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Neil Mac

This afternoon I had my second two-hour shoot with Lizzie. This time in a cracking hotel location.

Great outfit choices from Lizzie. And again, as with my last shoot with her, Lizzie was so knowledgeable regarding lighting, angles, etc. I continue to learn so much from her.

It'll take a while to go through all of the fantastic images and choose a few to pop on here.

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I would like to say, thank you very much Lizzie for fantastic opportunity to work with you at event called: "obsessive fusion"

I am very happy that I finally had an opportunity to work with you after some time scale complications created by covid-19, but after almost year of waiting for my chance to work with you, it just happened.

I had superb time and whole event was top class.

I am looking forward to review or pick the best photos and I hope to be able to work with you in 2023 year as well.


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Alec Hunter

I can’t remember how many time we have shot but every time its fabulous. Lizzie is beautiful, talented and extremely creative. Keen to please and full of ideas so time flies by to quickly. Always a fabulous experience and very productive. I have lots of fabulous images to retouch. I appreciate I’m writing fabulous a lot but by all means substitute superb, awesome, stunning, world class or other superlatives. I hope it won’t be long till our next shoot.

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The photographer Peter Lindberg said, "The model has to give you the moment. It's not you making it. They give it to you and you capture it.” Well, Lizzie is not just a model, she is a photographer too. What you get is not only a beautiful subject, but someone who offers great technical knowledge and insight as well as a bounty of creative ideas. Not only will you come away with great images, you will leave feeling inspired.

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Neil Mac

What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Lizzie for the first time.

I'd applied for a recent casting, with a gold/silver theme. And it was two hours very well spent. From the comms beforehand, to the creative outfits, etc, the studio shoot was very well organised by Lizzie.

Lizzie, as well as being a fantastic and very experienced model, was also able to impart some very worthwhile photography hints/tips. All of which were very much appreciated.

I absolutely recommend Lizzie to any photographer, and will myself be booking more shoots/tuition with her as soon as I can.

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I arranged a last minute “vintage” style shoot with Lizzie for last Sunday. Lizzie kindly organised a 2 hour slot at one of her local studios.

It was my first studio shoot for some time and I was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have worried, Lizzie arrived with a suitcase full of vintage clothing, loads of ideas and bags of confidence, our session flew by.

Lizzie is not only a very talented model she is very friendly, creative and brings many ideas and suggestions to help produce great images.

It certainly was a pleasure working with Lizzie and I look forward to our next shoot together. I would certainly highly recommend her. Many thanks Ned

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I recently had my fourth shoot with Lizzie Bayliss. A workshop, again as a remote shooting, this is certainly due to the greater distance from Germany. A few things were new this time: Lizzie had come up with a fashion concept that involved portrayals of precious metals in fashion photography. Gold, silver and bronze played an important role in the set as well as in clothing and makeup. And then the further surprise: Lizzie had a new hairstyle, a curly bob, which suits her very well. I can only say that this was a great asset for our shoot in particular.

Our prearrangements were very good and everything went smoothly as the remote technique worked well.

During the workshop she contributes all her experience of an accomplished model and photographer. I can only thank Lizzie very much for making this shoot so successful for both of us. I already have the first edited results in my hands and I am very happy with them.

All I can say in conclusion is: great collaboration - and I look forward to the next time, hopefully then in Manchester. 🙂

Highly recommended!

Thank you,


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Some of us have models we have shot with on a couple of occasions, we have got a few good images and get on ok so it's a pleasant few hours from the daily grind. Then you feel you have gone through all the ideas you have for the model and so think perhaps look to work with someone new........WELL LIZZIE ISN'T THAT KINDA MODEL. I have shot with Lizzie more than any other model and after every shoot, I have amazing images, have had a creative and stimulating few hours, had a laugh AND GOT MORE IDEAS THAT I HAVE TO TRY WITH LIZZIE. The last shoot at one of her well-organised and well-planned workshops is a case in point. If you want to feel creative, if you want to learn and grow, you want to work with the best then work with Lizzie whilst you can!!!!!

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The Sorcerers Apprentice

This was our 4th shoot over a 4 year period and as always it was a lot of fun. This was a small group shoot with a theme that Lizzie had called "Mystery Club Night". It was held at a lovely studio in Manchester and was probably best described as 'experimental' using 3 different outfits (well no 4 actually sort of) and a variety of lighting techniques.

The images may not win comps or become FPI's but I like them and it has given me a few ideas which could gestate into a future shoot.

I'm sure Lizzie and I will work together again and it goes without saying that I recommend her as she is fun to work with, knowledge about modelling and photography and has a gosh.

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Michael J Photography

I had another fabulous shoot a couple of days ago with this amazing model and creative genius that is Lizzie Bayliss. Believe me this lady could create stunning results from a shoot in a broom cupboard. She has the most amazing artistic imagination and array of poses that give you the photographer the images they have always dreamed of. On top of that she has a great personality that makes the shoot a highly enjoyable experience.

