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Rachelle Summers

It had been quite some time since I had worked with Denis, so it was lovely catching up with him on my most recent tour :)

We shot at The Sanctuary Studio and from what I saw on the back of the camera we got some great results. He travelled a long way to shoot me there after we struggled to set a date nearer to him, and I'm really glad he did. It was great catching up after so long and working together again :)

Hopefully we won't leave it so long next time!

Happily recommended :)

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Odette Flaur.

Had the pleasure of working with Denis on Saturday the 3rd of December during my studio day at the art asylum in Weymouth. Denis is so easy to work with, professional and time simply flew by ! We've created some beautiful photographs and of course I highly recommend Denis to all models out there :D

Thank you,


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Miss Lopez

I had my first shoot with Denis at Art asylum studio in Weymouth and it was a great experience. The shoot was relaxed, Denis is a very friendly and talented photographer. We did a few sets with different concepts and creative backgrounds. The results are great pictures. He is creative, very easy to work with, polite and respectful. Looking forward to the next shoot

Highly recommended to every model


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Had another brilliant shoot with Denis at my studio day held at Eyebox recently.

Denis once again, was great to work with and had awesome ideas for us to try and shoot.

Absolutely love the results I have seen so far and I do hope we are able to shoot again in the future.

Thank you so much for another wonderful experience.


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Had a brilliant shoot with Denis and his friend Penny recently at the Art Asylum in Weymouth. Denis was professional, friendly and an extremely nice person to be around.

For this shoot Denis wanted to concentrate on ballet/movement. From what I have seen, the results achieved are awesome and my jumps have been capture so beautifully:).

Very much looking forward to shooting with Denis again, soon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thank you so much.

Anna :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Denis recently at my home over the Christmas period and had such a great time! I am always a little nervous about working with someone for the first time but needn't have been as Denis is just so lovely to work with, down to earth and you instantly feel at ease working together. Denis is very considerate also and made sure I had plenty of breaks and cups of tea! I really enjoyed our time together and would highly recommend to other models, a lovely man. I really hope to work together again soon and thankyou for a lovely day :) Helen x

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Oxford Road Studio

Denis recently participated in a studio day with Rosa Brighid. He was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio. Extremely well organised with great rapport with Rosa and clear ideas of what he wanted to achieve. Highly recommended.

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Lulu Lockhart

Had a really wonderful time shooting with Denis a few weeks ago on location! Denis is a very considerate, friendly and fun individual to work with! He was able to work with the elements and landscape around him under somewhat pressing conditions! He was truly professional as well as personable and the images I've seen from the shoot look beautiful! Denis always looks for elegant and beautiful shots and certainly achieves them! It was lovely to work with him and I hope to do so again in the future! :)

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Rachelle Summers

Another great shoot with Denis!

Yet again had plenty of ideas to last the shoot, gave me plenty of breaks and made sure I wasn't over worked.

We got some fab shots done and I really enjoyed my time shooting with him again.

Hope to work with him again in the future :)

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Natasha Babbage said...

Had a great, creative make up shoot with Denis. We had already planned some ideas together so the shoot ran really smoothly and the results looked stunning! Denis is a very friendly photographer and easy to work with!

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Carla Monaco

Worked with Denis on Thursday and what a great shoot it was.

Denis is very pleasant, lovely to work with, I enjoyed our shoot a lot. We shot beauty and I think they look great, Denis was easy to work with and gave me great direction. Denis has a lovely manner about him and made feel comfortable throughout the shoot. I would highly recommend denis to other models, photographers and creatives out there, thank you.

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Rachelle Summers

Had a lovely shoot with Denis on my recent tour.

He was very kind and respectful, had great communications prior to the shoot.

He came knowing what he wanted to get and had some really cool ideas, really enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend :)

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Natural Happy Woman

Would happily work with Denis again, a very pleasant shoot, communications before were good, and left a positive reference quickly after the shoot- exemplary :>)

Genuine interest in creating great images, and I found him most easy to work and interact with, lovely manner. The shoot just flowed, and the pictures looked good.

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Kayleigh Lush said...

I worked recently with Denis and Janet in Poole, and had a fantastic time! Denis is full of great ideas, and I was impressed at his creativeness with lighting. Both he and his shoot partner Janet are lovely people, very encouraging, friendly, and polite. It was a joy shooting with you Denis, and I hope we can work together again! Kayleigh x

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Ivory Flame

Great shoot with Denis alongside another photographer at Cheltenham FilmPhoto Studios, happily recommended. Good communications leading up to the shoot, understanding of me having to rearrange the date to a week later, and a gentleman to work with on some fun and creative ideas.

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Artemis Fauna

I was booked for an all day studio tuition day at Cheltenham film studios last weekend and Denis was one of the photographers that attended.

Denis was very friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. I hope we can work together again one day be it in the studio or on location when it warms up! Thank you Denis. :)

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Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

I had an absolutely lovely shoot with Denis; he's courteous, good fun, and had brought some super props with him, which made for a splendid afternoon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, and hope to work with him again in the future. Thanks Denis!

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Miss Gemini

first shoot with Denis, and it went so fast, had so much fun he is such a pleasure to work with also a lovely kind man, highly recormmend

thanks again Ellyx

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Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

I had a lovely shoot with Denis at Pixel8 studio in June; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him; he was courteous, professional and collaborative throughout the shoot and I'd certainly be more than happy to work with him again.

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