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Amy Coco

I shot with Lee in Accrington yesterday and had such a great time. He had organised a stylist and makeup artist to be present which made the shoot fun and interesting.

Lee is such a nice guy, very easy going and great to get along with. He was very understanding when I missed my train. I felt comfortable throughout and I have to say it has to be one of the shoots I have enjoyed the most.

The time flew while we were shooting and I had an amazing time on location and in a white vintage mini! Lee knew what he wanted from the shoot and was very creative with lighting and ideas and gave great direction where needed.

Not to say the photos turned out amazing! Lee is such a great photographer and I can't wait to see more of the finished results! I would 100% recommend him to others and am looking forward to hopefully shooting again with him soon.

Thanks Lee :)

Amy Coco

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Bea Dux

When I say "I wish I could work with Lee every day" I truly mean it! Not only is he a fantastic photographer but he's an outstanding gent, too. Whenever we shoot, I can be sure a good laugh, a brew and a bite to eat are also on the cards.

I've worked with Lee on portfolio work as well as images for publication and medchandise promotion. Every image he has sent me has been used again and again. I could share his work for weeks.

Photography isn't just a job for this man, it's a passion and his love for his craft shows in his work. He is an absolute joy to be around, I can't recommend him enough!

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Roo Morgue

I worked with Lee on Monday and it was awesome, he collects old polaroid cameras so as well as shooting digital we got some really cool snaps from them too! He is probably one of the most fun people in the industry I've met so far, kinda wanna hang out and shoot again purely for the conversation! Can't wait to see the rest of the shots, and I have ideas already brewing for our next shoot ;)

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katie Anna

I worked with Leemo a few weeks ago and I thought he was a fab photographer to work with.

He came round with lots of ideas and we created some beautiful images together .

He is very talented and comes highly recommended !

Katie Anna

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Chloe Louise Gorton

I had the pleasure of working with Leemo this Wednesday on an 'ethereal' inspired shoot. He was so much fun to work with, and has an innovative style of shooting which completely fascinated me. Would definitely recommend Leemo, and hope to work with you again in the future :)

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