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Wow! Lajze impressed the hell out of me!!

She came with some great outfits and had some cool suggestions of what to use. The shoot was relaxed, but we got a lot of different looks and poses done. And Lajze really does know how to pose! She pulls some excellent shapes and knows how to look amazing for the picture.

We had a lot of fun shooting and I LOVED the expressions we got in some of our images.

Lazje is a beautiful lady, has a great figure and is a superb model. A heartfelt recommendation from me and I would work with her again in an instant.

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Keir Siewert

I had a great time shooting with Lajze. We were on the same page right from the beginning and she was really keen to chat over ideas. Time flew by and she was totally up for experimenting, switching up ideas and going with the flow. We got into a rythum really quickly and she was also great at coming up with own ideas as we worked on the fly.

I couldn't reccomend more working Lajze and hope to work. with her again in the future.

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WOW :) what can i say about Lajze " Louise " she is a lovely beautiful young lady and Fantastic Model :) my in-box popped up one evening and there was Louise asking for something different than the normal pregnancy shoot something weird dark and alternative :) right up my street :) i was actually watching at the time " the hills have eyes 2 " i couldn't believe it when i threw the ideas over to Louise and she was 100% totaly on board AWESOME i couldn't wait for hir to jump of the train :) Louise threw hir self into each concept with 100% commitment at at 7 months pregnant this was not easy we took our time made sure everything right for each concept then BOOM she nailed it each time everything this lady was EPIC :) Louise is great company fun and the time here in sunny Stoke flew by , it was a little chilly at times but the sun did shine for us for a short while to warm Louise up :) this was one of the most enjoyable shoots ive had , i would recommend Louise 100% ill ill be sure to work with hir again once the little has arrived thanks Louise this was epic thanks for taking the trip it was a p[pleasure be safe all the best mummy :)

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I had a very short notice change to my plans and Lajze was kind enough to fill the gap!

I may have to change my plans at short notice more often if this is the result!

Pre shoot communications were obviously brief but excellent for all that. Lajze arrived well prepared and after a restorative flap-jack (and a listen the resident blues band doing an open air gig in the local park) we set about our location. Lajze's experience and natural ability were immediately evident as she posed fluidly, naturally and with creative flair. She works very well doing her own thing ands responds to direction when needed or offered. Lajze has a very strong look, perfect for the Summer fashion we were doing and her skills as a make-up artist meant every nuance was just what I wanted.

Lajze in person is charming, articulate and great fun. The shoot flew by and before we knew it we were heading back to the station with big smiles and a memory card full of great shots.

I would happily welcome Lajze back (soon please) and we have already discussed some creative make-up shoots for the future. I can confidently say if you book Lajze you will be in for a very productive, rewarding and fun shoot.

Tell her I sent you... :)


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Andreas A

My first photoshoot with Louise was absolutely lovely. Lou, came to my home studio straight from work, looking already wonderful and she was even more wonderful in a few minutes ready for our evening shoot. Working with her was as easy as it was enjoyable. She is a beautiful model, warm-hearted and really funny and the only problem was that due to our both working on that day and starting late, we had to do a short (but quite productive) session. I am really looking forward to working with Lou again!

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You know they say you need to know someone before giving a reference.

Well, it's all in the communication, drive, enthusiasm and team work.

Lajze, is all this and more, more meaning actress and going that extra mile.

We started mailing a month or more ago, sorting out our ideas, her levels, and the reason for the shoot.

Very important is to get a theme, story for the shoot.

Ours was based on Happy Valley, the BBC1 hit that was about abduction in a Yorkshire village staring Sarah Lancashire.

Well on Saturday, Lajze got up at 4.45am to meet me in a wood near Amersham, at 7.30.

The tube was playing up, yet I was getting a full report of the journey and the E.T.A.

Well, she was going to be 10 minutes late, and I got a text apologising, this is someone who considers others.

The most testing time for Lajze, was following my GPS phone to our indoor room to shoot in.

Unfortunately my GPS does not follow paths, it was pouring down and we were walking briskly through undergrowth for about 25 minutes getting drenched, great for the effect we needed, but not a complaint, not one on the shoot or after.

Lajze did all her own make up, even dug her nails in to the ground to to create dirt, and you can see dirt under the nails to create a struggle in the woods.

Enough said, we are working again and again.

Please respect this young lady in ideas and Lajze will perform like an actress.

We shot till 1pm, then travelled home, which was nearly a 10 hour day.


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goneforgood said...

All I can say is it has been way too long since we last shot, but the next session is coming soon!

Lajze Lajze Lajze! what a pleasure it was to shoot her.

She looks tremendous...obviously. But whats remarkable is that she comes with no bull****. no arrogance. No, "Im too good for this/you" attitude

we worked on a rooftop at nighttime in the freezing cold, but she stuck with it to give us the best result possible and we also had a lot of fun doing so.

I even broke a brand new piece of equipment (damn wind) but it was so much less painful to deal with because Lajze was around to keep my spirits up

so if you get the opportunity, seriously, go for it. shes remarkable.

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Fantastic shoot today with this lady. Poses well and happy to run with my ideas. She can happily pose by herself with no direction and the added extra that she can do a brilliant makeup job (personally I wish all models had this talent in their skill set. Truly a pleasure to work with and I can not recommend her enough. It was a fun shoot and I'd love to work with her again.

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I had a very successful and really enjoyable shoot with Lajze last weekend. We had excellent pre-shoot communications and then she was totally professional on the shoot, arriving with a full range of outfits. Also a make-up artist, Lajze was brilliant with her own make-up, keeping it topped up throughout and an absolute pleasure to work with. Totally at ease in front of the camera, stunning in a range of settings, Lajze was both highly proactive in coming up with suggestions and poses and very receptive to ideas and direction. A great model: I wholeheartedly recommend her, and look forward to the opportunity of working together again in the future.

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My third time working with Lou today, this time in the studio, very different to the previous occasions! Lou is really one of the best models I've had the pleasure of working with, she is really knows how to model and brings so much fund and energy to a shoot.

Top notch and highly recommened

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Fiendarella said...

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Lajze a few weeks ago! wow! fantastic model! beautiful,sexy,confident and a lovely person! such a pleasure to work with and and cannot wait to work with Lajze again! highly recommended ♥ xxx

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