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Janine Sapphire has 19 references; 19 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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ETA Productions

Excellent model, we had an outdoor shoot in London and she was very hard working. Happy to shoot with her again.

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Brymor Fotographic

Had my first shoot of, I hope, many today with Janine. Yurned up on time and within 15 minutes I knew I had to work with her again

Highly,highly recommended

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Had a great shoot with Lientjie, a professional model who exudes confidence. Great conversation, great poses and a pleasure to shoot with. A model with a great array of poses, looks and patience. Pre-shoot communications, shoot and approach to obtaining the best shots possible was fantastic.

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Open Loop

Had the great pleasure of working with Lientjie recently. Although arranged at short notice her communication was quick and efficient, leading to rapid agreement.

The shoot was friendly, relaxed and good fun, with Lientjie chatty and engaging throughout. I found her really fascinating as a model. Her face has a otherworldly quality and shifts readily through a range of expressions one moment mischievous, another feline and again quietly thoughtful.

A definite recommendation.

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Had a great second shoot with Lientjie on Saturday, during pre-shoot we discussed a number of ideas, and on the day she was very helpful and accommodating of the ideas I had in mind.

During the shoot i found Lientjie an absolute delight to work with, confident, chatty, intelligent and professional throughout.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Lientje. and I can't wait to work with her again on future projects.

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Flaming Pentagram Photography

Had a great shoot with Lientjie on Friday. Communications were great, she arrived fully prepared with a mix of outfits and ideas for the shoot. She had strong poses and required no direction from me. A beautiful model with a great personality, I really enjoyed our shoot, I'd recommend her to any photographer and I definitely hope to work again with her soon.

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A beautiful model, we did stunning portraits, I was very pleased. Great Comms, arrived early, well prepared, very pleasant. Recommended!

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Shoot last Tuesday evening with Lientjie following excellent comms. Turned up as agreed with a large wardrobe to choose from and worked hard to achieve the images requested from her. Positive and progressive attitude throughout and extremely pleasant to work with. It will be a pleasure to work with Lientjie on future visits to the Capital. Thanks Lientjie.

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Great shoot with lientjie yesterday at Battersea park, great sense of humour and fun to work with. Posed natural without direction, extremely professional. Arrived on time and prepared, pre comms were excellent

Would definitely recommend her to anyone and hope to work with her again.

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Franc5 said...

I had my second shoot with Lientjie. She was on time, precomms were good and she brought all the outfits we needed. She was both profesional and fun to work with. Highly recomended and looking forward to work with her again.

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I had the pleasure to work with this woman, she was fun to work with and I would recommend her to anybody.

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I had a really enjoyable shoot with Lientjie today in London. She arrived early with an abundance of clothing and we made the most of our two hour shoot. We shot some fashion and lingerie and the time flew by. Lientjie is a terrific model and required little direction on posing. Easy going with a lovely sense of humour. This was my shoot and will be arranging another fairly soon. Highly recommended.

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When Linkie describes herself as lively, she is spot on! Full of enthusiasm, fun and energy, she's got a great 'can do' attitude. She's also very flexible!

Linkie arrived for our shoot early, equipped with a good selection of outfits and with hair and make up just as I wanted. All in all - just what was needed to make for a great shoot - many thanks Linkie!

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Franc5 said...

I was lucky enough to do a shoot today with Lientjie. We decided to do the shot on the last minute so I was not able to secure an studio and we had to improvise one in my flat.

Lientjie was fun to work with and we had some laughs but she is also very professional. She was just on time and with all the clothing we spoke previously. I did got the shots I was looking for and I surely recommend her.

Thanks Lientjie, hope to work with you again soon :)

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Just had a great shoot with Lientjie,she brings a very unique approach to the shoot,it flowed like clockwork and I am delighted with the results.The weather was a little cold,no problem Lientjie managed very well with the conditions.Highly recommended.Thank you Lientjie

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Dream Coma

Had a great shoot with Lientjie. She came with bags of enthusiasm, and had great ideas during the shoot too, allowing us to capture some tremendous shots. She is also open to trying new ideas, and very flexible! But more than that she was easy-going and fun to work with, we had plenty of laughs between sets.

On the practical side, pre-shoot comms were prompt and clear, and she turned up right on time.

Definitely recommended and looking forward to our next shoot.

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Had a great shoot with Lientjie. We got some unusual and artistic shots and she was fun to work with.

Highly recommended.

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I am a beauty photographer at heart that loves portraits. As soon as I saw Lientjie I had to photograph her. She is beautiful with a distinct look so full of character. We had a great shoot which was relaxed, chatty and enjoyable, which is always condusive to having a successful shoot. I could have continued exploring how light moves and falls across her face, but we ran out of time and we will save that for our next shoot. Until next time...x

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Had a shoot over a year ago,Pre shoot coms excellent,We achieved some amazing images.Lost contact but glad Lientjie is back on the scene.

Hoping to shoot soon.

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