We did our usual four hour shoot and it just didn't seem long enough, the ideas from her just kept on flowing.

I hope to shoot with her again very soon for another highly enjoyable session of creativity.

Thanks again Lizzie for another fantastic shoot.

Michael J

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I recently had my second maternity shoot with Lizzie - my third shoot with her overall. Again a remote event and Lizzie, once the technique was in place, was able to bring her great talent as a model and her experience as a photographer to bear.

She had prepared two sets and I noticed that she enjoyed presenting her pregnant body, offering a wide range of great subjects, including gymnastic figures. Afterwards, in the bathtub, some pictures with very great expressiveness emerged.

It was so good, that we climbed together to such a good result. This was then clearly confirmed after editing the photographs.

I am very happy with the result of our shoot and can only highly recommend Lizzie.

I am looking forward to organising a shooting in presence in the near future.🙂



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Amazing remote shooting with Lizzie. Communication was great, the setup perfect and we were a bit lucky with the light and a delicious winter sun. Thank you for this great shooting and sure there will be another one.

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Gary Kirk Photography

There’s not much I can add that hasn’t been said before but Lizzie’s vast experience, many FPIs and excellent references speak for themselves. She is an incredible model, warm and funny to work with, full of ideas, kind and helpful to me who’d never used additional lighting before (and was kind enough to bring her own, eight months pregnant). There were some scheduling issues which couldn’t be avoided but Lizzie tried successfully to make it work and we had an amazing shoot. I’m so glad I booked her and you will be too!

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I was very happy to have the opportunity to have a maternity remote shoot with Lizzie today. It's amazing that the technique works so smoothly over such a long distance, from Germany to the UK. Lizzie, who after all is advanced pregnant, threw herself into the arranged poses with great agility and displayed great creativity. Needless to say, I'm excited to see what the high quality raws will look like. The quality seen through the net was already remarkable. We had agreed to do some images up to artistic nudes and then there was a surprise by her cat joining us. We spontaneously included her in the shots. A beautiful moment in a great shoot.

I knew from our first shoot that I would be working with a fabulous model. She is a great photographer herself, which you can always tell.

I am already looking forward to the possibility of a sequel. Maybe then in presence in the UK. 🙂

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Dave Gibson

I had the great pleasure of working with Lizzie today, this was a pregnant group shoot in Manchester. What can I say, anyone who has already had the pleasure shooting with Lizzie will know what I will be writing next. Lizzie is a very talented model who needs no direction, posing comes effortlessly. I'd very highly recommend her to any photographer or studio out there as she's a star and I can't wait to work with her again in the future.


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The Sorcerers Apprentice

I am very pleased to be positive reference number 585 for Lizzie. We worked together today on a remote shoot and the degraded quality images I saw over the net suggest that the high quality raws I will get will be ace. We had agreed that we would shoot some art nude but Lizzie being Lizzie suggested something a bit avant garde after we had shot softer (as in gentle rather than levels) and the experiment looks to have paid off in bucket loads. I was more than happy to let Lizzie "freestyle" for the rest of the shoot and I concentrated on pressing the shutter at what Cartier-Bresson might have described as the "time-lag critical moment".

I had worked with Lizzie before so I knew that I was getting to shoot with a fabulous model, who is a knowledgeable and skilful photographer and is super easy to communicate with. I look forward to adding another reference to Lizzie's long list in 2022.

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There can't be many on PP that don't know Lizzie, and people far more eloquent have sung her praises as can be seen below. Many may look at her port and see her conventional beauty but if that is all you see you are missing out as conventional mixed with unconventional vision and creativity creates an amazing energy and limitless possibilities on a shoot. As a creative, I don't know anyone better. Shoot with her and be open to the possibilities.

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GT Images

I have had the pleasure today of working with the lovely Lizzie on a location shoot arranged by herself at a fabulous house which offered loads of opportunity for varied images. I have wanted to work with Lizzie for quite some time now but unfortunately due to location it hasn’t happened. Well today was well worth the wait with Lizzie demonstrating her professionalism as a model and her obvious abilities as a photographer too with her offering and contributing ideas and suggestions as we moved throughout the shoot, that was all on top of her being a very attractive lady too.

In summary I was not disappointed apart from the time disappearing all too quickly and would definitely recommend her to any photographer who wants to work in collaboration with a model to achieve some creative results. The back of camera shots suggest we achieved my objectives and more!



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I had a great shoot today with Lizzie at an event that she had organised.Lizzie is a lovely model to work with friendly and easy to talk too.The location was a large house in Manchester with many different rooms to shoot in.Lizzie had different outfits and we shot different themes including art nude.I really enjoyed working with Lizzie and I am pleased with the images.

I would highly recommend Lizzie.

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RBN Photography

This was my first tutorial shoot with Lizzie and I couldn't be happier, her professionalism and knowledge enabled us to make some great shots and I learned a lot of new techniques.

I would not hesitate in recommending Lizzie as either a tutor or a model and will definitely be attending further workshops.

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