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What an enormous pleasure it was to work with LilMissDee again after a gap of over two years. Precomms were first class and it lead to her creating another wonderful outfit that really suited our location and the weather on the day.

Dee and her partner were on time at our agreed meeting place an, following the short drive to the actual location, Dee was straight to work in the rain. Despite the damp weather, Dee just flowed from one pose to another demonstrating her dedication and she made good use of all the opportunities offered by the location, taking direction very well indeed as well as using her own creative ideas. All too soon, it was time to pack up and head our separate ways.

Still the same polite, friendly hard working and dedicated model that I met over two years ago, I cannot recommend her too highly to all reliably and respectful photographers out there, and I sincerely hope that we shoot again very soon.

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I answered a casting call that Dee put up some time ago, but due to other commitments I was unable to shoot until today - and it really was worth the wait !

Pre-comms could not have been better with us discussing ideas and potential locations, with the weather forecast earlier this week making the final decision as to which of the previously discussed locations we'd use. Dee arrived (with her partner) at the agreed meeting place ready to go, so that once we reached the location, shooting could begin (Dee's partner was very helpful in carrying and holding the props throughout the shoot). She delivered one stunning pose after another despite the dark, damp and muddy conditions. She took what little direction I needed to give very well, but on the whole she just seemed to know the kind of pose that would suit each set up.

Polite, friendly, extremely hard working, professional, dedicated; I cannot recommend working with Dee to highly. I am very much looking forward to our next shoot.

Thank you very much for today Dee. See you again soon.

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Jon Taylor

Another first class shoot with Dee.

After the original location fell through, a hasty rethink resulted in what was probably a better venue.

Dee knows how to work location shoots, and urbex is perfect for her style and abilities.

As ever, Dee was a joy to work with; shoots with her are always a genuine collaboration and always fun.

Mention must be made again of Dee’s partner Richard; so much more than a chaperone, he’s happy to explore locations, hold lighting, and has an eye for a shot himself. A real asset to a shoot.

Dee is 100% recommended, and I look forward to working with her again. And again....🙂

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Jon Taylor

After her break from modelling, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Dee again.

Dee hasn’t lost any of her natural ability to interact with locations, bringing the best out of the working environment. Dee is possessed of a practical, down-to-earth approach to shooting, but also brings her own identity to the creative process. Working with Dee is a genuine collaboration, the sort of shoot I thrive on.

Dee arrived well prepared and ready to shoot as always.

Her partner Richard, (her companion on her shoots) not only makes an excellent assistant (lights, reflectors, etc) but also has a really good eye for a shot himself, and is an asset on shoots. Completely destroys the “I don’t tolerate chaperones” argument.

I hope to work with Dee and Richard again. There’s always that feeling of much more to come from this working relationship.

Highly recommended.

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Tel Wales

Dee and I met some time ago, when she and her partner visited my Cardiff based Intriguing Studio No 9 to discuss collaborating, but it was almost a year before we actually managed to shoot together and it was certainly worth the wait.

Pre-coms were good with great exchanges discussing potential themes, outfits, poses, etc. On the day, Dee was accompanied by her partner (Richard) who was helpful with prop and deflector handling, etc., but certainly not obtrusive in any way.

Dee was punctual, enthusiastic, brought a good mix of outfits, was willing to take direction (where required) but also contributed some great ideas which helped the shoot themes flow naturally. She had a great personality, was fun to work with and, as the images illustrate, contributed towards us achieving some great dark, emotional and dramatic images.

I would be more than happy to work with Dee again and would certainly recommend her. Thanks Dee

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Dee was great to work with, I asked and she did, even getting into a river, took direction very well and she also had ideas of her own.

Would love to do an indoor shoot next time,

Thanks Dee,


Bryn x

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Elemental photography Wales

Dee was an amazing model, relaxed and fun, punctual and well prepared.

she took direction well and understood the images i was after

and her partner was amazing.. becoming a great assistant for the afternoon

look forward to working with her again soon

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We had Miss Dee in Paintbox Studio yesterday for a shoot with Andy and Sally. She came well prepared with selections of clothes, took directions well and great fun was had by all.

Dee is highly recommended and welcome back to Paintbox anytime.

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Well what an absolute pleasure it was to work with Dee today for the first time.

Dee was fun, professional, punctual and a dream to work with, and you immediately felt at ease in her company.

Great pre shoot communication made for a very smooth shoot with some great ideas.

I would totally recommend Dee to any photographer, you will not be disappointed.

Already discussing making a day of it on various locations come the spring, this is one model I defiantly want to work with again.

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Met Dee and her partner today, shoot went really well, highly recommend her and I'm looking forward to working with dee again for sure.

Get booking her people!!!

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Jon Taylor

Second shoot with Dee, as we were both keen to expand on the work done and the working relationship built during the first shoot.

Dee is hard-working, takes direction well, but also has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve and how to go about achieving it. Dee arrived with outfit changes and loads of enthusiasm.

Dee interacts with locations supremely well; she brings the best out of the shoot environment, and makes it work for herself and the photographer. Shooting with Dee is fun and creative, and I hope to shoot with her again soon, as it is a joy working with her.

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Jon Taylor

First shoot with Dee, and I hope there'll be more.

Pre-shoot communications were excellent, detailed and always open to discussion.

Punctuality? Well I was the one who got lost trying to find the location, so Dee's patience must not go unremarked!

The shoot itself was fun; once we both relaxed into it, the ideas flowed, and the location began offering up so many opportunities. Dee has a clear sense of style and what works for her, and that makes her a joy to shoot with. Yes, she had a chaperone along for the shoot (we'd agreed on this in pre-shoot comms) but her partner was patient, unobtrusive when he needed to be, and also contributed ideas, clearly seeing Dee's potential. And he was a dab hand with reflectors and LED lighting!

Dee worked the shoot really well, is a good conversationalist and therefore easy to form a working relationship with.

Highly recommended.

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I have just done my first shoot with Dee, good pre-comms leading upto shoot. She arrived on time and was a little nervous to start, she soon relaxed and got into the swing of things. She listens and takes direction well and produced a lot of good images.

Highly recommended.

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