie Tommy and Anita de Bauch, although Summer was the wrong word! The weather forecast was correct for once and it was damp or worse all evening. Despite that, the workshop was great fun, exploring ways to take portrait shots outdoors in challenging conditions both by available light and flash, ably demonstrated by Tommy. Highly recommended.

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Ian Cooper Photo

Really enjoyed the Summer Fashion Workshop led by Magpie Tommy with Anita de Bauch. Being new to portrait photography, I found the tips and guidance very useful both covering relatively basic techniques and some more advanced flash lighting. The workshop was relaxed but focused, taking advantage of a good location and overcoming unpleasant weather, even demonstrating how a little rain can be used to good advantage. If you're looking to develop your understanding of, and skills in, portrait photography, I recommend one of Tommy's workshops to you.

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Natasha AK4790

I had a cool shoot with Tom on my trip to Norwich. He was very helpful in putting me up during my stay and was very welcoming. Tom is an awesome photographer with great style, I love his work and enjoyed creating cool pictures with him. I enjoyed the shoot and would definitely work with him again, highly recommended!

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I managed to grab some time with Tommy at a club night, and was very impressed with him a such a short time. He was imaginative and easy to shoot with, and managed to put his own style into the shoot. I'd happily recommend him from our meeting, hopefully will get to spend more time together at some point ;) Many Thanks Tommy

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After finally meeting Tommy at an exhibition we carefully planned a euro tour to Belgium along with James and roswell!

Tommy went to great effort to gain stunning outfit's from talented designer's and me and ros got to model them in some amazing abandoned location's . After being a fan of Tommy's work for a while I was delighted to finally get to work with him, he's an artist and knows the exacts shot's he wants. He's great at directing and the results are awesome.

I fully recommend him to model's of all levels, a professional photographer with an artist's imagination, I look forward to shooting with Tommy again.

Jadestacymaria xo

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Stephanie Dubois

I had the pleasure of meeting a working with Tommy for the first time on my tour down South. He also very kindly put me up for a few days while I was in the area. Tommy is friendly, kind, respectful and is full of ideas.

We did our shoot at the location of a burnt down patch of forest - quite possibly the dirtiest and smelliest I have ever been on a shoot. I think we got some really interesting pictures, at a location that you don't come across very often!

Looking forward to seeing the images

Thanks Tommy - Very highly recommended.

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Anita De Bauch

I've modelled for Tom many times, both for private photo shoots and workshops, fashion and nude, and stayed over at his house many times. Tom is a lovely person, a great photographer and has a good eye for finding interesting locations to shoot at, so the pictures we get are always really varied and interesting. I would 100% recommend Tom to any model- shoot with him if you get the chance!

Anita De Bauch


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Just had a fantastic shoot with tommy his skills and ideas are brilliant, he knows what shots he wants and he nails them! He doesn't waste time and goes straight to some great angles! He's so relaxing and easy to work with, calm and friendly! I 100% recommend him to everyone his work is amazing and should be checked out! I'd definitely be happy to work with him in the future!!!.

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Had another great shoot with Tommy on Friday, Even though the weather was a little cold and raining we still managed to get a few great shots on location. Tommy is full of ideas and his flare for creativity is incredible. He is very inspiring.

100% recommend.

Thank you for working with me


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Had a beautiful shoot with Tommy yesterday. Had to be discreet and quick but Tommy manages to capture some beautiful images . Tommy is great to work with, and he definitely what works, and how to capture that amazing image.

I would highly recommend Tommy as he is a pleasure to work with with, and has a flare for creativity.

I hope to work with Tommy again in the near future.

Thank you


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So i had the pleasure of working with MagPie Tommy on Sunday on a beautiful busy location shoot surrounded by a lovely beach and a beautiful woodland forest and the tourists on this fine sunny sunday.

The shoot was a duo shoot along with Chery R and our intentions and style to work towards was a very lovely art nude idea's when we noticed how busy it was we had to miss out on the beach and just jump head first to the woodland forest.

Tommy certainly knows how to capture a truely beautiful image, Very professional and Confident to add his own idea's and touches to our positional sense's to capture a image he was aiming for he did this in abundance and certainly didnt dissapoint with the results. wow is all i can say. we had many on lookers and dog walkers and visitors lol i just had to grab my man hood and laugh it off when i finally settled and thought hey im from derby these people are never going to see my bare butt up here regularly lol.

Tommy is also a really top bloke and makes you feel welcomed and comfortable, highly recommended and it has been a real pleasure of mine to work with this guy.

would happily work with this guy again.

dont miss the chance he is going places people

awesome :)



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Had a great shoot with Tommy in Norwich last May!

He picked me up from the station, drove me to locations and was very well prepared with props, dresses and food :)

Communication before the shoot was excellent, and I'm really happy with our shots!!

Tommy is a true gentleman, extremely creative and dedicated.

I reccomend you work with him if you get the chance, you'll be blown away!


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Ausrie Felice

Did a magazine cover shoot with Tom in Norwich at the end of November and hes a fantastic photographer. Great communication prior shoot also he picked me up from the station and had loads of stuff with him to shoot with - props, jewellery, smoke etc. He also took me to a great location and despite cold weather/environment during the shoot we made some really great shots for a magazine cover :) I am happy with results and would recommend anyone to shoot with him if you have a chance.

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Betty Havok said...

Tom assisted on a shoot I had yesterday and we managed to get a couple of shots That I'm really interested in seeing! :)

Gave amazing direction and you could tell he was committed to getting the perfect image!

Already brewing plenty of ideas to shoot with tom again.

Betty x

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