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Graham Wilcock

Fairly new to modelling, but happy to go along with experimental ideas - no matter how daft.

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DarrenM Photography

So today I works with Jass following her casting earlier this week. The original idea with a MUA kind of broke down, through no fault of hers, but we bounced around a few alternatives and agreed to proceed to continue to work together.

First off, the communication was great and I quickly identified Jass as someone with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

She arrived on time and was instantly friendly and likeable. She had a great selection of outfits that perfectly suited the ideas we had previously discussed.

Although relatively new, she posed perfectly on her own and followed direction.

We worked together in a studio for four hours shooting a good selection of outfits and ideas. And throughout Jass really was an absolute joy to work with, and I can’t wait to sort through and edit images for us both.

If I am completely honest, my interest has been waning aver the last couple of years, but after working with Jass I really do feel completely invigorated, with a much needed renewed interest in shooting.

In short, book and work with Jass, she’s good. No, she’s very, very good; and I really, really want to work with her again :)

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MGH Photography

Jas answered a casting I posted, and from her first message comms was great. Jas created a shoot plan, and emailed me a load of outfits she was planning on bringing to the shoot.

Jas was flexible regarding the time of our shoot as I messed up and thought it started an hour earlier than agreed.

Jas was a pleasure to work with on the shoot, needing little to no direction, and she posed effortlessly. Jas kept a positive attitude despite the weather which was horrible for June, strong winds, cold and wet. The weather finally got the better of us, but I will be finishing this shoot with Jas at a later date. 100% recommended.

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I'm really pleased Jass decided to give modelling a go she's lovely looking . When she came as a HMUA I saw a twinkle in her eye for the lights herself and wasn't wrong that this girl has what it takes. she's smart, confident, resourceful and full of her own creative ideas , she works great as a team or thinking for herself alone, pulling poses out the air and/or taking instructions well.

Iv'e clued Jass up on the dodgy dealings that go on and she has all the skills and support to wheedle you all out, so.. muck her about and you'l have me to answer to, too.

Welcome to Modelling Jazzers. go for it ! :)

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