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Anna Johansson

I had a great photoshoot with Declan on my tour in Ireland, and he is an amazing guy and photographer to work with. He is fun, friendly, laid back and a gentleman and I love his style of photography. I'm looking forward to the next time and I highly recommend him to all models.

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Helen Diaz

RogerMore and I organise and host Icelandic Dreams photography trips and we have just returned from an amazing week away with Declan!

Due to the pandemic this was the third reschedule! We had hoped that this was our "third time lucky" but due to the mania of airports in 2022, despite being 2 hours early for our flight... the long queues and security held us all up and we missed our gate closure by minutes (no announcements)!! (Mental note; in 2022 post pandemic: arrive at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight-minimum!)

RogerMore came up with a genius plan B and a rescue plan and we finally arrived in Iceland 15 hours later to meet Declan and the rest of the team... (plus our second flight was also delayed twice!)

Phew... what a journey and many hours waiting at Luton airport (Luton airport, as the famous "One foot in the grave" series states "where no one can hear you scream!").

Thankfully a member of airport staff gave us all (Roger, IridaS and I) permission to use the "prayer room" section of the airport to rest which was a blessing a half!!) After our manic journey, together; IridaS, Svala (Icelandic Selkie) and I modelled over the Icelandic landscape during the course of the week, venturing to the North of Iceland, staying in a beautiful retreat in Dalvik.

We hosted six photographers and three models in total over the course of the week shooting art nudes in the stunning landscape and the weather was absolutely beautiful, with sunshine every day (very unusual for Iceland!), raining only on the last day that we were leaving. It was the summer time in Iceland in late May-June and much of the day was beautiful sunlight making for the perfect conditions for photography.

It was so lovely to meet and work with Declan! It was our first time working together, so I am always a little nervous but I needn't have been!

Declan is such a lovely kind, quiet soul. I absolutely loved his smooth Irish voice and his cool, calm nature and would absolutely love to work together again. There is so much more to Declan than meets the eye, I found his character and personality so endearing. He was professional, courteous and respectful.

I really look forward to seeing the photographic results and loved the work we achieved together over the week.

It was certainly a very memorable trip...one I will never forget!!

Thankyou Declan for a lovely week, I hope to see you again in the future my lovely Irish friend,

Highly recommended to all,

Helen x

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Gabriella Knight

3rd and again fantastic shoot with this truely professional , creative and very lovely photographer!

I already added very Flattering references but honestly shooting with Declan is very enjoyable experience!:)

I cannot wait to do this again!

Highly recommended


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I don't know how many times me and Declan have worked together at this stage, but it's always an absolute pleasure.

Thanks Declan ;)

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Celia Nen

I've worked with Declan many times now. He's respectful and friendly, and I always feel very comfortable working with him.

I'm looking forward to working together again in the future, and I'd highly recommend shooting with him if you get the chance! :)

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I cant believe I haven't left a reference for Declan yet. Our most recent shoot was at a cool factory style location with loads of natural light. Ive worked with Declan many times now and always loved each shoot. He takes my ideas on board and is a talented photographer which means I have great fun modelling for him and creating the best images possible. He was kind enough to give me a very long break and even paid for me to have a coffee/lunch.

I cant wait to work with him again -hopefully in Oct 2020 when I am back!

Highly recommended

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Sigrife / (Oliviia)

It was a pleasure to work with Declan, it was fun, creative and relaxed. He is calm, kind and down to earth, easy to talk with I am happy about the results.

I would absolutely recomend him, and I look forward for the next time we will work together

Thank you again for this experience :)

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Jess Harrington

Had my first shoot with lensmith at Sandon Studio and the moment we met we hit it off! Easy to work with. my first shoot of the day and we got some great shots x can’t wait to see the images we got and looking forward to Working with you again xxx


Thanks again Lensmith

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Chloe T

Another shoot with Declan and his lovely ideas he booked for me for a few hours while I was at Sandon Studio and that time just flew by as he is so easy to work with and always up for a chat while we work and I just know the shots will be amazing! let just hope its not another 6 years before i see you again!

Always happy to recommend him

Chloe X

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Had a great shoot with Declan on my recent Dublin tour.

He picked me up and dropped me off as arranged beforehand, pre-comms were great.

The shoot went smoothly, ideas were flowing, and we had a great time, and created some beautiful images.

Would love to work with Declan again, highly recommended! :)

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Had my second shoot with Declan this weekend, this time it was a duo with Gabriella Knight in our Airbnb in Dublin. Declan is such a lovely person to work with, really good personality and very professional. His images looks stunning and he has great ideas but also lets me pose freely. We even discussed the possibility of shooting in Budapest when I'm there in April, which I hope we will be able to organize, as I'd love to work with him again! Highly recommended xx

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Tania Aresti

What a fun shoot this was!

Lensmith is a true gentlemen and I felt comfortable around him at all times.

We shot at my apartment while he was over from Ireland and he was happy to show me images as we went along.

He was 100% professional and we had a great chat whilst we shot.

I would recommend and I would love to work with him again.

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I had a short shoot with Declan in Dublin today which we managed to book last minute. Declan had arranged for us to shoot at Edge Studio, to create dance based images.

