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I had the pleasure of working with QueenL yesterday for the first time. She is an absolute delight to work with and such a fun person to be around. She is full of confidence and is easy to direct but also is full of her own ideas too. Could not recommended her enough!

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Had my first shoot with the lovely QueenL and really enjoyed it. She is fairly new to modelling but shot at the levels she agreed to before hand . Great communications before the shoot, her flat is clean and we managed to shoot quite a few sets in the living room and bathroom QueenL is really nice, friendly, takes direction well and hapy to do various fetish themes

Lovely and welcoming, hope to shoot with her again soon

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Green Vision Photography

Had my first shoot with Lauren.

A really enthusiastic model and adaptable.

Communication was fantastic.

Thank you

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Lauren came prepared for the shoot light make up as requested ,her first shoot so was a little nervous at first soon got into it and hope she enjoyed it the weather wasn’t good wet and very humid but she was fine and just needs some experience so please book her you won’t be disappointed.

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