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Tabitha Bites

I really enjoyed the shoot I did with Parm, the whole shoot was very laid back, creative and the shots looked amazing when finished 😊

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Bonnie Vincent

Had my second long awaited shoot with Parm last month :)

We met at the train station and Parm drove us both to a derelict location which was exactly what we both wanted! (a very good find)

From my experience of my shoot with Parm 2 years ago the images turned out just as I expected them to, if not exceeded my expectations as we both tried out so many good ideas and we had alot of fun, so much so that we ran out of time but wasn't ready to stop!

I felt comfortable throughout the shoot, Parm suggested poses and allowed me to pose myself.

Completely in love with the images and couldn't recommend him enough to other models :)

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Had a great shoot! Parm was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable, the quality of his finished images are amazing. I'm certainly happy with the work we produced and would highly recommend to others.

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Really enjoyed my shoot with Parm I learnt a lot from him and he helped me push myself and made me feel proud of the work we did together I would work with again in a flash (lol) and would recommend him to others really lovely bloke x

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Bonnie Vincent

I had my first shoot with Parm over a year ago. The location that he selected was great and he's full of brilliant ideas! Really nice guy to work with and it won't be long until we work together again. :)

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je55 said...

did my 1st with parm he was on time very profeninal made me feel at easy. had a fun shoot with plenty of laughs would defantily work with him again. loved his ideas and the way he let me use my own ideas too would defo rate him 10/10 and cant wait to see the pic x

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