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Stu was great fun to work with from the get go, he's very enthusiastic and full of energy. He also provides decent hospitality!

His home studio is ideal and was really helpful to see the pictures as they were being taken on the screen.

I'd recommend shooting with Stu if you get the chance to!

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Had this wonderful opportunity working with LealLi for the first time today.

We actually were deciding ideas already when there were first lockdown restrictions eased - but didn’t manage in time then to meet.

Therefor double the joy that finally we had a chance to work.

We worked up to art nude and tasteful erotica -

He was very kind to pick me up from station, on arrival- I was treated with coffee, while confirming brief.

And set by set we worked - directions given when and if needed, privacy respected at all time - mature mind, creative wye on the detail , and at all times I saw what pictures were taken - live screen - so very easy was to pose and achieve the idea .

Also studio - the cosiest studio I’ve been to - packable, comfy and warm and so very diverse light approach gave each shot a different perspective.

Highly recommended photograoher to work with - you gonna feel at ease and self confidence boost for sure - he knows what he is doing - and so many winners achieved.

I will struggle very much to choose my favorite - awsome sets and original approach to backdrops lights .

Now on my way home and feeling high of how productive this experience was .

Highly recommended - to both, beginners and professionals, on the field - he will make sure, vision is achieved.

Thanks again a lot indeed and hope to work woth you in near future

From Latvia with love 🕊

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I don't think I could give enough positive feedback to describe just how good today's shoot with Stu was. I had an amazing day.

He was lovely, funny and knew what he wanted to capture. I felt totally comfortable working with him and he was respectful of the fact that I was dealing with very painful cramps that would kick in every so often (because who doesn't love being a woman?) But this didn't stop us from getting some beautiful shots, picking my top ten was a mission - but his expertise as a photographer even helped me with that and I can't wait to show them off!

I walked away from today's shoot feeling like I had gotten some of my best work to date and really, that is down to Stu. His work speaks for itself - but if that isn't enough to convince you to work with him - he is also very charismatic which makes him good fun to work with!

Thank you :)

- Misty Red

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110,000 % recommend working with Stu. He is super easy going and a good laugh which totally puts you at ease. The studio he has is amazing!! Haribo and a bar - what more could a girl ask for?

He is both professional and great at what he does. The images are super high quality, even before post-production! I'd highly recommend working with Stu whether your'e an experienced model or a beginner. Definitely working together again...

With love,

Minty Cookie

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Had a brilliant, fun & very informative time shooting with Stu.

He's very knowledge about photography and printing etc so it made shooting far easier as we could have a good ol chinwag.

He makes you feel dead at ease, plus a bit of a jester so be prepared to have photos of you smiling and laughing!

Last but not least, i loved the images we created. You're a f**king top notch photographer and hope you'll get the dozens of fpis you deserve soon!

Professional, communicative, friendly, fun, eccentric.

Recommended, fo sho

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I had a fantastic shoot with Stu this week in London.

Excellent communication before shoot. He welcomed in his beautiful home studio with a relaxed atmosphere and good selections of tunes. I felt very comfortable and the 4 hours of shoot flew sharing good laughs.

Stu is professional, very skilled photographer with a lovely personality. A joy to work with! He is great in giving directions to create beautiful and harmonious images. We tried different ideas and I was able to look at the images on a big screen while we where shooting and they looked great!! Can’t wait to see few edited pics.

I enjoyed shooting together, lots of fun and laughs. 100% recommended!!

Hope to work together soon again! Grazie mille Stu!! :)

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Miss L Ginge

Just love this guy!! He is beyond brilliant! I love shooting with Stu not only for the fantastic shots that are just brilliant but for the absolute belly laughter fun that we had. I couldn't wait to shoot with Stu again and just like the first was absolutely brilliant.

Stu had some fab ideas and was brilliant a creating and great execution. Stu gives brilliant direction but his more than happy to receive ideas and leave you to 'do you thing' so to speak.

Stu is such a lovely guy and great to get on with which makes working with him more than a pleasure. You are honestly really lucky to work with Stu his just brilliant...also has great music ;-)

More than recommended.

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I had a really fun first shoot with Stu at his home studio this week. Stu was both a pleasure to communicate with beforehand and great to work with on the day - Stu had me laughing numerous times! His portraits and processing style are brilliant and I loved the lace and style in which he shoots. Would definitely recommend! Makes a great coffee too :)

Thanks Stu!

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This was my first time working with Stu, I couldn't recommend enough.

Stu had contacted me to come down to London to shoot, with full clarity on what to expect. Communications were excellent from the beginning.

