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Scream Photographic - Jason

Sara is a very good model to work with, Comfortable in front of the camera and easy to pose.

We did an early evening natural light portrait shoot and nothing was too much trouble, Sara looks fantastic and the outfits she picked for the day were very good at adding a new dimension to the shoot every time.

If you are looking for a fashion model locally I would thoroughly recommend Sara as one of the best.

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Third time lucky getting together with Sara and it was well worth waiting for. Sara was on time and ready to shoot. She is very confident in front of the camera and was very easy to direct. She had ideas of her own too which was great. I ended up editing far more images than I usually do from a shoot - just couldn't help myself! Sara's looks were easily and quickly changed from very casual girly to elegant young woman. A joy to work with and I hope to do so again - highly recommended...

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A great shoot today. Sara is a joy to work with. Professional, prompt, relaxed and fun. We had already spoken about the shoot and she had spent time using Pinterest to share the concept she was looking for, which we used on the day. Sara would listen to all other suggestions adding her own ideas as we went along. I hope we will work together again soon.

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How lucky am I? I had the honour of working with Sara very recently. Communication was excellent! To get the chance to photograph a Spanish model & actress in the UK is something not to be missed. Sara is so much fun to work with, understands & responds to direction without question. We WILL definitely work together again. Thoroughly recommended for the serious photographer!

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