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I’ve worked with Lyndon on two occasions, both being apartment shoots in central London.

Lyndon is professional and a perfectionist so his shots are always amazing.

Lyndon is easy going and has some great ideas. We created some brilliant concepts.

Lyndon is also quick to edit and send over the pictures, which I’m always very happy with.

Lyndon has had some of our shots published in a magazine

I would highly recommend and hope to work with him again in the future

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Camille Alexander

I had a wonderful shoot at my place with Lyndon the other day!

I found him to be very respectful and pleasant to work with, he was also very happy to let me contribute to the shoot with ideas and we created some truly beautiful pictures :)

I would definitely recommend him to other models and would love to work together again!!


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This photographer is amazing !

He is verry friendly and verry profesional , was so easy to work with him and i will recommend him 100% 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

i cant wait the second shoot 📸

Thank you and see you soon 📸🔝

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It was my first time working with Lyndon and what can I say? He is an awesome guy to work with! :D

Precoms were spot on! We both shared our ideas for the shoot and decided on a Halloween theme.

He arrived bang on time. Shared a cuppa tea with me, whilst going over the plan for the day. Lyndon was super creative and brought along some black smoke bombs to give the images an even more spooky feel to them, complimenting my light gold dress and skeleton make up. :D

I felt completely at ease modelling for Lyndon. He gave direction when needed and also let me model freely. :)

I highly recommend working with Lyndon and am looking forward to working with him again soon!

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Aurora Phoenix

Lyndon booked me for a shoot last Saturday. Communication was really fantastic leading to the shoot. Many locations were included and everything from themes to travel was all cleverly planned out before hand. Mood boards were also discussed between one another.

Every location and idea was carefully planned out we explored a lot of concepts in the few hours of the shoot. Lyndon is an excellent photographer and really knows how to get the shots he wants. The shoot was really enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. I really loved shooting by the river in putney, exploring the use of bright colours and muted backgrounds in the barbican and using smoke granades for the first time. Overall a lot of really incredible images were produced and I had a fantastic shoot.

I couldn't recommend lyndon more and would love the opportunity to shoot with him again.

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I met Lyndon at an American muscle car themed group shoot yesterday and he came over to introduce himself first & was very friendly and approachable.

Lyndon is so professional and skilled in his photography, knowing exactly what to do to capture a great image. Was also very patient during the day within the group of photographers and respectful towards everyone. Conversation flowed and felt comfortable straight away shooting with him.

We are already planning a next shoot and also a group shoot ahead in October in which I will thoroughly look forward to.

Recommend 100%!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Lyndon at The American Muscle Car event yesterday.

He was an absolute pleasure to work with all day, he was very respectful to all the models and Considerate to all the photographers ensuring he was allowing everyone the opportunity to get the best angles for them. It can be hard when there is a lot of photographers shooting one model, but he made it as easy as possible.

He was very professional, making sure he showed me the back of the camera so I could see what he was capturing, and from what I saw he got some amazing images! I can’t wait to see the final products!

He has to be one of the most friendly photographers I have ever met and really do hope we can shoot together again.

Thanks again for being amazing!

Milly x

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Had my first shoot with Lyndon Pix and what can i say he was so professional through out and made me feel completely at ease straight away, we did some shots at a local abandoned factory which i told him about, and we had a great laugh.

I am very pleased with the photo's and i would highly recommend this photographer to any model wanting to find a professional and friendly person to shoot with.

Thank you so much! Look forward to working with you in the future. x

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Lyndon was so easy to work with! He has a lovely kind personality and responds well to ideas. He is open to trying new angles and styles. Very respectful and professional photographer!

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Had my first shot with Lyndon. We decided to go for a urban fashion theme using the canal, town and car park as a backdrop for the shoot.

Lyndon is very professional and creative I had the best time on shoot and the photos are amazing. Very quick turnaround on edits and I highly recommend Lyndon to everyone.

Looking forward to shooting again in the future

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Mia Liberum

I shot with Lyndon at a studio event day. He was great fun to work with- very respectful, polite, considerate and interesting to talk to.

He's also always trying to take photos that look different or interesting, and push himself as a photographer. His photos are already beautiful, and will only continue to improve.

The photos at the back of the camera from our shoot looked great! Highly recommended, and I'd happily work with Lyndon again :)

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claire m

First time working with this photographer...completely professional...laid back...great eye for lighting and shots...easy going would definitely recommend and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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I met Lyndon at a shootfest in London on location when he approached me and asked if we could work together. I am so happy he did as we created some really awesome street style images together. Lyndon is very professional and is a really great guy. I am so so happy with the images and Lyndon is amazing at ensuring the photos are edited to a style that you are also happy with which I think more people should be like! A true collaboration and I can't recommend him enough. Will look forward to working together again soon :D

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I had the pleasure of working with Lyndon at a tfp group shoot. I’ve been following Lyndon for a while and love his work so was looking forward to finally shooting with him. And wow, worth the wait, I love the shots we created just a shame we only had around 15 minutes. Lyndon is a very friendly person and communication pre and post shoot was great, I hope to work with Lyndon again... highly recommended.

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Lyndon and I had 3 shoots already and are planning to shoot again soon. The third one was very special to me as it was a collaboration with 4 of my closest actor friends. We had a lovely day of shooting on location and got some beautiful images.

If Lyndon can put up with 5 actresses for a whole day, he can do anything haha!

Thank you so much for your patience and being up for it.

Highly recommend!

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Romy Moma

I had my first photoshoot with Lyndon on Saturday. What a pleasure!

It was definitely a great experience for me and for 5 other models as we decided to shoot together in a group! Lyndon’s directions were clear and easy to follow and he came with some amazing ideas. He was very professional and made us all feel comfortable.

I definitely recommend!

Thank you!


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Sophie Swain

I joined another model in the heart and heat of Nottingham on Saturday to shoot on location with Lyndon and it was fantastic!

We all had fun and a good laugh and he was such a lovely man, very promptly messages back and has been very thorough throughout the whole organization of the shoot! Lyndon is a warm and lovely man, very polite and creates very lovely shots!

Thank you

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I found Lyndon on Instagram a while back and we’d discussed shooting a few times. We got some ideas together beforehand and got along really well once meeting up. Lyndon is a lovely man and I felt comfortable throughout the shoot. He was very chatty and confident on what shots to get. We shot some glamour shots in my home which was fun then we bounced ideas off each other during our location shoot in the afternoon with another model. I’d definitely work with Lyndon again and I’m very happy with the shots I’ve received so far.

Thanks again Lyndon :)

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theresa louise

Second shoot with Lyndon but this time at my old empty house. Lyndon came along with some great ideas which we managed to achieve very quickly.

Lyndon is polite, professional, friendly and super easy to get on with.

Images look awesome!


T :)

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I had such a great day shooting with Lyndon a couple days back!

He is a lovely, funny and super polite gentlemen; always messages back right away, got us coffees, waited patiently while I was changing and getting ready in between looks... He was open for my ideas and super easy and fun to collaborate with.

We already have about 5 more shoots planned in our heads because we enjoyed working together so much haha.

Highly, highly, highly recommend!

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