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On Sunday myself and Lokisson had a rather spontaneous shoot with Alastair Barnsley.

Considering it was so spontaneous and we weren’t really sure what we were going to do- it was so much fun!

I really enjoyed having a duo shoot as I’m used to shooting with Lokisson as a photographer and him being on the other side of the camera- shooting me. So it was lovely to have Lokisson on the other side of the camera with me.

Lokisson is professional but is not afraid to have a laugh and banter- which always makes the shoot that much more pleasant. Lokisson Is brilliant and I definitely would recommend photographers & models to work with him.

Thank you!

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I had a short notice impromptu shoot with this talented model which was a real blast!! He is highly experienced and knows what works for him in terms of posing. He will pose all day long on his own initiative whilst also responding very well to direction. He is also great company and the time flew past. Highly recommended!!

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Joe is great to work with, had discussed shoot what to do and he loved my ideas and felt the shoot went amazing, joe is passionate into his modelling and he has great style of clothing and found joe to be funny, polite and got some breathtaking shots and loved working with joe hope to work with joe in future again soon. I would recommend beauty photographers and muas and photographers to work with joe. he is also great with direction.

Jennifer @ReKindleTheMoment

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Simon Brown's Forevertography

I have shot with this fella many many times. He has helped me learn my passion for photography by being my model, always friendly and easy going, and translates well on the camera.

He has a distinct look, also works very well with other models when in part of a duo or group shoot, and has become a good friend.


Simon - Forevertography.

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Simon Moore photography

I have had the greatest pleasure of working with Lokisson on several occasions now and each shoot brings great shots he is a very versatile model and puts 110% into each shoot highly recommend by myself and already in talks for our next encounter together

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I met Lokisson during a networking event when I was in Boiler Works for the first time, couple of months ago.

He's very friendly, laid-back, has a great communication and he can adapt well in different environments to do stupendous poses.

I've learnt something by just watching how he works and I had a phenomenal time working with him and Simon.

I would recommend working with him as a model or a photographer since he's a hardworking talented model. The weather was rather unpleasant but it didn't stop him from modelling which shows how dedicated he is when it comes to modelling.

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Bettie Bathory1

I had a first shoot planned with Lokisson, and his communication prior to the shoot was amazing, so we were super clear on levels and what we wanted to achieve prior to the shoot. He is super friendly, respectful and generally easy to get on with. He suggested the photographer who was also fab and the shoot was a lot of fun. He knows How to pose and can freestyle Effortlessly and was helpful with my posing too. I’ve had some shots back already and they are fabulous. I would definitely recommend and look forward to working with him again in the future

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Vampire princess

I worked with Lokisson for the first time on a elven inspired group shoot we co organised.

Very professional and a lot of fun to work with. Highly recommended

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Simon Moore photography

I’ve had a shot in my head for a while now and finally got round to doing the shoot at the weekend and lokisson was the perfect choice to do the shoot with he was patient whilst I set up and once I was ready to take the shots he held the pose perfectly we were both pleased with the results highly recommended y me and looking forward to working with this unique model In the near future

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Have worked with Lokisson a few times now as a fellow model, and it's always the best experience. He's professional, and a lot of fun. Always enthusiastic and full of ideas.

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Ebony Cherise, Goth/Alt Model

Worked with Lokisson various times at local networking nights and he is easy to work with and also very talented. Always a pleasure, would definitely recommend him.

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Antony Wilkinson Photography

I've worked with Jo a couple of times at networking events at a local studio. Jo is easy going, up for a laugh but also very professional. He takes direction well, is open to ideas and also has his own. Overall Jo is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

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Princess Bee

Worked with Lokisson at a local camera club.

He was fun to work with, friendly, approachable and totally professional.

100% recommend

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I’ve worked with Lokisson on numerous occasions and have seen him evolve and gain in confidence. He is ultra reliable and has always turned up on time. We have a great rapport and understand each other whilst having a great laugh along the way.

He poses really well and listens to guidance and responds accordingly giving some really strong images.

Book this guy with confidence. He won’t disappoint!

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Simon Moore photography

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Lokisson several times at local networking nights in the past and yesterday I got the chance to shoot one to one with him and I wasn’t disappointed he arrived on time to the location and was appropriately dressed for the theme of the shoot he took direction well and also made his own poses as the shoot flowed brilliantly nothing was to much trouble for Lokisson to try and we got some great images highly recommended by myself and looking forward to working with him again soon .

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I've shot with Lokisson on several occasions, both during networking events and on location shoots, he's very down to earth and relaxed which makes for a great casual atmosphere to shoot in and allows for easy exchange of ideas during a shoot.

Lokisson always turns up to a shoot on time in a professional manner and is happy to both take direction and 'self pose' throughout a shoot.

I always get great images to work with when shooting - highly recommended!

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Lucie Purr

Did a duo location shoot with Lokisson. All around lovely guy, great communication and a fun shoot :) would happily model with him again and fully recommend

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Chris Baugh Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with Lokisson on several occasions now, mainly at the Boilerworks Networking evenings in Stoke.

He is always brilliantly turned out, full of energy and enthusiasm for each shoot. He has a great arsenal of poses, takes direction well and has a rare intensity that carries through the lens brilliantly. Absolutely 100% Recommended!

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I had a quick last minute shoot with Lokisson in March. We had been talking about shooting for a little while as I am both a model and photographer.

He is really lovely to work with, and we got on right away. We didn't shoot for very long but got some fab images in that time. We both had some pretty crazy ideas that just seemed to work!

I definitely recommend working with him and will be working with him again myself very soon :)

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Lokisson is an absolute diamond.

I know the majority of us work mostly with female models, but work with this chap and you'll get a great portfolio of images.

Always shows, always easy to work with and a treat to direct!

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