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Westend Portfolios

Missed out last year shooting with Luce, and thought I missed out again this year but a late cancellation meant I could ask Luce again which she accepted at short notice. im glad she did.

Luce kept me updated with good correspondence and arrived at the hotel on time.

she arrived with several outfits which we worked our way through.

her hair and make up were done to a high standard even the bright red lipstick.

she needed no instruction and I got the photographs which I wanted and had a good laugh doing them.

im glad I got the shoot with Luce and would def book again and would recommend her to any photographer.

thanks Luce.

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Forgot to do this at the time

Really good shoot with Luce, very good time keeping and communication

had a go at my crazy ideas and got some good pics

will hopefully work with her again

well recommended

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What can I say about this girl?

She’s my favourite person ever and I love working with her.

She’s also a very important person to me outside of working together.

Luce is an amazing model and she’s going to go far in the industry.

She’s absolutely beaut and the images always show that.

We did more of my style this time where we did the edgy RAW portraits and we got them published with a front cover too in SOUR magazine.

You will not be disappointed with Luce she’s everything you need in this industry and I can’t wait for our next shoot, and the shoot after that and the one after that and so on....



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mb photography1

I had a shoot with Luce yesterday and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

she turned up on time with a variety outfits, the shoot itself went great.

Luce was really easy to work with which made for a lovely relaxed shoot with great results.

She’s a beautiful model and I’m looking forward to working together again

I cant recommend her enough

thank you Luce for a great shoot

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I had a shoot with Luce yesterday and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Pre communications were nice and smooth, she turned up on time with a variety of well thought out outfits, the shoot itself went great.

Luce was really easy to work with which made for a lovely relaxed shoot with great results.

She’s a beautiful model and I’m looking forward to working together again:)

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I had the pleasure of a Fashion shoot with Luce today. Pre shoot communications went very well. Luce had come very prepared. Her hair and make up skills are outstanding,

Luce is professional and very hard working But a great Joy to be around, very funny relaxed and so easy to get along with.

Luce poses wonderfully without direction but when i asked her to do certain poses She did them with ease.

I cant Recommend her enough,

Hope to shoot with Luce again soon

Thank you again Luce.


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After great communications in arranging out shoot we finally met and what a pleasure it was too. A beautiful young lady, full of enthusiasm for creating some superb images, Luce was everything I could look for in a collaborator in a shoot. Along with Sophie they pulled off some fabulous images and the connection between them worked right from the start.

We pulled off so many images that the choices are going to be very difficult.

Would I recommend Luce? You bet, cant wait for the next shoot and the chance to get these two fantastically lovely ladies together again.

To sum up Luce in one sentence is really difficult and there are so many qualities but take my word for it, she is lovely, beautiful, has a fabulous figure and endless enthusiasm and is great.

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Shaun Solent

When I saw Luce standing in front of the station waiting for me, I knew I was onto a winner. The girl I saw was slim, stunningly beautiful with a face that lit up when she saw my silver golf.

Our afternoon together in my studio thoroughly endorsed that initial impression.

Firstly, she was beautifully turned out - make-up, hair and body grooming. She then opened her suitcase to reveal a pandora's box of exciting outfits - if little strips of leather and scraps of material intermingled with pieces of chain can be called outfits . . .

Luce Thompson works hard - she stretched, she knelt for long periods on a hard floor and she gamely allowed herself to be hung off a chain. And all the time she just chatted away and participated in my friendly banter - a real joy to work with.

And then the ultimate test - the images. I have already worked our shoot and I can assure you, the lady looks a million dollars !

And work with her again, I will. Our Autumn shoot has already been planned.

Book Luce - you won't regret it.

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I loved shooting with Lucy, she's very open to ideas and keen to get 'the shot'. Obviously extremely talented, very beautiful and a total professional. But equally, great fun to be around, chilled, relaxed and so easy to get along with.Excellent model, needing no direction, all in all a fantastic experience.Cannot recommend Lucy highly enough , you need to shot with her.Cant wait to shoot with her again. Thank you Lucy :)

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Megan Eliz_xx

So me and Lucy had a shoot booked in for the 9th of December, we had a cancellation from the photographer but still went ahead with the shoot as we were both really looking forward to it.

Her pre coms were great, we messaged about what we wanted to do, what ideas we had and she was very prepared!

She came to shoot at mine very prepared with lots of variety so we both had plenty to chose from lingerie wise. She had a great look about her and she’d done her makeup to a very high standard!

I would highly recommend Lucy to any photographer as even though it was our first shoot she was very confident, full of beans, lovely and very down to earth! She was so easy to get along with and happy to hear my ideas but also brought along her own!

