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Thanks for visiting my profile. 

I've started with photography around 2004 (at that time just using small compact camera), that when my love with photography begun. Sine then I am constantly working on improving my self.

In my first 8 years of photographic experience, I've spent most of the time doing news/sports photography. I've been working for news agency and multiple national and regional newspapers.

In last 3-4 years (since I moved to the UK) I have started to more lean into the portrait photography.

Unfortunately currently I do not have that much time for photography as I have full time job and I am travelling a bit, however can usually work on weekends. If you are interested in shooting with me, definitely drop me a line and we will find suitable times (usually during the weekended / afternoons).

You can also find me on:

Facebook: https://[url removed]

Instagram: http://[url removed]

I am currently away from the UK, but might be back at some point.

TFP is unfortunately not available at the moment, however I am offering affordable portfolio building packages. Please send me the message, if that's something which might be interesting you


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