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A magical home shoot with Lou - new model (for me) and in her new home. Lou is a great communicator both before and during our shoot and she worked very hard to get the 'right' clothing and poses which isn't easy when the photographer keeps changing his mind!

Lou no longer poses for art nude which is a great shame as she has a most stunning figure but she showed her skills and experience to full effect in every image we made. At times, I struggled to keep up with her remarkable energy and the obvious passion she put into the shoot. We worked very well together in overcoming the few problems we encountered with lighting etc and our achievements were largely down to her enthusiasm, patience and experience.

My time with Lou in her new home was a total pleasure and I heartily recommend her to all photographers. Thanks Lou, see you again I hope.

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DM Photos

My second shoot with Louise was outdoor glamour in rural Essex, and the results were excellent. Louise came well prepared with some colourful outfits, in fact we weren't able to shoot all of them due to time. Louise is very enthusiastic as a model and this shows in the results. Sadly for me she has now moved to Lincolnshire, but if you are based there look out for Louise, she's a great model and highly recommended. I hope to work with her again.

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DM Photos

I had my first shoot with Louise at her home and was very pleased with the results. After coffee and a pastry we got on with the shoot. Louise is very thorough in her preparation and had a variety of colourful outfits ready to go. Louise loves her dance and ballet poses, but we also did some natural light portraits, and a few in her garden. She is an experienced and enthusiastic model who is full of ideas. Louise is also very friendly and likes to chat and we got into some interesting conversations!! The photos were excellent and it was a most enjoyable afternoon. I am shooting Louise again tomorrow outdoors, sadly after that Louise is moving away from Essex, even so I hope to work with her again. Highly recommended.

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Lou is very welcoming into her home. She got me tea when i arrived while we discussed what we was going to do. She had lots of ideas and followed direction. Communication before the shoot was great and she had lots of outfits ready for me to look at before we started. We had a 3 hour shoot which flew by. I would highly recommend to anyone.

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WAgz pIx

Lou is easily the best model I have worked with, professional, intelligent and stunning visually.

We had 3 hours which seemed to fly by and I left wanting to rebook straight away which i will definitely do. The pics are stunning made that much easier by lou knowing how to get the most out of the shots.

I cannot recommend this beautiful lady enough and her hair colour is my absolute fav.

She is also very well read, I never felt uncomfortable in her presence and she made me feel very welcome into her home.

Book her now !!!

Kev x

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Louise is delightful to work with in every respect and brings a good deal of thought, depth and unfaltering enthusiasm to her shoots.

Aside from the ballet themes and some amusing candid moments, she graciously modelled some T shirts for me. Warm, friendly and extremely professional, she is also an excellent, welcoming host. In short, I would certainly work with her in future and have no hesitation recommending her to other photographers/creatives.

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Art Photography

What a fantastic Model Louise is. She is passionate about posing and her attitude and professionalism is a credit to her. I hope to use Louise many times in the future and I would recommend her to any photographer. Beautiful outfits and all ready to hand. A really enjoyable shoot. Thank you Louise

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I have wanted to work with Louise for a long time now, and finally managed to have my travel schedule intersect her availability. We shot at her home, very welcoming and she had numerous outfits available to choose from. We worked well together. Not sure that my photographs did her radiance justice as I've only seen them on my small laptop so far, but looking forward to working on them soon. Highly Recommended.

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Louise is delightful to work with. Warm and welcoming, she is equally professional, very well prepared, and requires minimal direction. She is however, very receptive to direction, as appropriate. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive energy remained consistently high throughout our two-hour shoot. In short, I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in future.

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Lou was the model for the very first workshop event at the new space. Having personally worked with her a few years ago myself, I can honestly say she has not changed a bit and is still the ultimate professional in her work. Fabulous model with vast experience that is perfect for new and in-experienced to work with and learn from greatly.


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Had pleasure to meet and work alongside Louise on Artyandphotography workshop. She is amazing model, skilfull in ballet poses and with lots of fantastic ideas. It was real pleasure to talk to and get to know her.

In hope to work with her again, highly recommend.

