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Nan 72

I was lucky enough to work with Kuro when he came down South, Kuro is a true creative and such a talent, Kuro was extremely patient with me and open to everything and anything...Kuro is the full package make up artist, stylist, visionary and a lovely chap....Kuro makes everything look good...damn!

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Kuro is a highly professional model and great fun to work with.

Communications were excellent and he arrived with a large case of costumes and props to suit the brief so we were able to get a range of different looks.

He is chatty and personable and knows how to pose and work with a photographer. I am very pleased with the results and will certainly work with him again.

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First time with Kuro and I felt we had worked together for years. Discussed ideas prior to shoot, and on the day Kuro came prepared to deliver on the ideas discussed and a few more. Really great to work with, easy to discuss ideas during the shoot, used his expertise to enhance the look of some of the images. Very patient, as it was only myself to move things around, set up, etc, etc. With his professionalism, looks, and preparation, I don't think you could take a bad shot. I am having real difficulty honing down the images we shot to the "best one or two". Can't wait to work with Kuro again...I could not recommend Kuro highly enough to any photographer, at any level.. For the record I am a beginner!

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Matt Dunn

The first time I worked with Kuro was during an Autumn themed fashion photoshoot which took place at Pollok Country Park, Glasgow in October 2020. Kuro is a fantastic model to work with. He displays an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment in fulfilling his modelling role. Communication between myself and Kuro was effortless and we were able to bounce ideas and suggestions of each other both in the planning stage and during the photoshoot. The make-up and clothing that Kuro brought to the shoot fitted very well with the style of images I was hoping to achieve. He was able to express a wide spectrum of unique and natural poses with very minimal direction. Also, he found ways to project his rich creativity to the images by using natural elements that he picked within the woodland environment as props. Kuro was very easy to chat to and during the course of the shoot we discussed other creative projects and interests we shared. He recommended other models and photographers that I could work with to help me progress my photographic journey. Working with Kuro was an absolute pleasure and I highly recommend other photographers take the opportunity to work with him. I look forward to organising another photoshoot with Kuro in the future.

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Had a great first shoot with Kuro on Wednesday.

We had discussed a theme in advance and all of his communications were excellent and very helpful. He turned up for the shoot really well-prepared and having put a great deal of thought into his look and his choices of outfit.

During the shoot, Kuro was excellent, happy to take my direction but also able to add a touch of his own wonderful style to my ideas. He also took a real interest in the images being created and was happy to discuss images as we went along.

All in all, Kuro was extremely professional, very friendly and proactive, and his skills as a model and an MUA added a huge amount to this shoot. The images speak for themselves.

I would recomment Kuro highly to any photographer who wants to create some really stylish and memorable images. I hope to shoot again with him in the future.

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Mike Lancaster

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kuro yesterday as part of a group collaboration and let me tell you, he isn't someone you'll forget. Not only is he able to pose and switch between both masculine and feminine posing to suit his styling and the shoot concept, he's an absolute legend too. What a laugh was had by all. Personality by the boat load. Honestly can't wait to work with him again.

Quick additional note to say that his makeup skills are insane too. Massive massive bonus to the great value you get as a model already.

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s. croll

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kuro for the first time a couple of days ago.

He arived exactly on time and was very well prepared with make up already applied and a huge suitcase of clothes.

Very easy to get on with and very professional he had great ideas for the shoot and, from my point of view, the images we achieved were fantastic.

My only complaint was that the time went by so quickly.

We have already discussed the possibility of another shoot and have bounced some ideas around.

If you want something a little different for your portfolio I couldn't reccomend Kuro enough.

An absolute star.

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I had a great shoot with Kuro yesterday. He arrived early and was ready to go. He brought a good selection of clothes to try different styles and was open to my suggestions. His make-up was immaculate and I'm not sure I've worked on photos that needed so little touching up.

A great shoot with a true professional.


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Fascinating Faces

Kuro is a truly professional model who's simply a 'natural'. Very well prepared, poses easily and needs little if any direction. I'd be happy to work with him again.

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Little Red Foxes

Worked with Kuro on a number of occasions to date. He is a true pro. Punctual, personable and professional. He takes direction well, but doesen't need it, he knows how to strike a pose. Kuro comes prepared and always gives 100% in prep and imagination. His androgynous appearance often provokes a medley of reactions and he always gives a dignified response. Comes highly recommended. Anastazia Little Red Foxes .

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Tom B

I attended a tutored shoot with Anastazia MacGorgarry Friday 1st September 2017.

Kuro, was the model she had booked for the afternoon and this was my first attempt at male portrait photography.

Kuro is exceptional in his appearance, style,ability and sheer professionalism. He made it very easy for me and in common with the other references on his page I thoroughly recommend him.

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Candy Heart

Had an amazing shoot today with Kuro. The communications up to the day were great and he turned up early! Such a lovely, friendly guy to work with. He is a natural and needed little direction but executed it well when given. The camera loves him. I would highly recommend a shoot with Kuro and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

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Christopher James Ryan Photography

I did a shoot with Kuro around Manchester. Despite the rain Kuro still wanted to shoot to ensure I get the images. With his thinking outside the box and assisting finding spots to get that image i can highly recommend Kuro for shoots. On top of this he's professional and down to earth and you can have a laugh making shoots more fun. The Results i got with him and Luci were fantastic and i can't wait to work with him again. ^^

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Kuro is one of the best models I've worked with - easy to speak to, natural in front of camera and was able to follow directions well. His attention to detail really helped the images too. I'd highly recommend him to any photographer and hope to work with him again someday.

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Tacet Lens

Kuro has a very professional attitude and great pre-shoot communications. Although this was our first shoot together he had really taken on board what I'd indicated about styles and moods for the shoot and s a result he needed very little by way of direction. We got some great night-time location shots and he also posed for some source material for another creative/photoshop project which I'm still working on.

I would definitely recommend a shoot with Kuro if you get the chance, and I'd be happy to work with him again.

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Kit Carruthers

Met Kuro for the first time last week, and it was a great pleasure to work with him. I found him really easy to get along with, took direction well (although rarely needed to be honest!), and has a really great style.

Kuro was also really engaged in the shoot, which I like, so with feedback from both of us we shot some really great images.

I would definitely work with Kuro again if the opportunity arose, and would recommend him to others :)

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had a afternoon with Kuro and have to say a very talented person to work with had really good input for photos and was willing to go with the flow.

a top class alt male model to work with and would happily work again with again.

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Shot with Kuro just yesterday fabulous shoot, really took direction well and got into the shoot. great chemistry, professional and fun to work with. Thoroughly recommend! and cant wait to work together again!

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Ben Duguid

Cool guy, cool shoot. Knows his style and looks. Defo recommend.

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Nadia Gabriel said...

Kuro was excellent today, enjoyed shooting with him! Thanks Kuro

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