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Simon Cole

Extraordinary 1st shoot with Leila today. We worked on a variety of ideas and still had oodles more up our sleeves that we didn't have time for. Leila arrived bang on time with tons of clothes and accessories. She put her heart and soul into making the shoot a success and having briefly looked through the images, it's clear that the day has been well-spent. I rate Leila very highly, both as an extremely talented model and as a shoot companion. She was fun, friendly and worked her socks off. Great day, thanks Leila :)

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Leila is one of those models that when shows up, changes everything that I think that I know about photography and leaves me wondering what just happened but happy she is part of my life even if it is in spurts of random 3 hours at a time. All I can say is work with her and you will get what an intense, special and fantastic model she is. I can't wait till the next time she shows up and changes everything I think I know about this hobby of mine. very cool person as well. :)

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Green Sash

Leila Jay is a pleasure to deal with.

I was trying to organise a shoot at the last minute, with considerable restrictions. Leila Jay was extremely positive and constructive throughout. Although we did not succeed, her friendly, helpful attitude was so striking that I feel compelled to recommend her. I hope to work with her in the near future.

Thank you,


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Absolutely wonderful person and model. A super star poser, gorgoeus features and my camera loves her. We had several sessions over the last year and she never disappoints. Thank you Leila, Highly recommended.

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1460505600Did not show up.

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superb model and great person I had the pleasure to shoot in LONDON at Murdermile studio. I highly recommend LEILA

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Had a great and enjoyable shot with Leila. She is really multi talented and an actress as well as a beautiful and professional model.

She put an incredible amount of positive energy throughout the shot, keeping coming up with stunning expressions, poses (thanks also to her incredibly flexible body), ideas and playing different characters (along the themes we discussed at the beginning of the shot). By having a quick look at the photos of the day I am extremely happy with the results.

I really would like to work with Leila again soon.

Highly recommended.

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Scarper Jack

Leila Jay and I hooked up for a day. Unfortunately we were joined by 'Storm Imogen'. The day was incredibly windy; as I drove us both from location to location, I was fighting with the steering the whole time. It was not super cold... but the wind chill factor was massive and Leila was booked to shoot nude... on location.

Did this put her off? The resulting images speak for themselves. Even though poor Leila was cold to the core, she kept going, psyching herself up between shoots, warming up in the car, smoking a roll-up and then shrugging off her long-coat and getting to work.

The moment Leila starts posing she is the consummate professional. Pose after pose, responding instantly to direction but needing none, feeding off the energy of the idea and location and delivering the goods over and over again.

Leila is a stunningly beautiful young woman with elfin features. She is tall and (in her own words) gangly. She can pose with elegance and glamour with the best but she comes into her own when she is able to mix it up and be less conventional. She is flexible and slender and uses that to her advantage.

My shoot with Leila produced the biggest number of 'keepers' I've ever had by a country mile. I will ascribe some of that to my own growing confidence and a little more to a really nifty little 28mm prime lens. The real credit goes to Leila, though. It was an amazing shoot.

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Christiana Helen Perry

Leila is the first Purple Port model I have photographed. I wanted to practise some techniques one Saturday in the streets around my neighbourhood. We met for coffee first and made a plan. She came with a lot of enthusiasm and was not at all bothered about it being a bit cold for environmental portraiture - It was me who had to break for tea multiple times to warm up. She was incredibly patient. She has a great look and came with a variety of outfits to choose from and gave us lots of interesting, dynamic poses as she's very flexible.

I highly recommend Leila Jay.

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Robert Alexander Malcolm

Great model and pleasure to work with, Very attentive and really studied moodboard that were sent over, looking forward to working with Leila again in the summer months

Highly Recommended :-) :-) :-)

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A great lady, lovely character and a very very beautiful girl. Beyond everything a great actress. Thanks for the shoot and take care of yourself please! :)

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Awesome. Simply awesome. That is the only way to describe Leila. We did a 3 hour shoot and have so many unbelievable images I really do not know how I am going to weed them down. She poses superbly and literally ever pose is a keeper. Lovely person as well. So easy to get on with.

If I could only ever shoot 1 model it would be her.

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Terry Slater

I had shoot with Leila Jay a couple of days ago and I could write volumes about what an outstanding model she is. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. Everything from high fashion to concept model. I totally recommend her whole heartily and without reservation. I just cannot wait to work with her again.

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As for a recommendation, where does one start with Leila. After reading her other recommendations, I realized whatever I was going to say has already been said. Leila is by far the most diverse, talented model you can work with and an utter joy to shoot. She not only is up for anything you come up with but she will throw everything she has into the idea and will give you 15 different poses, expressions and moods you couldn't even think of asking for. In the end you are left with a mountain of amazing shots and have the hardest time figuring out when to start in post production.

I would highly recommend her for any shoot, idea or concept you are thinking of shooting. It is impossible to walk away with not only what you wanted but also what you didn't realise you could do with an idea. Knowing what she did with me and looking at other recommendations all I can say is keep her very, very busy. She is pretty amazing.

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