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Paul Cooley

This was my first time woring with Leon, he lived up to my expectations and was every bit as good as I expected. Pre comms were excellent. This was a remote Natural Light shoot and his setup was excellent. Leon is great to work with, and works hard to nail every image. I highly recommend Leon and look forward to working again with hom in the near future :)

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This was my third shoot with Leon, each time together with Tillie Feather. This time both as a duo and solo.

Leon is a handsome, fit, athlectic, well built young man who is relaxed and easy to work with. He and Tillie make an excelent duo together. Leon is also an fine solo male model.

Leon is charming, inventive and has a collaborative approach to his modelling. He is enthusiastic and is focused on getting the best results we can. Each shoot with Leon is memorable and fun.

I have absolutely no hestitation recommending Leon either as a solo or duo with Tillie.

Many thanks Leon for all your efforts and your contribution to a superb shoot.

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I worked with Leon and Tillie at NLS yesterday.

It's a while since I've shot a male model and shooting a m/f duo was a bit of a risk, but the day after it still feels like the best shoot I've ever had.

Leon is easy to get on with, was keen to make sure he understood what I was trying to do, and he and Tillie brought my ideas to life and added their own ; with the help of Tris from NLS) it felt like a great team and made me a better photographer. I'm delighted with the results, but it was such a pleasure getting them. So Leon gets my wholehearted recommendation.

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Ever Realm Photo

Leon is possibly the best male model i have ever had within one of my creative shoots. He has a serious raw energy that sparks your creative talents and brings forward a poetic, flowing theme to your shots.

Not only this but you can tell how strong his willingness to learn is and how much he enjoys the art in what we creates. Best part of working with Leon is he has absolutely no ego and is all about the images and thats what you need in a talented model.

Talking of talent, his poses and expressions are flawless and he knows just what you are looking for. As a photographer being able to work with someone who feels the character and can act with it makes it special and that's what Leon can do.

A spellbounding shoot that i will never forget and with others in the pipeline I am sure this wont be tue last you will see him on my profile

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Wendy A

Fantastic shoot with Leon and his partner Tilley on Sunday. Leon had the ability to respond to my ideas and add that extra value to his interpretation. Energetic and professional performance all day. Many thanks Leon.

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John Askey

First time working with Leon today, shooting as a due with Tillie.

Leon is very friendly, welcoming and a pleasure to work with. His poses are effortless and the chemistry between him and Tillie is fantastic.

Despite being the last day of a 9 day tour and facing a 6 hour drive home both he and Tillie gave 100% to ensure we captured some great images.

Highly recommended by me, both solo and with Tillie (y)

Thanks again Leon.

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Barbara Jenkin

Super shoot with Leon and his partner Tillie, he is fit strong and inspirational in his posing. Very creative and interpreted my ideas perfectly. Highly recommended.

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Had a fantastic two hour shoot with Leon and Tillie at Alicia Black's apartment. They work so well together and are so creative. I only had to give them a hint of an idea and they produced so many images. I only hope I did them justice. So warm, friendly and professional.

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Alicia Black

Leon and her partner Tillie came to stay at my apartment during their tour of the West country. I was very delighted when we could get some dates set. Pre comms were on point. Meeting them in person they are a wonderful couple and very down to earth. I knew I could leave the place in safe hands with Leon and Tillie. Was a very brief meeting as I had a mixed schedule at the time and welcomed to the property and had a chat. Highly recommended by me they are professional and with a warm personality. They are lovely guests, this was the first time I have hosted my property out to a model so this was a success. Looking forward to seeing their work. Will see you again on your next tour. Thank you :)


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Toby Lewis

I had a really successful shoot with Leon (on his own) yesterday. First, the results are great, I could not be happier with the shots we got. Second, he is very capable of producing a steady stream of poses, so the only direction I had to give was in relation to getting him in the right position for the light. Leon was chatty and easy to work with throughout the shoot, but he was always focused on the task at hand and the time passed quickly. As he also works behind the camera his basic understanding of photography really helps him work as a model. He was on time for the shoot and came prepared (despite a nightmare day the day before, due to his and Tillie's current tour). For any photographers looking for a male model, Leon is one of the best.

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Orson Carter

I'd greatly admired Leon's work and I'd heard so many good things about him, and last week I found out for myself that all the praise that others have heaped on him is totally warranted.

