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Had a great shoot with John, he had a good sense of humour and was very chatty.

He has really good ideas for photos and gave me clear directions.

Would recommend 😊

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Great first shoot with John. Beautiful location he suggested. John gives you privacy to get changed, friendly. Love the photos, hope to work together again

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Had a great shoot with @lightanddarker. Felt comfortable the whole time and had a fun time. Hope to work together again sometime x

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Mave D.

Had my first shoot with John on the 10th of June. John came up prepared and made sure I felt comfortable in the shoots. He made sure not to go in my private space and asked if I was comfortable with any suggestions he had in mind. He was brilliant to work with and very easy to talk to. John is quite a cheerful, friendly person, which made the shoot very relaxed and exciting. After our work together he send me all the pictures he worked on and also asked if there are once I am not comfortable with him posting. Furthermore, for the time we had together we were able to capture quite few amazing ideas and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. Would highly recommend!

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Had my first shoot with @LightandDarker a few days ago and what a shoot we had! From start to finish it was a pleasure to be in his company and we got some amazing shots. I found him to be very professional, reliable, chatty and great at what he does. We had a laugh too which is great for settling first shoot nerves. I was able to see my photos at regular intervals which really helps because I can see what poses work and what don’t. He gives great direction if he has a pose in mind but also is happy to go with the flow when I go from pose to pose. Our shoot flew and was very relaxed which I really like. I never felt rushed and felt very comfortable throughout the shoot.

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Ava Grey

Absolutely incredible shoot with John on Tuesday. Incredibly professional but also very funny and easy to talk to and get along with!

Made me feel at ease from the beginning and gave great direction while also exploring my ideas too! We shot in the beautiful town of Shaftesbury and John was incredibly gentlemanly helping me down a cobblestone hill in 6 inch stilettos! I felt super comfortable for the entire duration of the shoot and we managed to get all that we wanted done in quite a short amount of time!

Very inspiring and I can’t wait to see the finished products!

10/10 would recommend to all models and photographers wanting to work with John!

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John was absolutely amazing! It was great shooting with him, highly professional and very funny guy! Made the shoot very easy and we shared ideas well. Highly recommend him

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Very pleasant man to work with. Great communication. First shoot put me at ease. Would be happy to work with again.

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Had a really fun shoot, was on time and really relaxed which put me at ease during the shoot. I was very pleased with the images shot and would also recommend to others! Communication before and after the shoot is great :)

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Shannon Ware

My first shoot with light and dark and I’m sure it won’t be the last .. very cheerful man who is very easy to get along with .. was an awesome Day👏

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had the pleasure to work with an good professional photographer, amazing pictures good camera quality loved the lighting and location for the shoot as well, highly recommend.:-)

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Had my first shoot with light and dark today which was great,I enjoyed some of the location shoots we done and the indoor ones ,he was very polite on arrival and made me feel comfortable and at ease,thank you for the cuppa! I recommend him!

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My first shoot In a while was with lighter and darker, he made me feel very comfortable and wasn’t too serious , would highly recommend him .

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Saffron W

Had a lovely shoot with John today in and around Salisbury. Met up and shot in a coffee shop then wondered by the river.

John has a great way of setting you at ease, he was asking questions and chatting away as he shot and at times i forgot the shoot was happening. Seen a couple of early images and really like what he captured.

Would recommend John for a nice relaxed shoot.

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I had a really fun shoot with John this weekend. I got to see a new art gallery in which we took some nice shots. John is very fun and easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

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had a great location shoot was very pleasant and gave suggestions as to positioning and places we could get some good shots. very friendly and comfortable.

would work with again

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Tara Lou Model

I had my first shoot with John today. He came to me in Dorchester and we wondered around Dorchester and found a good selection of locations to shoot.

From the minute I met John, I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. John is talkative and professional, he is also very good at giving direction and helping with facial expressions.

Even though it was raining, John was still happy to shoot the ideas I had as well as his own :)

100% recommendation from me!

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Had a shoot with John yesterday, he was very professional and polite, he helped me with facial expressions and gave me very good direction. Looking forward to seeing the results from the shoot!

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Rosa Fury

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting John for a cup of tea and a quick test shoot together. He was an absolute gentleman; very easygoing and friendly, and he provided some excellent directions on poses. I had a lot of fun in our short time together today, so if he'll have me I'll definitely be organising a longer session with him in the future!

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Lily Moonflower

I had a great shoot with John and 2 other photographers a few weeks back. My sister was also involved in the shoot as a model.

I was a little worried about shooting with so many photographers, but John and everyone else organised themselves really well and they were all very friendly and easy to talk to.

I felt very comfortable and relaxed as soon as I met them all.

John is very talkative and attentive. He made sure everyone was feeling good and comfortable, and he kept the conversation going throughout the entire shoot. It was obvious to me that he was interested in what I had to say, and he wasn't just talking for the sake of talking.

If you have a chance to shoot with him then take it! I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together and I would recommend him 100%!

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