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I shot with this amazing lady for the first time today - all I can say is that she was fantastic. Comms from the outset were first class and Leah arrived at the studio early with a big beaming smile and loads of amazing outfits. She has a beauty and incredible connection with the lens that I have seldom seen before and some of the images that we created make even me look half decent. I can't wait to process the results from the shoot and don't think it will be long before we work together again if I have anything to do with it. Definitely someone that everyone should try and work with and whose images would grace any portfolio. Thanks Leah :-)

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The Shutter Crew

It was fantastic to work with Leah again, we have worked together on a number of occasions over the years and she never ceases to amaze me. Leah is a true professional, she can create shapes and expression at will. Some people are just born to be models and Leah is one of those, not only does she look great, she is beautiful from within. Her great personality means she is fun to work with and also willing to work hard to nail the image. Leah has amazing hair and it really adds to her look, she does a sultry look that will make your lens melt. Just book her if you get the chance, you wont regret it :)

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Dominika Wenz

What Can I say about this Amazing young Lady??...

Leah is a very special girl with the most Beautiful face on this planet !! I just truely adore her and I was Lucky enough that I could work with her and it was a real pleasure and fun. We had a Fantastic Day!

Leah is a professional model but also very friendly and with the heart of gold! She was very well prepared, bring a lot of props to shoot with, she also have very good taste of fashion and styling

.Leah has loads of patien and beeing very helpful for someone likeme whos new to photography .Wonderful posing and soo easy to wrok with. She is also very good in spotting cool locations for shoot.

i LOVE pictures we have create and I cannot wait to work with her again and again!!

Highly Recommended indeed!!

Thank You for a Fantastic Experience Leah!! Lots of Love Domi xx

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Artifex Images

Leah is an amazing model and a fantastic person. She is so versatile and puts 100% into every shoot. I've shot with her at least a half dozen times and enjoyed every single one of them. Looking forward to further shoots.

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Had the chance to shoot with the awesome Leah last month, and boy was it worth it! Leah has an amazing look and has a whole heap of poses and expressions that just work soo well.

Leah turned up well prepared with a tonne of clothes, hats, glasses and accessories and we worked through a bunch of different looks she put together. She poses well without the need for direction, but does take direction well when asked.

Leah is friendly, great fun to work with and very enthusiastic. I really enjoyed my shoot with her and think we got some awesome images, I would work with Leah again in a flash.... simply fantastic!

Thanks for a brilliant shoot Leah! :)

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Darryl J Dennis

A truly stunning lady that's right at home in front of the camera!

Everything else that I could say has already been said below, but I may just have to repeat some of it. I can honestly say that consider myself fortunate to have worked with Leah. A complete pro and so easy to work with.

Hoping to get the chance to work together again soon.

Highly recommend

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martyn: ImageWales

What can I say that has not already been said:

100% reliable and some more

totally beautiful

makes working with her completely effortless and a total pleasure

there aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary. BOOK HER


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Non Mortis Photography

Had my first shoot with Leah today as part of a small workshop, it was great. Leah is a very professional model, who posed brilliantly without direction, and happily took direction for the small number of poses that I asked for. I will definitely be booking some time with Leah for another shoot in the not too distant future. Thanks Leah,

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Jesus Mary Mother Of God - WOW :) finished shooting with Leah just a couple of hres ago and have to say without doubt one of the best shoots ive have ever done :) Leah is Incredible form the second we met i just knew this was going to be something special and special it was Leah is such an incredible Model and such a lovely person an absolute delight to be with , Leah is 100% professional who knows just what she has to do to create that EPIC SHOT and BOOM did we get some :) Leah posed effortlessly throughout the shoot and with perfect precision . Leah has the most incredible eyes that just keep drawing you in to the shot Leah is one of those rare Models that you just dont want the day to end but all good things as they say :) i could go on and on but over all you would be Mad not to Book this lovely young lady who will with out doubt add something special to anyone's port , thank you so much Leah for an incredible day and for the endless imagies i will be editing for sometime to come :) until the next time take care be safe Biff :)

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Great shoot today with Leah (my first) and I'd recommend her to any photographer who wishes to work with a beautiful, reliable, patient and inspiring model. Leah made me feel immediately at ease and she turned the shoot into an enjoyable one despite the rain and the electrified fences. Thanks again!

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I shot Leah in Mid June - been unable to get this reference up due to a time consuming serious family health issue following the shoot - but there was no way I was going to forget writing this reference for Leah after the health matter was resolved. She is simply wonderful to work with. Leah is one of those people who is beautiful in every respect. Her look for portrait work is outstanding, her work ethic and sense of collaboration is extraordinary and her work as a photographic model is exemplary. Add to that a very pleasant personality and a disposition that's made of sunshine and you get a joyfully creative shooting experience from which it's just impossible not to give this young woman the highest possible recommendation.

Next time in the UK, Leah - You are definitely on my top three list. Thanks for a brilliant shoot at Manor House.

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I had the pleasure of a short, unexpected shoot with Leah on Friday at the Paul's Studio Manor House shoot. Leah is the most charming, polite and well-mannered girl who worked hard to ensure Paul and I got the images we required.She poses with ease and great skill and was a real delight to work with. I hope to have a longer shoot with her soon. Highly recommended.

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Simon Walden/FilmPhoto

Worked with Leah so many times - she is always, always brilliant.

She has the best face in the business - is always so keen and willing.

This time had her covered in mucky flour in a freezing sports hall - not a single complaint just lots of smiles.

Just to show how great I think Leah is I have more pictures of Leah than any other model I have ever worked with.

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I had the pleasure of working with Leah, something I had been looking forwards to for a long time, on a full day shoot.

What can I say that has not been said before about this talented and charming young lady?

Punctual, talkative, friendly, well prepared, the list would go on and on.

Thank you for a wonderful days shooting Leah.

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Steve Darch

Third Shoot with Leah - Very Professional Model - Lots of positive Feedback and helpful recommendation from her on ways to improve the shot. Always willing to help.

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second shoot and still a delight... very, VERY professional, well prepared, willing and hard working... can't really ask for more ;0)

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Had a quick little shooty with leah yesterday, as part of Goldings training day. We shot in a super secret location and got some nice window light shots. Shes a very professional professional, and we are shooting again in a week or two! hope she likes my photos :)

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Leah was our model for a location workshop by Rob Golding - and she was just great!

Her input with posing & expressions, the costumes that she brought, and her interpretation of our directing, ensured that we all had a fantastic day.

She is sophisticated, alert, and intelligent, and real fun to photograph. Perfect!

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An excellent shoot with Leah during a studio day Hengrove Studio. My first shoot with this beautiful, intelligent, helpful and thoroughly professional model, and I hope it won't be my last. Once again, settling on the shot of the shoot will be tough. A very successful couple of hours.

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I had my first shoot with Leah yesterday at Hengrove Studios. Despite a short session we covered a number of different sets. Leah came well prepare with a choice of outfits; we had previously discussed the type of shoot by email. Leah was excellent and contribited to the shoot, she was fun to work with and the time flew by. She was professional and I certainly work with Leah again - highly recommend.

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