Leon's profile notes state that he's 'enthusiastic, diverse & full of energy'. That's an understatement - especially about the energy. Our shoot involved a lot of physically-demanding poses (some solo; some duos with Tillie) but he carried them off throughout a whole day of shooting. This guy is the proverbial human dynamo. :)

Leon's profile notes also state that he's 'easy to get along with'. That's 100% correct as well. He's totally unpretentious and has a great sense of humour, so working with him was not only hugely productive but was also very enjoyable.

Recommended? Too damn right!

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Saintly Snaps

I worked with Leon on a duo shoot with Tillie at NLS at the weekend.

Leon was fantastic. He is both friendly and professional! Being an amateur photographer and inexperienced with male models he was really easy to work with. He worked both with and without direction and his enthusiasm for modelling was really evident. He even continued to work through the breaks which gave us all extra photography time on some solo shots while Tillie changed.

He has produced great images both with Tillie and on his own and I look forward to working with him again!

Thanks Leon! :)

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In Search of That Perfect Shot..............

Had a fabulous shoot with Tillie & Leon at Natural Light Spaces. It's not the first time I have shot with them and they were as awesome as ever. Posing is second to none and they worked very hard on both group shoots (I booked on both) for four and then five photographers and made sure everyone got good some results to take home. Thank you Tillie, Leon & Tris. Jann :-)

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Dag Nammett

I shot with Leon as a part of his duo day with Tillie Feather at Natural Light Spaces, as a part of a four photographer group shoot. Leon worked both as a part of the duo but also as a solo model. For a model as muscular as Leon, he's surprisingly elegant and graceful with his posing style, he flows from pose to pose with fluidity, and he also takes direction well when ideas are suggested. Both solo and with Tillie, Leon looks totally comfortable in front of the camera. Plus he comes across as a genuinely lovely person, and working with him was a pleasure. Definitely recommended!

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Antony Wilkinson Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Leon yesterday as part of a duo shoot with Tillie. Leon is a top guy who poses fantastic, takes direction well and understands lighting and camera angles (he's a top tog too). Leon puts 100 % for every shot, has a great look and is totally comfortable in front of the camera. Leon is also chatty, friendly and has a great sense of humour. I can't recommend Leon enough, an all round top guy and i'm sure we will work together again.

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Leon at our studio whilst he was in the NW region. We had discussed a boxing theme in advance which turned out to be a great idea, enabling Leon to demonstrate his great physique, energy and boxing experience to produce a set of exciting and dynamic images. We also were able to combine our best studio props to explore some art nude poses. The whole shoot was a great success thanks to Leon's positive and creative attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Leon to any photographer looking to add quality male images to their port.

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White Tiger Photography

I had my 1st shoot today with Leon at the Natural Light Spaces with his partner Tillie doing a duo shoot,

I really can not praise these two up enough, They are two of the most genuinely nice people I have met,

down to earth, fun and when it comes to their modelling, Very hard working as a duo or on his own, no direction needed and flows effortlessly from pose to pose

We did some fashion work and low key artnude, the shots I walked away with I was really pleased with,

I really recommend Leon and his partner Tillie to ALL photographers and models that will respect them and there levels

I hope to shoot with both of these again in the future and I can not wait,

Thanks again for a amazing evening xxx Ricky

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A great Duo shoot in the Studio with Leon and Tillie.

Although I'd worked with Tillie before, this shoot was arranged at very short notice, but even so, the session produced the results that all the attending photographers were happy with.

Leon is a great guy, will do his utmost to achieve the shot....with a relaxed yet determined attitute to achieve the images required.

Thanks for your efforts guys, from pre-shoot communications to the support and understanding you showed to the less experienced photographers in the session.

We had a really great morning, we had a lot of fun and a few laughs and still produced some very good images, What else could you ask for?

See you guys again soon. 100% recommended.

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Shot with Leon and Tillie at the Natural Light Spaces Open Day, they were amazing, I'm still finishing up editing the set, the work that I have so far ensures that I will be wanting to book them both on a one to one, and probably at NLS if possible.

Both Tillie and Leon had such an energy, it was a pleasure shooting with them.

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Stu Freeman

I Highley recommend Leon & Tillie as a duo pair, they have to be one of the best out there, Book them.

I was a little apprehensive about being able to get a 'concealed' look to Leon but the pair of them are just so natural working together I hadn't even realised we had gone straight in to both being nude. They just naturally produced great poses.

Already looking forward to our next meet.

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