When I arrived, there was alot of effort made to make myself feel comfortable, confident and relaxed. His studio has the perfect atmosphere. When speaking with Stu, he made it his goal to not only capture what he had discussed with me through messages, but also try to achieve what I was looking for.

Throughout shooting, Stu gave clear and concise explanations of his directions to ensure I had an understanding of why I was given the directions, in line with the photos we were aiming to achieve. This shows in the photos, as we managed to capture the most flattering angles that worked per shot. Stu definitely knows how to get the best out of you from each photo, without being condescending or disrespectful. His professionalism in line with his quirky character directs you towards bringing out your own personality and nature in each shot.

I could not feel more honoured to have worked with you, and I definitely hope to work with you again.

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Frana Raff

I would 1000% recommend anybody to work with Stu.

His bubbly personality is so refreshing, it made him so easy to work with.

We created a wide range of STUNNING images that genuinely blew me away when I first saw them. His editing is beautiful and his work with lights and shadows is near perfection.

He has a great balance of professionalism and a laid back attitude. Super genuine guy that had me laughing the entire time.

His studio is beautiful and clean.

Couldn't recommend him enough!

Thanks Stu and I cant wait for our next shoot.

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I worked with Stu for the first time the other day and honestly I was laughing from the moment I got there to the moment I left! (Mainly due to the conversation spirals we kept taking throughout the shoot, but I won’t go into that haha!)

Stu has a fab personality, very similar to my own so we got on like a house on fire and the time honestly just flew by!! I had a look through the photos we got and they were absolutely amazing, he really knows what he’s doing with lighting and shadows!

I would highly recommend working with him, he’s very professional, respectful of levels and with such an eye for detail you can’t really go wrong with him!!

Thanks for a great shoot and I look forward to hopefully working together again at some point.

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I had a delightful shoot with Stu the other week. He has a cracking personality, I found it difficult to keep my face serious at times!

The four hour shoot felt like 2 hours, time really flew by.

He has a very impressive studio set up, and is very skilled at his craft. I highly recommend Stu if you want very professional shots done, as well as many giggles. Quality 👌

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Miss L Ginge

What can I say about working with Stu! From the moment I walked in he made me feel at ease and very welcome. Stu has a fantastic studio with fantastic lighting where we were able to stay at a safe distance also.

Stu was professional and very polite he was also so funny he had me in fits which made the shoot even more fun. Stu had some fantastic ideas with phenomenal effort put in to achieve them.

Stu worked hard and got the edited pictures of my choice back to me...and they looked fantastic!! So fantastic!! I would work with Stu again in a heartbeat! If you get the chance to...take it! 100% recommended.

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Sara Raw

Had an amazing shoot yesterday everything was very professional clean and tidy I had so much fun felt such a as it was my first time going up a level in theory the pictures were amazing way too many to choose from fantastic giving directions I would recommend to everybody x x

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Stu, what can I say I had the most amazing, fun day!

Your ideas were creative, you were extremely informative and helpful with any adjustments.

I would 100% recommended anyone to work with you, if they want a creative, passionate photographer who excels at what they do then you are most definitely ‘the one’!

Cannot wait to see the finished prints.

Kisses, Louise x

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I had such a fun shoot with Stu yesterday at his home studio.

Stu is a joy to work with and makes proper coffee :)

As for the shoot itself, Stu wanted to test out different lighting techniques and I was so impressed by this.

All in all, it was a fun, enjoyable, relax shoot, I cannot recommend him enough!

Hope to work with again real soon!

Thanks Stu xxx

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Tanya Cox

I had a great shoot with Stu yesterday.

He is a lovely respectful guy, a lot of fun to work with, has excellent pre-shoot comms with a professional yet laid back attitude.

He has an amazing creative mind and takes stunning pictures.

Highly recommended and I hope I get to work with him again.

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Anna Amy

I had a fab first shoot with Stu recently. We shot at his home studio which is super cool! Stu is great to work with, friendly and easy going. Clear direction was given when needed and the pre comms were super easy too. Recommended for sure :)

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I had my first shoot with Stuart yesterday and I had an absolutely lovely time!

Pre shoot comms were great, and I was greeted with a warm welcome upon my arrival to his well equipped home studio.

He is very professional, and even though we had a great laugh whilst working together, we still got some amazing shots together!

I'd definitely recommend him!

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Had my first shoot with Stu last week and it was absolutely fantastic!

Such a creative mind and I was able to use my dance background combined with Stu's creativity to create some really great shots.

The use of showing what each picture looked like after each shot with a screen on the side was literally so perfect to know you're on track!

Stu, his studio, his humour and banter made it all fly by!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures and working with ya again!!

100000% recommended !

Thank you Stu!!!! x

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