If you get a chance don’t miss out!

Can’t wait to shoot with you again!

Megan xx

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Dark Moon Media

Luce and I shot for the first time and we hit it off so well!.

As a result we had an amazing photoshoot! Once we got to the location she showed me her collection of clothing and we got shooting.

Luce it a great model and we had a really awesome day working together!

I would recommend Luce to any photographer, as she is incredible!

Already planning for our next shoots!

Till our next shoot Luce :)

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Nothing But Lingerie

Another amazing shoot with Luce, as always she was on time and absolutely smashed the shoot. I always love shooting with Luce

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CNR Media

Considering it was a last minute shoot Luce turned up well prepared and even kept me well informed with traffic issues. We had a brilliant shoot and got some great images produced. I would highly recommend working with Luce as not only is she a complete natural in front of the camera she is also very professional, friendly and down to earth. Look forward to working with Luce again in the future and creating more magic! You will not regret booking a shoot with Luce she is so easy to work with and a great laugh too.

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Words cant explain how much fun this girl is to work with.

Her communication was first class, Lucy turned up with a few outfits and raring to go.

We didn’t get as much time as planned but we managed to get some awesome shots and that’s all down to Lucy and the qualities she has.

Already got more shoots planned and I can’t wait to work with her again.

A* and throughly recommend xxx

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Totally recommended.

We had contemplated this shoot for some months and managed to find a date that would fit into two busy schedules to work at the super Shadow Studio, with Mark and Hannah as always being helpful and there when we needed but otherwise not under our feet at all.

We choose a day when it was 32C outside so it was hot work but Luce took it all in her stride.

Luce is a total joy to work with. Bass and house plus Mango and Raspberries kept us fuelled.

Luce requested that we deliver art nude and we worked through a plan of sets to do that.

If you want to work with a natural,talented, spirited person, that has a cool interest in not only the art form but also cars too (!) then Luce is for you.

It is always nice to work with people that have a natural smile, who have that special quality to be real and true, self deprecating whilst full of nice confidence.

Luce has already asked that we work together again and I could not say no.

Thankyou for such a super shoot, my penultimate one before I take a long break due to work commitments.

Your sense of humour made me smile all the way back up the hot n sticky M5. I will never forget how to pronounce sternum and the memnomic you have for that :)


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Hooked Images

Arranged my first shoot with Lucy a few weeks prior to the shoot date. She was very enthusiastic about the shoot and put together loads of ideas and communicated very well prior to the shoot.

On the day of the shoot Lucy turned up on time ready to go with her makeup done to a very high standard ! We had so much fun shooting around London for a good few hours, getting some great images.

Cant wait to shoot with Lucy again! Would highly recommend her, one excellent model!

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The PhotoKing

Had my first shoot with Lucy earlier in the week, and wow what a shoot it was!... hopefully it’s the first of many !

I can honestly say Lucy is one of the best models I have worked with from PP!! She poses brilliantly with such ease and is just brimming with ideas

A lovely down to earth girl who is very professional in her approach to her modelling but still great fun to work with

I would happily work with Lucy over and over again

Our original plan of a 2 hour shoot somehow turned into something nearly double that as we just kept bouncing ideas off each other and didn’t want to stop !

Lucy is tall with a slim, toned figure with flawless skin and beautiful blue/green eyes and just looks stunning from every angle

It’s almost impossible go get a bad shot of this young lady and we achieved a great collection of awesome images. Reject rate was practically zero!

I cannot recommend Lucy enough She’s in a different league!

Take my advice .. book her now!

I most certainly will be!

Thank you Lucy for a fantastic first shoot

Im looking forward to our next immensely



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Had my first shoot with the stunning Luce yesterday and can safely say it wont be my last! Luce showed up on time with tones of ideas and wardrobe to go with it. Luce was professional through out the shoot and worked within her levels beautifully with very little direction required! Luce really is a stunning model and an utter joy to work with! She helped me produce some of my best images to date and there will certainly be more to follow of this gorgeous inked babe. Thanks again Luce. See you soon! :)

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Robin French

It was a delight to finally get to work with Luce, pre-comms were great and we knew we had some good things planned for the day. Makeup was delightful as was the wardrobe selections we could choose from.

Posing was effortless with on general ideas being given in oder for Luce to hit the groove. A lovely lady to work with, she is of course highly recommended and I look forward to working with her again real soon.

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Lucy is a beautiful model with a wonderful figure and is a pleasure to work with ,she poses well and arrived with a good selection of outfits.

We achieved some excellent images and hope to work with her again in a few weeks time .I would certainly recommend her to all photographers ,Thank you Lucy for a great shoot .

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