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Laura donohoe photography

I did a shoot with Liz yesterday and it was great, full communications though out in planning and arranging the shoot. It was a location shoot, arrived when planned.

Liz did very well to direction even when it was different to the norm, did very well also posing by herself,

Very friendly And easy to get along with, great convo starter! Defiantly for those like myself who struggle bringing up conversations. Was very enthusiastic and was happy to give her own ideas and input. Which made the shoot a lot easier and enjoyable.

A fun shoot all in all

and would work with Liz again!


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Had a great shoot with Liz over the weekend, although the shoot was outside my normal comfort zone, Liz was right at home. Liz provided the location and a large selection of outfits that were fitting for the location and ideas that she had chosen.

The shoot was in response to a very last minute casting call that Liz had made, all I can say is I’m glad that I responded as this was a great shoot, her communication was great even sending me the ideas that she had before hand, Liz is a true professional and was great fun to work with and a great personality.

Would defiantly recommend Liz to others and can’t wait to work with her again

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I did a shoot with a friend of Liz's.. and Liz happened to be there... She fancied a go infront of camera herself and who am I to deny her. She took to it like a duck to water, and needed little in the way of direction. She was well prepared with outfits and accessories and she has a great personality! Watch this space as she will make many a fine picture! I would highly recommend her! Thanks Liz! :o)

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