Unfortunately, I ended up running very late to out shoot due to transport issues but Declan was very gracious and understanding.

During the shoot he was very clear about what he wanted to achieve and took his time to ensure the lighting was perfect. We also had our pick of some interesting props and costume pieces which is always fun.

Declan was the ultimate professional, very polite and respectful and I hope we get another, longer chance to shoot in the future.

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kayah louisa

Declan is such a lovely person! I felt a connection to him instantly :)

We met at the studio I had been shooting from earlier and we popped for food before getting started, although we had just met I felt like I was out with a old friend.

We worked in a studio in the centre of Dublin and had so much fun getting creative with props :)

I felt like the ideas flowed between us really well and the images I saw on the back of the camera were beautiful so I am super excited to see what the finished products look like.

I had the most amazing time working with Declan and I can't wait to do it again :)

Definitely very highly recommended

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Another great shoot with Declan!

He is so kind, warm, professional and respectful. Pre comms were excellent and our shoot was organised really well easily.

He is a great photographer and I loved that he listened to my ideas and made them come to life! :)

His natural light work is stunning which we managed to squeeze in at the studio.

Highly recommended

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Keira Lavelle

Yet another splendid shoot to add to the "goodness knows how many" splendid shoots that we have now had over the years! :D I have no doubt that each time I work with Declan, the results we produce get better and better!

This time we worked together in Dublin once again - the location of which, I supplied for this shoot as I had the option to work from where I was staying. The apartment was small with some areas of natural light... But that did not restrict us even in the SLIGHTEST. It just goes to show: you could have a grand palace or a small room, when you're got two creatives that work very well together - it's the teamwork and joint-inspiration that matters most. :) Every corner of opportunity, we absolutely blitzed! one cool idea turned into another... Then something else would spring to mind! It was never ending and we made ran rings around my little apartment - the same beautiful mix of casual/arty/quirky/erotic. Declan is someone I always enjoy working with based on just that fabulous variety we work through; going through the back of the camera in-between sets is such an incredibly cheer-worthy moment as a result. The true spirit of a creative shoot should be 100% defined by the people on-board working together on inspired like-mindedness. Another shoot to tick all those boxes and more. :)

Because of the very rapport I described above, Declan and I literally always crack on with springing ideas off each other: could be outfit choice, or a particular area in the shooting space... You name it. But one thing which is always definite: Declan shows exemplary drive for his photography work when in the zone and the more challenging the lighting or angles, the more he works at it and always ends up owning those conditions: be it what appears to be dim light from a single light source of a very specific line of view for the shot. He works so hard and perseveres to perfect the moment technically and visually with a really superb eye. He gives such wonderfully kind feedback to me throughout our shoots - but I will not allow him to not believe he doesn't have a brilliant eye for a picture because he does! That little apartment of mine has literally not seen as much genius art for as long as the building has been there! :D

And finally: more unquestionably true merit given to Declan for his ongoing professionalism, generosity and perfect courtesy. He is such a perfect gentleman in so many ways and simply the nicest person any model would enjoy shooting with. Every time we work together, we chat loads, catch-up and gel all over again with immediate effect. He's completely down-to-earth and recommendable in every sense. Pristine communications made the booking process again, a total breeze and the rest just fell into place following the usual creative discussions. I always look forward to when and where our next encounter will be - it is always guaranteed to be packed with fun and productivity, that's for sure! :)

Thank you once again Declan.


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Gabriella Knight

I had my second shoot with Declan on my recent Irish tour!

Declan is such a sweetheart! I was very tired after all my shoots and Decaln was very understanding and made our shoot easy and enjoyable! Declan shoots beautiful natural light pictures which I saw on the back of camera! I’m really looking forward to seeing edits!

I am hoping to shoot with Declan again

Highly recommended


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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Lensmith is awesome to work for. Really chilled out, friendly and genuine photographer. He was very respectful and made me feel at ease instantly.

We shot in 2 different studios, he brought some cool props and had some good ideas. He gave just the right amount of direction throughout the shoot, it was a fun day and I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

I would highly recommend!

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Declan is a really kind and easy going person. Shooting with him was a big pleasure and I really appreciated his way to work, proposing ideas but also leaving me free to pose in my style and putting me immediately at ease. I really hope to meet him again! =)

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Kitty Dawson

I had a shoot with Declan at 50hz photography studios.

We mainly shot sensual nude/tasteful, art nude, bodyscapes, lingerie, a fashion set and some light fetish- foot cuff with a chain and the fetishy frilly item that I don’t know the name of.

I’m not a fetish based model but, I like to try out light fetish themes for images, so I found this fun!

-As it was a bit different than what I’m used to but, I felt completely comfortable and the light fetish aspect was the level I’m comfortable with in fetish photography.

We kept it stylish also in art nude with Declan’s lovely jewellery collection that he brought along :).

Declan is kind, respectful, on time, nice to talk to, professional and eager to learn more and more because photography is a never ending, fun, learning journey!

Thank you so much for a great shoot and being you! I look forward to seeing images and your feedback.

Reccomended :)

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