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Monika Lara Smith

I have just realised that I have never written a reference for you Mark.. my apologies!

Me and Mark shot for the first time while I was touring in Dublin and hopefully we will be able to work together again one day :)

Mark booked a full day shoot with me in my apartment and I cannot believe how fast it actually went! This means that we definitely had a great time:)

Pre comms with Mark were great so I knew he would be reliable and easy to get on with! He arrived on time, with a great attitude, smile on his face and plenty of ideas. We worked through them while chatting, laughing and having a good time. Mark was super relaxed, he didn't rush things which is important especially while working with someone for a whole day and I think that made us work together well and create some brilliant images.

I would definitely recommend working with him.Thank you and looking forward to working with you again!:)

Shot 1544131800