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Has a lovely shoot with this lovely guy. He was a pleasure to work with. Definately recommended.

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What a great shoot! Good pre-comms, great ideas and wonderful props - those wings made my day! Loved working together and would definitely do so again :) Very easy person to spend time with with a wonderful creative streak - thanks for an awesome shoot!

Highly recommended

H x

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Cool fella with plenty of props and accessories to play with.


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Little Egypt

I had a great first shoot with Maarsy. Pre-communication was great and he even found a new studio in London to shoot in. He is creative and has a keen eye for framing. Courteous, thoughtful and make you feel at ease.

Thank you

Ellie xx

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Ria Fantastic

An interesting character you can definetely have a relaxed shoot with! Very gentlemanly and even dropped me off at the station. Would recommend to other models as well.

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Tania Aresti

Had a great shoot with Maarsy!

He arrived on time & came prepared with props which came in handy & we used.

We worked through a range of themes including swimwear, lingerie & nude.

He was 100% professional throughout the shoot & we had a nice chat whilst we shot.

He was easy going & easy to shoot with.

I would 100% recommend & I would work with him again.

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Maarsy was lovely to work with and really set our tour off to a good start! I worked with him and fellow model Anna at the beginning of our epic Netherlands trip. He very kindly collected us from the airport, was very helpful. He's an interesting person and was professional and respectful throughout the shoot. I very much hope to work with him again.

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Maarsy came over my way for our first shoot together yesterday and we used some woodland just down the road from me. Despite the rain the previous couple of days it was nice to get outside for a couple of hours and we used some interesting trees for most of the shots, but also tried various sets to give some variety.

He’s a lovely guy, very professional and knows what he wants to achieve in his photos. He even brought along various props! Looking forward to seeing the images.

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Lola Lucious

I had a good shoot with Maarsy at a little studio not far from me, it was a great studio.

Really nice guy, good props and good comms.

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Maarsy was on time and friendly. Very particular about where he wanted to shoot to get the best images. Brought along props to use too. The images came out great!

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Maarsy is very easy to get along with and very polite. Pre-comms were great and he came prepared with props. I think we got some really cool shots and I'd happily work with Maarsy again!

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theresa louise

Had a fantastic first shoot with Maarsy today.

Very polite, friendly, chatty photographer. Came along with some great ideas. The time flew by!

Would highly recommend him to any model.


T x

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Really enjoyed working together with Maarsy today.

Pre-comms were spot on.

He was very approachable, professional and had some great ideas with good direction.

Highly recommended!


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