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Lou was at one of my first ever professional photo shoots to help and advise for me and she was so lovely and amazing to talk to. Thank you Lou. I cannot wait to work with you next Saturday :)

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I had a great shoot with Louise in the studio at the weekend! Louise's pre-shoot communications were excellent, which helped us plan the session well. Louise is full of energy and confidence - an absolute pleasure to meet and work with. Louise was equally comfortable taking my ideas and running with them, and also bringing her ideas and experience to the mix, which resulted in a session that flowed very well. A very enjoyable and productive session, and I would highly recommend Loiuse!

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Lou is a joy to work with, she has a warm, relaxed and open personality that makes the shoot a real pleasure. She has a natural elegance, serenity and grace that lends itself well to ballet, figure and boudoir styles in particular, and she uses her subtle facial expressiveness to achieve a wide spectrum of moods.

She's very committed and dedicated to her modelling, she works collaboratively and she takes a constructive interest in how the images in each set are developing.

It was lovely to meet Lou and to have such a rewarding shooting experience. I would be delighted to work with her again and she is very highly recommended to everyone.

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CJC Photography

This was a two hour shoot and although we went slightly beyond the two hours, it was still not enough time, with Louise's ideas and mine, even a four hour shoot may not have been long enough ! Louise is so versatile and athletic her poses just give an extra creative dimension to an image.

An absolute joy to work with, look forward to next time Louise. X

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triffid pics

I had a really lovely shoot at Lou's Home today. Lou made me feel welcome and comfortable during the time I was there.

She is a very good model, produces some lovely poses that gives me lovely images. I would highly recommend her to other Photographers.

Thank you lou for a great shoot and hope to shoot with you again.

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Paul Spencer

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Lou last week at her home for the first time and I can assure you it wont be my last.

Lou was very welcoming and over a coffee we had a nice chat to get to know one another. She is very chatty and put me at ease instantly whilst discussing shoot ideas.

Lou is very very creative and had hand made several very intricate lace/sheer tops for us to use pairing these with long tutu's and other items of a boudoir nature. All our images were shot with natural light and Lou was very happy for me to move her furniture around to get the best light and angles, which we achieved.

We then shot some art nude poses whilst experimenting with some sheer fabric material Lou had purchased previously. She is very flexible and managed to get into some very "bendy" positions, at the same time we played with using tungsten and fluorescent settings on my camera to see the effects. Back of screen images look exciting and i can't wait to process them properly and get some over to Lou.

Lou is an absolute dream to work with, being friendly, chatty and willing to try different ideas out.

I plan to work with Lou again in the very near future, but in the meantime would HIGHLY recommend her to all photographers.

Thanks Lou for being absolutely superb and providing me with some amazing images. Can't wait to shoot with you again X

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Thank you again Lousie,I can't remember when I last had such a great days shooting. And I have so many great pictures and so many different looks from just one shoot. I wish I had the time to just sit here and process them all, and post them for other people to see. But that will just have to wait. Hopefully we will get the chance to work together some day.

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I worked with Lou a few days ago; we planned a Boho Ballet themed shoot and she was rapidly promoted to stylist. Since we were shooting at her home, I tried to hide the fact that my studio in a bag, had expanded to four bags; introducing gear as it was needed, rather than all at once. She took everything in her stride though, and we even managed to shoot in front of a backdrop. It was a lot of fun, mostly because Lou is a charming hostess and the nicest person that you could meet. Lou is unreservedly recommended.

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I had a wonderful ballet and yoga shoot today with Louise. After lots of nice messages we both knew what we wanted and what to expect. And I certainly wasn't disappointed! We had a nice cup of tea to warm up with then got started using lots lacy and sheer things to make some nice ballet style shots. Then we used the table for some great shots of yoga style poses. After that we took a trip to the woods to make some great stretchy ballet shots in the woods, in among the bluebells and twisted tree branches. Finally we finished off with tea and cake and a nice chat.

Throughout the shoot, Louise was friendly, chatty and ready for anything, showing that she really could bend and stretch into poses I couldn't even imagine! All in all, a lovely, relaxed, easy going shoot. I'd recommend Louise for anything involving ballet and yoga and making great shapes. Can't wait to work with her again. :)

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