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Tooby has 10 references; 9 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 0 no-shows.

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Tia Oguri

What an absolute darling.

Tooby is very easy going and takes direction well.

She arrived early and well prepared.

2nd time collabing with her and hope to do more in the future.

Highly recommend

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Rick Mitra

I had an incredible shoot with Tooby on Friday! Excellent pre comms, immaculate make up and outstanding wardrobe. This shoot was further enhanced by the incredible posing and tremendous awareness of all elements of the shot composition. It was such a joy to be on the same page with someone from start to finish and this really was the most satisfying of collaborations. The images will speak for themselves when you see them and I could not be happier with the results. I am extremely looking forward to shooting again and creating some more wonderfull images. Tooby is top class all round.

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Dan Bachmann

We had touched on the shoot before-hand. When Tooby punctually arrived, it was clear she had given serious consideration in styling for the shoot with the look we were going to create. Her professionalism continued without getting in the way of being artistic and creative. The results? Great images that are more unique than expected thanks to Tooby's dynamic ability to portray both human and the surreal at the same time.

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1558141200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Gorgeous model and all round wonderful human! Can’t recommend Rose enough! She is super talented, versatile, very good with directing duo shots, changes up the angles and takes direction well and is a pleasure to work with. So many good things to say about her :D

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I shot with La Lara Rose for the first time on a beauty shoot with another model.

Rose is a great model with many poses within her library. Pre comms were also on point.

I've created my favourite beauty shots to date with Rose and hope to shoot again.

thanks, Lee

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I shot with Rose last week, good pre shoot comms, great model, stylist and complete all rounder. A tour de force of creativity, I highly recommend!

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Sofia Isabella MUA

Brilliant model and stylist. She brought lots of outfits and had a wardrobe full of poses!

I can't wait for the next time we work together.


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Andy Squire said...

La Lara Rose is a great model with loads of ideas - she's bursting with creativity and has a wardrobe to match! In just a few hours we were able to shoot in lots of different styles. I'd definitely recommend her!

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I had my first shoot with La Lara Rose today on location in the city of Bath, and it was a truly amazing day! We shot for almost 8 hours with LLR changing into 4 completely different outfits all with complete matching accessories including hair, make-up and even different coloured contact lenses...her attention to detail is astonishing, and she spares no expense in ensuring that all of her outfits are authentic and complete in every detail (She even makes some of the clothing herself!).

Neither of us know the city well, so we just struck out in a random direction, and were lucky enough to find lots of interesting shooting locations, and we captured some amazing shots!

I really cannot recommend LLR highly enough, she is a truly stunning model, with a unique sense of style, who can pose effortlessly without direction...and she's often happy to work TFP, what more can you ask???

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