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I have shot a number of times with Louise, she is easy to work with, poses effortlessly. Well prepared, hard working, punctual , pre-comms are excellent, she's an absolutely fantastic model, can't recommend her enough!

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A very Beautiful girl. Great fun to work with.We work well together. Highly recomended.

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Louise is great to work with, funny, and full of ideas for the shoot. I have Photographed Louise many times over the last 4 years, and is completley reliable and I highly recommend her.

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I have worked with Beth many times, a true professional. I plan to work with her again in April.Great fun to work with, plenty of ideas, brought some costumes with her that added to the fun. Very Highly Recomended.

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I worked with Beth on a wonderful but brief shoot in January 2017 and am very pleased that I did.

She was well prepared, hard working, enthusiastic, understanding of what I was trying to achieve, capable and very expressive Beth was working as part of a duo on the shoot and interacted brilliantly with the other model throughout.

Beth is very pleasant to work with, highly recommended and I hope to work with her again.

Thank you Beth.

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I'd wanted to work with Beth for some time and we'd previously discussed a shoot. Her new hair colour seemed the perfect opportunity so we recently arranged a few hours in London.

What a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon...

Beth's communications are excellent and we had a clear idea of what we both wanted from the outset.

She arrived on schedule with a wardrobe as discussed. A few minutes of make-up and we were off. Beth is perfectly happy to pose on her own but works well with direction and is very in accommodating ideas and adding her own signature to them. She poses fluidly and with flair and is very easy to work with.

Add to that a very pleasant, articulate and engaging personality and a very enjoyable shoot is virtually guaranteed. Beth has been working hard on her modelling goals and the effort is commendable and really shines through her work. I would welcome her back anytime and am very happy to recommend her to you all.

So, do your portfolio a favour and book her :)


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Baden Bowen

Had my second shoot with Beth and really enjoyed the day. Beth was well prepared with lots of outfits and ideas. She posed herself well with a little direction and we got some beautiful images on the shoot.

If you have a concept in mind I am sure Beth can bring it to life, do not hesitate to book her!

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I had my second shoot with Beth and it was as enjoyable as the first. Beth was a star, very easy to work with, she posed effortlessly. We covered a couple of locations and a few looks across both, she is a lovely person and I cant recommend her enough.

Thanks Beth for a lovely day, I`m really looking forward to our next venture :)

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David Moss Photography

I can't add anything new to what has already been written about Beth. From pre communication, arriving on time, ability to style and pose herself. Beth is a star and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her for shoots.

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I had my frist shoot today with the lovely Beth at Studio 60 in High Wycombe Everything about Beth Chambers is good. A portrait and lingerie model but oh what a face and figure, Prior to that our pre- shoot comms were the most comprehensive that I have ever exprerienced.

I met Beth off the train and once we got to the studio we immediatley started producing some fantastic images. Beth is so easy to work with, needs little of no direction and the shoot seemed to end no sooner than it began. Time flies when you are having fun.

I can't recommend Beth highly enoughn and moreover can't wait for our next shoot.

Thank you Beth for a magical day.

Peter :- x

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Yan Tan Tethera

I did my second shoot with Beth last week and we had a very interesting shoot, lots of laughs and lots of cool pictures. Beth is an accomplished model specialising in lingerie and latex and she brought some superb latex dresses with her, not all of which we had time to shoot. So I'll be arranging another shoot with her in the near future. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent, as always. This is a very interesting and accomplished young lady and she is highly recommended.

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Fantastic model and really easy to work with! I did a pin up shoot with Beth Chambers with Paul Harrison in his studio. She knows her poses and facial expressions very well and I am looking forward to modeling with Beth again in the future. Thank you for a great day! :) Top noch model and brilliant to model with! :)

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Had a great shoot with Beth on a very windy and sunny day. Beth was on time as planned and very prepared for the shoot. We kinda went with the flow on the day and Beth posed without direction but also took direction if given. Beth was a joy to work with and very interesting to talk to. I enjoyed our shoot and would love to work together again.

So yes very recommended :)

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Gary Hobbs

Very pleased to have shot with Beth. She brought all the lingerie we'd discussed pre-shoot (plus other options) so we managed to get through several different looks in one shoot.

She was very patient (especially when my studio lights were being problematic) and was happy to go through a broad selection of poses with minimal direction.

Would happily work with Beth again.

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I collected Beth from the station and there was plenty of communication beforehand. She brought an array of clothing and was also happy to wear what I supplied.

She was attentive and took direction very well and never complained throughout the shoot.

She's got a great personality and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Highly recommended.

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Marc Prior Photography

This was my first shoot with Beth, it was set up last minute as I had finished work early and being local I thought I would ask, and with awful weather closing in... she agreed! She was an absolute star! Great communication, genuine and despite my lack of experience with night shooting, and the rain, she was patient and offered great advice and tips throughout. She worked well, and we went through some great poses and managed to get some lovely photos.

Thank you so much, I look forward to working with Beth again soon.

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I shoot with Beth for the second time yesterday. Beth was so understanding when a work meeting got delayed, as I arrived an hour late. As always Beth is a joy to work with, calm, friendly and enthusiastic. Beth makes you feel that she is there to ensure you get the images you really wanted. As always Beth will take on any direction but can also work her way through a huge range of poses as you shoot. I cant recommend Beth enough to any photographer. I am already thinking about our next shoot!

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The Photographer Brian Harris

This was my second shoot with Beth, the last was almost 3 years ago !

Beth is a great model to shoot, she needs no direction, but also takes direction very well, she is very professional with great comms and 100% reliable.

My main aim of this shoot was to give Beth something different to add to her portfolio, I think this has been accomplished.

A highly recommended model to all levels of photographer, I would certainly with her again.

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A Poet and His Camera

Beth is such a lovely and genuine person. Easy to shoot and very patient about my beginner clumsiness in this new world of portrait photography.

Grazie mille!


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Just had a rather wonderful and fun shoot with this young lady at a fantastic location that involved both a woodland and a grass meadow. Beth is a pure delight to work with who is full of charm and has a bubby personality and such a natural in front of the camera and is truly professional in every single aspect and I would recommend her without any hesitation at all . Thank you for a great shoot :)

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